April 3, 2020


Hey guys, it’s Kellsie Louise here and I just wanted to make this video Really as quick as possible. Just get this information out to you. This is going to be a comparison of Clickfunnels kajabi and a little bit about kartra and I’ll tell you why it’s only a little bit about kartra Instead of a more thorough experience of it so first of all this review and comparison is for People who have a digital product that they want to sell online through a course a membership site Or some online course that they’re creating and wanting to sell and bring members on into so this could be you know coaches Consultants professional services. If you have that online course that you’re selling I was with clickfunnels for about a year and a half and Um, I think they’re at they’re I mean, they’re great. They’re the ones who really kind of started it all they’re kind of the big name brand, maybe the biggest name brand for funnels for sales funnels and Getting your marketing and kind of putting it all together and you can also host your webinars and have your membership sites all on there So I’ll tell you all three of these programs can absolutely do all of those things. They’re all considered all-in-one programs They just have their different strengths and their features that are more of the focus for those individual companies So I think for clickfunnels the sales funnel is their biggest feature. I However, I don’t think at this point, it’s any better whatsoever than kajabi or karta or even other landing page funnel sites like lead Leadpages, I think it’s what it’s called the other one. I Done a couple tests once on there, but I’ve never used it fully because it’s not so all-in-one and I was looking for something more More all-in-one. First of all real quick. I’m not gonna do any screen sharing on this I was thinking about it I’m not going to I wanna get this out as quickly as possible in part because kajabi has some Crazy good deals going on right now So I want to get this video mate and out there and get you guys access to those deals So you can just start testing out the platforms for yourself I was a cook for about a year and a half and it’s it’s the base model. It’s the biggest name It’s kind of where you start if you’re familiar with like internet marketing for online courses My first three months of using it I had so many Literal moments of pulling my hair it drove me crazy. I thought it was incredibly Clunky and not very responsive not intuitive I had a lot of troubles of integrations with getting it to connect to different programs the email campaign software that I was using that originally I was connecting it to Infusionsoft and then having to use a peer to connect that Because it wouldn’t integrate with the webinar platform if you’re outsourcing in to a different platform like webinarjam or evergreen of a webinar Then that’s different they connect differently that way but if you’re trying to do the in-house webinar system through clickfunnels It’s just bad pain. It is a nightmare to try and get all of us to communicate and connect So eventually I got to figure it out eventually completely lost my mind with Fusion soft That drove me crazy and I ended up switching to convertkit, which is honestly quick little side review about that. I Don’t think at this time there’s any other email Campaign Platform that can do as much as Infusionsoft. Can I think the the tagging and segments and Really specific marketing that infusions have can do is pretty much unmatched kartra saying that it’s getting up there It’s trying to be able to replace that. I don’t know if it can do that or not I’m not sure maybe it can and I’d be really cool but Unless you have I don’t know a lot of time to figure out insufsionsoft or are Only doing the basic stuff on there or you have somebody on your team who takes care of it for you It’s honestly so much of a headache. I Won’t go back unless I need to until I need to but unfortunately Convertkit is such the extreme the other direction where it’s so basic and it’s so simple it can’t do like rudimentary Tagging and segments and it’s it’s it’s too far the other way of an extreme of Not being able to do a lot of things that you need to chew. So I don’t like either of those programs Just as an aside So there’s gonna be people who maybe watch this video and completely disagree with everything that I say It’s like no click funnels is 100% the best kartra absolutely do everything or whatever. That’s completely okay That’s what’s so cool about this is that there’s competition Because all of these platforms are so similar in their features and what they offer and really what they can do It’s just a tool you’re the person behind it who’s actually gonna make it into something This is just a tool to help you get there So don’t spend more than a day figuring out which one of these you want to use Don’t waste your time and like I have to use the right one. This has to be the right program No, that’s not there’s really no such thing I will tell you that kajabi is hands-down 100% percent my absolute favorite and I’ll tell you why Doesn’t mean it’s right one. It doesn’t mean it’s gonna have all the features that you want all the things that you want So go out there and part of the reason why I’m not going to do screen sharing it just because it’s gonna take you Five minutes to Google all three of these sites which I believe after doing my due diligence that these are the top three to compare between You can look at all the different ones. There’s dozens of Different platforms and software programs that work to be able to create this online course funnel marketing emails Webinars hosting all of it together. These are the top all in ones in my opinion so go to their websites check them out see What they look like and what you think about them to really make that decision for yourself I’m gonna run through how I made my decision for myself So clickfunnels made me wanna pull my hair out. I kind of accepted that it’s just where my platform was It’s what I had and I and I left it there and I stay for a year and a half. I Hated that every single time. I needed to edit something in my membership platform It would pull up the edit screen and it would literally shake Like this as I’m sitting there trying to edit it and I I’ve tried on multiple different Computers and not understanding why I can’t it load properly I felt I’m you know, I felt it was so clunky and old-school and just really outdated. It looks very outdated to me I did not at all like the flow of The way it set up the funnels that it communicated with the other integrations that it worked with it simply felt very these are my words clunky and Old to me. So I started looking into alternatives what else could I do and I had a new coach recommend Kajabi, I had never heard of kajabi before I was like I’ve heard of Garko before that’s a new one They just did the lodge Frank Hearn who’s at his brilliant internet marketer. So I was checking that out. So I decided to do was Enroll in the two-week child for both of those programs for kajabi and Karcher So I signed up for both of them and I started Essentially just committing to both to test it and to see what I thought So I started in putting in all of my information seeing how easily could I transfer over my membership site? What kind of how could transform my my websites my websites really just a landing page with static pages attached to it? You know I don’t have a separate website and maybe you do maybe you have a separate website and you use WordPress For your membership site and all of these things and if you love that so my puppies hitting the tripod. Ah, Then that’s great then stay there But if you’re not in love with the program that you’re using right now or if you’re just starting out Then this is kind of the stuff that you need to help you make that decision And I completely recommend like go on Sign up for both the trials Test it. Give it a try test the trials see which platform you love how it operates and then just cancel them when you don’t So why I don’t have a lot to say about Carta is because whereas I love the concept behind it. I think they’re the ones Really trying to launch this as full of an all-in-one as absolutely possible I Really really experienced people and it’s very cool I’ve made it about a day Into my trial and I got so frustrated. It felt like clickfunnels all over again. Just a slightly newer version a little more polished I I Hated the way that it moved around it didn’t feel intuitive I just I didn’t like I simply didn’t like how it functioned. I didn’t like the way it communicated and and Moved around from one thing to the others I didn’t think it made sense the way that the funnel connected to the emails that were integrated in there I don’t know as personal preference That’s why you really have to test it for yourself because what I can tell you is when I went onto my hobby trial within three days Three days, I had my entire website and my landing pages and my static pages Transferred over I had my sales funnel when I was still wanting to use and transfer over and my entire membership course platform with 45 videos Text downloads audio files images everything three days Completely set up operational And so ok. I didn’t do that alone because I wasn’t the only thing I was working on I actually hired a guy from Fiverr because right now at this time I’m a business I’m it’s it’s really just me and the freelancers I’m a big proponent of once you hit a certain level hire employees and all of that. I’m just not at that level yet So this is my experience as as a somewhat beginner, you know, I’m just moving into my second year of business So I use freelancers and Really when I have an amazing experience with one of them. I want to be able to share that there’s a kind of flavor I’ll put his name below if you are doing anything switching over to kajabi if you’re really anxious about that if you’re like I Have my membership site and I don’t like the platform and I’m really ready to switch to something That’s new and beautiful and sleek and looks elegant and fits my brand And all of these things and I want to transferred over but that sounds like so much work and I don’t have employees yet well then that’s exactly the boat that I was in and This guy is just fantastic. Fantastic with kajabi knew exactly what he was doing. It was so cool So he did all of that transferring and while he was doing that I was setting up my entire marketing funnel a brand new one Setting up to a webinar now for this webinar. I did a Pre-recorded one that I scheduled to air one time and then do a replay set at specified times You can also set it up to be evergreen. So it’s constantly going or you could do alive. I Believe all three of these platforms have all of those capabilities For me what stood out was that with kajabi in these three days it I mean it felt it was so easy It was so intuitive and was so seamless. It was completely elegant everything looked gorgeous it looked exactly the way that I envisioned it in my mind and It was like even with as much customization as I did and clickfunnels and Cara I could not Make it look like my brand. It didn’t look like The the elegant style that I wanted it just didn’t It didn’t feel right to me. So that’s so much of it comes down to just simply what they all have such similar features So – which one do you feel connected with do you feel is easy to use because how are you supposed to teach a team? to replace you – To be able to run this site and platform in the marketing and everything for you if you’re not even comfortable with it if If it’s I have this anxiety ridden thing or this is really difficult big Thing to like get on whatever your platform is and work on it so I I just am a huge believer that Whatever platform you’re using needs to be really comfortable for you. And the easiest way I can describe this is About six months ago. I switched the first time in my life. I’ve always been a PC person I switched my laptop which is what I this is my husband’s desktop values for some things but I Primarily do 95 percent of my work on my laptop and I’ve always done PC I just switched over to Mac and I was so nervous about it because it’s a whole new operating system I’ve never used it before really wasn’t sure what that experience was gonna be like and it Changed my it was amazing. Anybody who’s been through that before. You know what I’m talking about it flows It feels seamless. It feels easy. It feels intuitive not everyone agrees with that some people’s like they’ve tried it and they’ve hated it and I go back and they love PC they love the customization of PC and this is exactly like What I feel like these programs are a kajabi to me feels like Mac It’s all kind of smooth and and all of them have how do I says all of them have? done for you programs You can go in to their funnel pages and they’ll pop it up Everything’s populated in there for you Images play mints emails where they go what to say in the emails the copies already in there All three of these programs have done for you services. It’s very cool. You can use that Honestly, they own these business in this business. What makes us stand out is being unique So using your own voice in your own language is crucial however the seamless connection and Way that things move and operate to me on kajabi feels the same with the intuitive ability as using a Mac does and things like click funnels and Carta to me just felt a lot like Like using a PC and like you can do a lot more customization to it has I feel like a lot more options Shobbie doesn’t have maybe as many options or as many features, but the feeling is different So it makes sense. I hope that makes sense That’s just kind of how it felt in my head and in my own experience. So I just wanted to get This experience comparison review out to you guys as fast as possible because kajabi has some Phenomenal sales and deals going on right now. So if if you’re in this time of deciding if you want to switch upgrade programs Test something else out. See if you like it better if you’re ready to upgrade your membership platform Then now is a great time to do it Test the different free trials check them out See what you think, you know carceron click funnels. I think have more options for digital product or for for physical products and maybe Ecommerce stuff like that. Kocha hobbies really main focus their flagship thing is membership course So it’s that online class platform and I think hands down It is the most elegant Beautiful seamless smooth works. Every time looks amazing Platform for membership courses and they’re constantly constantly. I really mean that Upgrading and adding new features and wanting to grow and change different things, which is really cool But they have nailed their flagship product of offering the best top performing Mmm, of course platform site so really if you haven’t checked it out yet I so highly recommend that you do but really test them all try them all they all have free trials See which one when you go on there and you move around? Which one? Looks like it’s going to be the best option for you for your voice for your branding and for your style So if this was helpful, which I hope it was again, it’s really just my opinion from my experience on on testing these different things from my you know specific perspective go ahead and click the link below that will give you access to kajabi ease Incredible deals and sales and offers that they have right now and that extended trial if that’s still going on when you watch this Which I hope it is. So helpful. They also have a 28-day program where they send you an amazing video every single day walking through how to create your first funnels Specifically designed to help you make like your first thousand dollars online, you know if you’re new to it It’s just such such an easy way to get into that. I wish I had had this a year and a half ago Would have made my life so much easier and so much less hair-pulling which would’ve been very exciting But I can’t go back in time and change that so I’ll just be excited for it now so, please go ahead click the link below and Try out your memberships. Alright, I hope that was helpful Thanks

24 thoughts on “COMPARISON REVIEW! Which membership program do I choose?? KAJABI VS CLICKFUNNELS VS KARTRA

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  6. 1000% Kajabi is way more elegant. We originally looked at Clickfunnels and my business partner, who is a graphic designer, instantly said I don't like the look of these templates, I can't work with this and make it look like our brand. I went on to check out Kajabi and LOVED it! Can you also share the name of the guy that you use on Fivver? Thank you!

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  12. Good video. I have been researching all of these, and like you said what is intuitive for one person is not for another (Mac vs PC almost killed me!) Kartra has made many upgrades since your post, and you can now even build your website on their platform. Prices have changes too. For me, it will be Kartra as I will be doing digital products, physical products, and memberships. Definitely like your advice to try the different ones to see which is best for you ๐Ÿ™‚

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