September 23, 2019

24 thoughts on “COMPARISON REVIEW! Which membership program do I choose?? KAJABI VS CLICKFUNNELS VS KARTRA

  1. Wow, this was a great overview! You are so articulate. Can't believe you only have 5 likes on this video! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge.

  2. Thanks for doing this review! Is the student experience between CL and kajabi much different once they get into the course area?

  3. The funny thing about click funnels is that I hear that click funnels webinar software does not work well with other webinar software like builder all. So if you are doing business with click funnels and builder all you are going to have vises. I have a vise on my phone just because of research. Anthony Bui-tran ads builder all. At the same time researching the different between prices and services. And I get a vise.

  4. Great video! I've literally watched ALL of the comparison videos out there, but love the way you explained the differences.

  5. Jeff Walker says you can use the PFL to sell anything, but what we are seeing mostly is just what you said, "digital products, consulting, coaching, etc" Have you seen examples of people successfully selling non digital products or services? Even if it is a geographically locked in product or service?

  6. 1000% Kajabi is way more elegant. We originally looked at Clickfunnels and my business partner, who is a graphic designer, instantly said I don't like the look of these templates, I can't work with this and make it look like our brand. I went on to check out Kajabi and LOVED it! Can you also share the name of the guy that you use on Fivver? Thank you!

  7. Thanks for the honest review!
    Do you know if kajabi has an app where people can watch content?
    Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Kellsie, can you put in that name of the fiverr guy you used to help with transferring to kajabi?

  9. Kellsie thanks for your opinion on these platforms. I am just getting started and looking up info on these platforms and this video was very helpful.

  10. Thanks for this Kellsie! I've got exactly the same experience with CF and looking into other options. Just signed up with Kajabi, thanks! 😉 Ivet

  11. This was such an excellent breakdown. I’ve been struggling to make a decision, and Kajabi is a bit pricey unless I really just switch everything over to it. The one concern I have relates to the deliverability rates of the email platform on Kajabi. Do you use their email platform or something else, and if so have you had a good experience?

  12. Good video. I have been researching all of these, and like you said what is intuitive for one person is not for another (Mac vs PC almost killed me!) Kartra has made many upgrades since your post, and you can now even build your website on their platform. Prices have changes too. For me, it will be Kartra as I will be doing digital products, physical products, and memberships. Definitely like your advice to try the different ones to see which is best for you 🙂

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