March 28, 2020
Cómo Llegar A Quienes Querrán Comprar Lo Que Vendes En Un Negocio Online

Cómo Llegar A Quienes Querrán Comprar Lo Que Vendes En Un Negocio Online

Hello! I am Sandra Burgos and this is 30K Coaching. Today I will explain something very basic in relation
With online business. How to get to those who want to buy what
that you sell It’s very basic, but if nobody has told you
still, you may not know it, so I’m going to tell you here today. Broadly speaking, we have 2 ways to reach
to our audience Of course, to do so, the first thing
we have to be very clear who is our audience This is vital, because if this fails, it fails.
all. So start there. Define exactly what features they have
The ideal people of your audience. Of course there can be everything and you
product can be loved by anyone. But if you had to cartoonize the prototype
of your audience’s ideal person, how would be? Think about sex, age, nationality, level
of income, educational level, labor sector or studies, family and social situation,
interests… Define it to the fullest with all the information you can. And when you have done it, you can already worry
for reaching your audience because you’ll know who It is your audience. Let’s see then, from there, how
reach those people who will want to buy what you offer By the way! Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, because
here I share tools every week directly applicable to help you build a life
Socially and financially full. Let’s go with the two alternatives! 1 Organic traffic The first option is organic traffic. This means reaching your audience without
Invest money in it. And for this, the most effective way is through
of free and constant value content. You know who your audience is. Well, help her. Help her a lot and all the time, and do it for free. Sounds crazy, right? It is the most effective way to achieve
to your audience and, once reached, get they trust you and your product and get
who want to invest their money in that you offer For this, the optimal format is video. Create videos telling your audience how
solve problems related to the sector of your business Share tricks, recommendations, tips. Make every time you think about the sector,
Think of yourself With this you will be constantly
before your eyes and you will get perceived As an authority on the subject. And ideally, you really know a lot about
that you are talking about, because if only You pretend to know, they will realize. 2 Paid traffic And the other option is paid traffic. If you don’t want to invest so much time in the
content creation constantly, You can put money instead of time. In this case, you can do it through
advertising, or you can opt for alternative ideas, how to pay influencers, for example. In these cases, you put money and guarantee
that new people will know your business, or at least they will know about him. If you ask me for my opinion, both options are
important, and it is always best to combine them. Creating valuable content will maximize
exponentially the results of your investment in advertising. And the investment in advertising is going to give you a
superempujón to the results of your content of value How do you make your decision? Well, thinking about what you have to contribute
to your business Do you have a lot of time but little money? Organic traffic Do you have money but you don’t want to dedicate too much
weather? Paid Traffic Do you have time and some money? Combine them and you will get results a lot
before and much older. You don’t have time or money? In that case, it may not be the best time
To create a business. Head over to the comments section
and tell me what do you think the strategy is That best fits you. Organic traffic? Traffic paid? Or both? I would like to read about your situation and thoughts
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to be happy. The choice is yours!

5 thoughts on “Cómo Llegar A Quienes Querrán Comprar Lo Que Vendes En Un Negocio Online

  1. Gracias por el contenido de valor compartido.
    Para mí, que cuento con tiempo y poco capital, mi mejor opción en éste momento, es el tráfico orgánico.

  2. Querida Sandra, muchas gracias por tu video y compartirlo. Actualmente me encuentro en la búsqueda de crear un negocio ya que tengo el suficiente tiempo pero el dinero es el escaso. A buen entendedor, mi mejor estrategia sería el tráfico orgánico pero como tú dices, es fundamental saber a que público apuntar en base al producto que queremos vender. Te agradezco como siempre tu orientación a obtener resultados a los que queremos iniciar algo de forma independiente.

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