April 10, 2020
Clever Google Ads set up

Clever Google Ads set up

Hello! I’m Hope, from the Clever ecommerce Team and I’m going to guide you through the installation process. To link your Adwords account, you just need to click the button, “Allow Access”. A Google pop up will appear, asking you to allow access to the Celver Ecommerce for managing your Adwords campaigns. You need to link your account So that your account manager will be able to upload your campaigns as they become available. If anything fails when linking your account, keep calm and check your Google Adwords account. Did you determine all the appropriate settings? It’s possible that your billing information is not complete. Check it out. Otherwise, it’s not going to let you link your Adwords account. The first thing you need to do on step two is select the preferred language for your campaigns. You will have many options to choose from. We currently offer the following languages. Simply pick the appropriate language from the dropdown menu. Next, you will want to select the countries in which you want to advertise in. Again, you will have many options, but make sure you only pick the ones that best cater to your target market. While there is an option to select, “All Countries”, we recommend that you avoid this and instead strategically target those countries in which your business will be most successful. You will now have the opportunity to select the specific categories pertaining to your shop. This gives us helpful information about your business and your desired audience. Knowing this information allows us to develop the best campaigns possible, for you. Lastly, you are directed to select the collections that are applicable to your business. We recommend choosing all that apply to your business, as this will give us more opportunities to create the most profitable campaigns for you. Let’s begin with step three. First we require you to clearly describe your store in 80 characters. Tell us about your business and what you offer! Below we will have you make that description more concise and write it in just 30 characters. Show us why customers should choose your company over your competitors Lastly, you will input the URL that pertains to your logo. We require this information so that your campaign can look as professional as possible. Let’s continue to step four. First you will write two ad tips that are 29 characters each. Use this as an opportunity to showcase what makes your product unique. Default suggestions are provided, but we recommend you to make modifications to best reflect the individuality of your store, as these descriptions might also appear on your ads. Next, you will be asked to select any promotional services you may offer. Choose the ones that you provide to your customers in order to make your campaigns even more attractive. If none of the ones provided apply to your company, you can simply move on. We do not recommend that you select services that you do not currently provide or your visitors may be disappointed and leave your store without making any purchases. You made it! All thats left to do is input your daily spend. You can set the amount spent daily between your clever campaigns very easily by utilizing the sliding scale to drag the cursor to your preferred budget limit. Once your campaigns are ready and uploaded, the system will start showing your ad until your limit is met. After that, your ads will stop showing for the day. Notice that Adwords will bill you for the number of clicks your ad gets, not for how many times it shows. If you are still unsure about the amount you want to set, don’t worry. You are welcome to change this amount at any time on your Clever Dashboard. We remind you that this spend will be charged by Adwords and not by Clever Adwords application. After making some terms more clear, you can now click the finish button and your installation is complete. Congratulations! Let’s start displaying your campaigns.

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