April 1, 2020
cmScribe:  eCommerce

cmScribe: eCommerce

cmScribe’s fully featured flexible eCommerce
system allows you to promote and sell your products online. You can also collect donations,
sell and manage memberships or event registrations. We integrate with Authorize.net, Pay Flow
Pro, Paypal, and ACH. With cmScribe, you can allow your users to add items to a wishlist
where they can make notes, and share with friends. You can display related products,
offer coupons, and integrate third party tools. For example, technologo is powered by a third
party but we’ve integrated it with our product catalog system. Show availability (or unavailability)
of various products. Differentiate pricing by size or color. You can even incent users
by creating a rewards based referral program. The platform is extremely flexible and allows
for customization. With cmScribe it’s easy to organize by categories. Here I’m actually
in a sub-sub-category. You can even do eCommerce across the globe by enabling your users to
purchase items on your site using different types of currency. And these are just a few examples of what
you can do with cmScribe’s eCommerce system. cmScribe is currently deployed on websites
across a variety of industries including healthcare, legal, financial, real estate, non profit,
chemical and Industrial, publishing and education. We encourage you to contact us to discuss
your specific needs.

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