April 6, 2020
Commerce Cloud Overview Demo

Commerce Cloud Overview Demo

Commerce Cloud connects you with your customers
in a whole new way, by letting you create unified, on-line and off-line, intelligence-driven
commerce experiences with a Mobile First approach, engage shoppers with attention-grabbing merchandise
and promotions, and build one-to-one in-store journeys that blur the lines between digital
and physical experiences. This way, your prospects can make purchases in the context of the moment,
whether they’re on-line or in the store. It’s about personalizing all aspects of the shopping
experience, from product assortment, to price, to sort results and recommendations, making
commerce smarter. Customers can buy anywhere, receive anywhere, and get service anywhere,
while store managers and associates get out from behind the counter to service customers
on the floor, and stay up to date on store performance right from their phones in real
time. Now, you can deliver an amazing customer journey across marketing, commerce, service,
and your community. Move faster, and deliver commerce experiences that inspire … with
Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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