April 8, 2020
Comment travailler avec les YouTubeurs pour promouvoir son site Ecommerce

Comment travailler avec les YouTubeurs pour promouvoir son site Ecommerce

YouTube and its influencers: A customer acquisition driver for your e-commerce site Hello, everyone. I’m Elodie, a YouTube influencer. The channel that I launched, Lecoindelodie, has over 200,000 subscribers. Today I’m going to explain how influencers such as YouTubers can help you develop an effective marketing strategy for your e-commerce site. First of all, what’s an influencer? An influencer is a creator of successful content on various social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat. Influencers are passionate about one or more areas such as traveling, fashion, video games, beauty, etc. and therefore manage a large community since they are able to attract and entertain Internet users. They have a close emotional connection with their followers, which is what makes them so influential. So why focus on YouTube? Well, the platform has become the second most commonly used search engine in the world with over 3 billion searches per month. The advantage for your e-commerce site is that according to Google, 22% of users go to YouTube to find new products to purchase. In addition, video is king: it is much more effective than traditional communication formats and offers near-countless opportunities in terms of subject matter and emotions. YouTubers can use their imagination to develop fresh and natural content for placing your product. What are the advantages of a YouTuber for your e-commerce site? Firstly, for your image and awareness: your brand will be humanized by the YouTuber who will instill confidence in Internet users. In addition to building new fans on your social media sites and generating high-quality traffic to your site, the YouTuber will improve or strengthen your e-reputation. 58% percent of Internet users will go on the Internet to find out about your image, so it is best to be present and credibly positive : to do so, you will want to rely on an expert YouTuber who likes your brand. Secondly, the YouTuber has a broad and engaged audience, which is more useful than traditional advertising channels. The influencer encourages impulse buying, which will increase your conversion rate. The audience members are mainly young; they will motivate people they know and will more readily think of you in their future purchasing processes. Once they have made their first purchase, your job is simply to make their first experience a success in order to win their loyalty. For example, I made a fashion purchase from Asos after watching a video by my favorite YouTuber. I was satisfied and I agree with their message, which means I’ll very likely go to this website in the future, even if the same product is offered on another website. Thirdly, this partnership will have results on several levels. First of all, the virality of the content created by the YouTuber will benefit your SEO. In addition, you will be able to use files such as videos and photos about your product posted by the influencer and their followers for your product data sheets, networks and image gallery. And lastly, you can enhance your prospect base by finding leads, on the basis of registration in a competition on the influencer’s networks or the creation of customer accounts, or directly measure sales with tracked links or an exclusive promotional code. How can you collaborate effectively with a YouTuber for your e-commerce site? Of course, you will need to do some thinking before you establish relations with influencers, if you want this to benefit your marketing strategy. This is not something you can do if you have not thoroughly analyzed your project, your objectives and the way of achieving them. I am therefore going to give you 5 tips to help you effectively integrate relations with YouTubers into your e-commerce strategy : – First of all, check out what is currently being done on YouTube that could reach your target. If you sell cosmetic products, watch videos by beauty YouTubers. If housewives are your target, watch channels for mothers. You can find a lot of content by using the YouTube search engine. – Next, the influencer you’re going to work with needs to fit with your tone and frame of mind. Feel free to watch several of their videos to decide if you want to work with them and partner them with your brand. – Once you have chosen the influencer you want to work with, you need to contact them. To do so, a short customized message showing you have taken time to watch their channel will be more effective and pleasant than a standard email that does not show you have made any efforts to build a relationship with them. – Remember that these are human relations and you are not buying advertising space. The YouTuber will have ideas for placing your content and your products: listen to them and discuss the various options with them. The Youtuber will have good knowledge of current trends and approaches for reaching his subscribers and therefore your target. – Lastly, remember to monitor the results of your campaign with indicators that will help you evaluate its level of success. You can read comments and find out the number of views to get an idea of impacts and opinions of your brand and products; there are also tracking tools for measuring impacts. Thanks for watching, and happy selling!

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