March 28, 2020
Complete Information of Dragon Fruit Cultivation karnataka

Complete Information of Dragon Fruit Cultivation karnataka

I am Sharanayya swami. Welcome to Kisanvarte Nowadays in our market we are seeing lot many different fruits and vegetables. Among them very attracting one is Dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is very attracting and having good rate in market. How to grow this fruit? Dragon fruit belongs to cactus family. It can tolerate drought and even it can be grown by providing less water. But establishment cost is little bit expensive. Which climate is suitable for this? Can we grow in Karnataka especially in north Karnataka? More details is share by a farmer of Maharashtra? They spoked in kannada. The documentary video of a farmer from Solapur is presented through this video. Welcome to Kisanvarte From this platform please introduce yourself to our viewers. I am siddeshwar. Which place is these? These is mangalwada of Solapur district. When you did planting? 3 years over. How you get the idea to do this farming? After reading in paper and searching in you tube. I decided to plant as it can be cultivated in less water. Is it require less water? There is no need of providing water. First we purchased order from jalliyala. How many plants you purchased? 2000 plants. How you modified your land for growing dragon fruit? It is suitable for any land and requires less water. Did you raised soil level? I raised soil level because if it is raining then water will be stagnant. Then it costs more? Ah! Sir it was expensive. We spent nearly 4 lack rupees. How much acre is it? 1 acre. Then for 1 acre 4 lacks is expenditure. After how many days you got the yield? After 1 year. For the planted year itself we didn’t get yield. For one plant how much you will get? After 3years we will get good yield. After 7-8 years we will get 10-12 tons. Where you will sell this fruits? In local market i.e. in Solapur we will sell it. Main market is in Mumbai. Now just we got yield after some time we send this fruits to Mumbai. How many times plants will give fruis? For one season 5 times we will get fruits. Once we get flower bud then after 45 days we will send frits to market. In which season you get this fruits? In rainy season. After how many months you will get this fruits? If we cultivated in May then we get the fruits in December. When you will get more cost? Rate is continuous for this fruits. How much money you will get 120-160 rupees per kg. In Wholesale market. Do you itself go to market? I will send. Is there any need of grading? Yes grading is also done. In Mumbai is there big market? Yes there is big market in Mumbai. Do you put some medicines to it? No. Then everything is organic. Do you have drip irrigation? Yes we will provide water by drip irrigation. December to May we will not provide water. Other days we will provide water 15 days per month. Is it belongs to cactus family? Yes it is cactus family. How you will came to know that it is ripened? It gives colour in upper surface that indicates ripening. Firstly it is in green colour. Do you get smell? No smell at all. After cutting how many days we can keep it? Up to 5-6 days. For travelling to long market is there any different colour? It is having single colour. There are 3 types in colour. Pericarp is red and endocarp is
white, pericarp is yellow and endocarp is white, pericarp is
also red and endocarp is also red. But we have only one variety. We have pericarp is red and endocarp is white. Do you know the name of this variety? This red-white variety. Sir why you selected this crop itself instead of all other crop by taking risk? Our area is having dry land. There is scarcity of water. But dragon fruit consume less water. So due to scarcity of water if all crops get dried. Then atleast we get this yield. We had grapes and pomegranate but by leaving all this we cultivated this crop. Is water availability is less in this area? Very less. Here there is no river, pond and green land. To reach river we need to go 100 km far. So dragon fruit is more suitable here as it consume less water. For 1 acre we will provide12 tankers of water per year. For 1 tanker it costs 2000 rupees. For 1 acre we will nearly provide 1 lack litres of water per year. Can you construct little pond and store water here? Yes, we can do that. We purchased water and provided to grape farm. From Where you get water? Nearly 20- 30 km far we can get. For 1 tanker how much it costs? 2000 rupees. How many tankers of water you need to provide for dragon fruit? 12 tankers. Then 200000 rupees it costs per year. If little bit of rain is available then there is no need of providing water. If water increases then is there any problem? In summer month especially in May it is problematic. In March month we don’t provide any water. We face water scarcity in summer itself. But this fruit consume less water in summer itself. Then it is the special and different creature of nature. Is there need of providing more fertilizer? More amount it is not needed. Is there any birds eat this fruit? No, bird eat this fruit. May be birds thought that it is new one so not eaten it. From your opinion dragon fruit is more suitable in less water area. Then it can be grown even in north Karnataka. It is Karnataka border itself. After 10 km we can reach Karnataka. Then even dragon fruit can be cultivated in Bijapur known for water scarcity. Yes we can do. If our Karnataka farmers
wished to listen your guidance then can
you come to Karnataka? Yes sir I will come. Thank you sir. You shared lot many information with us. Please Subscribe to Our Channel

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  1. Sir give full information
    1 collect his mobile no
    2 where should we get that plants
    3 which soil is best for this etc

  2. good initiative.. I appreciate your dedication towards the spread of knowledge regarding agriculture as you gather knowledge from all regions. thank you sharannya Swamy. with respect 😊

  3. Sir can we grow this in Dakshina Kannada Please.? and please tell me from where we can procure these saplings. & what will be cost of each sapling,?

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