April 7, 2020

53 thoughts on “Color Correction Beginners Guide

  1. Awesome video man. I'm trying to help my drone pilot friends learn to sell clips on blackbox. I think they all need to see this video!

  2. thank you for this guide. I am pretty new to colour grading but I really want to improve what I do so this guide was super useful. Thanks for the great video, it was so helpful!

  3. Great timing… Been a struggle lately for me… Went away from standard profiles in an attempt to get better color. BUT, its been an epic failure so far… Thanks Jeven

  4. (For the time being, I'm just using smartphones to create content), would appreciate if you could create one tutorial for smartphone video editing software (for example, Kinemaster). TQ 😉

  5. Thanks for this. I'm a total beginner at this whole filmmaking thing (about 3 months in) and I'm still getting a grasp on the whole color grading thing. This video is a big help. I'm adding it to my color grading playlist.

  6. I do “how to” practical videos. I’m not making any adjustments as I’m not after drama or visual interest. But, should I? Btw, thank you for a fascinating video.

  7. Colour grading, or slapping a lut always make me cringe!

    I first got into photography way back when film cameras were state of the art – way back then, there was no computer enhancements, so you had to learn how to do it "in camera", we had to use the equipment, setting the correct exposure, shutter speed, F-stop, film speed, filter, lens, etc.. to get the shot your after.

    How there seams to be a relaxed approach to photography, where people don't use the camera to it's fullest potential. There's loads of people out there using a DSLR on auto, or ask them "what F-stop your using?" And they don't know, either what they're camera settings are, or what an F-stop is!

    I say, just take a little time, think about the shop you want to take, consider what camera settings you require and what additional piece of equipment you need to make that shot happen there and then. Most of your "post" work can be avoided, if you maximising the full potential for the equipment you have in your hand!

  8. I think I just needed a new camera first then 2020 will be awesome, I wanna give my channel new quality videos next year💞💖💞

  9. Hey Jeven, love your contributions to the community. I have shot and edited all my videos on my iPhone, and I'm just curious what editing software would you recommend for those of us who are only using our phones? Right now I just use iMovie for iPhone. Thanks!

  10. As a beginner, this was fantastic. Jeven, you are a natural born educator. Keep up the great work! – Now I have to go into Power Director and apply – Mark

  11. I really appreciate your training videos, I’ve never done anything like this, always have been interested in how it get done. You make it really easy to understand and I feel like with a little practice I could get pretty good at it. Thx for taking the time to make the videos that you make.

  12. So basically, everything should be balance? By the way, Nice Video Jeven! Keep up the good work!

    Video Suggestion: Please make a video about how to color grade on a mobile phone

  13. On your Waveform monitor – Luma – do you use the 7.5 IRE setup or the Studio RGB (16 to 235) setting?
    Also, do you not look at the Histogram while doing this? Thanks, Chuck : +)

  14. Useful video thanks. I just use iMovie so I’ll need to see how much adjustment I have, hopefully enough to take out the common overly green look of my outside footage. 👍

  15. Thanks for all the great content you create , top notch! Is it possible for you to make a video on how to use , connect and set up mac laptop to external monitor?  Thanks, that would be much appreciated.  Junior

  16. Thank you my friend. i just watched another one of your videos on the same topic earlier this week and now this. Awesome.

  17. Great tips, thank you for another easy to follow video. I’m new to YouTube and your Chanel has given me great help 👌

  18. I can't thank you enough for these videos. You are excellent at explaining, teaching, and demonstrating. On a whim I decided to produce a cinematic small film for my significant other. She won't return home until middle of next month. The task has been daunting. Really glad that I ran across your channel, from drone shots, handheld shots, and the biggest task of them all…editing.

    Thank you so much for what you do with these videos!!!!

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