April 9, 2020
Closed-Loop Revenue Reporting for HubSpot Abandoned Cart Emails

Closed-Loop Revenue Reporting for HubSpot Abandoned Cart Emails

Have you always wished you had more data around those abandoned cart notifications Well, if you want to report more on revenue and less on the gum under your desk wait for it Hey, you know what time it is. Are you a hub spot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to sprockets on understanding your emails impact with closed-loop revenue reporting for abandoned cart email as well is Important and let’s talk about emails for a hot second sending emails is great. I love it But if they’re not actually driving revenue, what is the point for a marketer? It’s critical that you I us as marketers connect all of our efforts to the bottom line both to show our value ROI to our company and to ensure that we’re looking to focus on the most important efforts moving forward in the future With that in mind HubSpot is breaking down the wall between marketing emails and deals in HubSpot for the first time ever For abandoned cart emails you’ll now be able to see exactly how your efforts are contributing to closed deals and bottom line Revenue, you should be excited and you should be wondering how does it work? Well, I got you as a HubSpot user you’ll now see a new set of stats on the post Send email screen telling you how much revenue you are abandoned cart emails influence Below that you’ll see a new roll-up report of clicked product links in the top clicked links panel You’ll also see deals closed over time including within the engagement overtime report, but wait, there’s more There is also an additional breakdown of recipients who closed the deal and what they have ordered Plus the revenue on the recipient tab of your deal screen. Oh my gosh wondering if you have access to this feature Well, this feature is now available on all abandoned cart emails built within the e-commerce integration in HubSpot So HubSpot email integration? You got it. Do you like these updates? Well, if so head over to sprocket Ah comport /fb that’ll take you right to our private Facebook group where we can carry on the conversation Make sure you check out sprocket talk comm for to us audio or for this video that will get you to our podcast Where you can continue to learn on the move as well as while you’re on the Internet’s make sure you check out our Facebook page And our YouTube channel hit the bells to like subscribes all the things so that we know that you’re part of the community Need training pass this update check the descriptions below. That’s what we do one in two day trainings ak8 workshops If you’re doing e-commerce Make sure you check out this update and while you’re doing that make sure you do some happy hub spotting

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