April 7, 2020
Cleaning Business: Use Google to Grow Your Business – Landon Sanford

Cleaning Business: Use Google to Grow Your Business – Landon Sanford

Hello and welcome to the maid service
success summit that is a tongue twister my name is Lane and Sanford I’m a
cleaning service PPC and SEO specialist today we’re gonna be talking about
Google friends fo do you need some SEO that’s what you need to know hopefully
you find out at the end of this talk again I’m really really happy to be here
today I want to send a big shout out and thanks to a Mark and the entire Zen maid
crew for allowing me to be here and tell you what I know there’s tons of great
speakers on this summit so make sure you watch as many people as you can and soak
in that information okay again what I’m going to be talking about is Google how
it can help your business on both the organic side and the pay-per-click side
super important to understand so without further ado let’s jump right into the
content okay hello again and welcome Google friends fo SEO what do you know
again I’m laying in Sanford I’m just kind of waiting making sure everybody’s
with us before we get started ready to go good today we’re gonna be talking
about Google organic search as well as pay-per-click ads which is known as
Google ads or Google Adwords whatever you want to call it okay so super
excited to get a lot of content so let’s jump right in round 1 Google search what
is Google search I think a lot of people already know what Google is everyone
uses it ok so I’m not just gonna say her in say some redundant stuff but for
people who don’t know Google is the number one way that people find goods
and services on the internet that just is a no-brainer so much in fact that by
the way this is how they’re gonna find you ninety-five percent of the searches
on mobile are gone are on Google that’s an extreme extreme amount so when I say
mobile I’m talking cell phones so if you’re on a cell phone and you need
find something 95% of users when it comes to all search engines are going to
go to a Google search to use it okay that’s a that’s a large amount okay we
do have being out there there’s DuckDuckGo there’s Yahoo they’re much
smaller than Google but that just shows what kind of market dominance Google has
in the search market ninety percent of the search market goes to Google when it
comes to all platforms so desktop tablets and and we have the mobile
devices thrown in there as well this is worldwide so yeah it’s something
that we should really care about because obviously looking at the statistics
that’s what majority people use whenever it comes to find things goods or
services 63,000 searches per second happen a day on Google that’s an
astronomical amount of searches over a billion a day an average person uses
Google three to four times a day that is an American statistic so everyone uses
Google I use it a lot more than three to four times a day I don’t know where that
three or four figure comes for comes from because it’s not me it’s not my
ten-year-old take my two-year-old uses Google more than that okay so how does
Google work I don’t know if this is really important to a lot of people but
I’ll tell you anyway just in case you’re curious Google is an algorithm which is
essentially a program that allows you to go to google.com go to the search bar
type in an idea which is effectively turned into a keyword such as cleaning
services local maid services affordable housekeeping quality cleaning company
stuff like that people type in the cleaning service near me that’s a real
popular and Google’s job is to link those keywords to relevant websites this
means your website potentially and your competition
so it’s not just you not to mention Google ranks them on what’s called the
SERP page which there’s the search engine results page here’s an example of
it right here you see at the top search engine results page if from this example
we typed in the keywords a toothpaste and you see where it says
si toothpaste at the top and then sponsored those are sponsored ads
anything over here these are sponsored ads this is a Google ad what we are
talking about is the ones below with the arrows those are our organic ads that is
what Google gives us for free so when we allow Google to crawl our website they
will rank us somewhere on Google first page second base third page sixth page
somewhere on Google and it’s all depending on relevance we’ll get into
that okay let’s let’s check the next slide which is about a little bit
further down the page this is below you can see that we have an organic ad up
here at the top this is just a little bit further down we’ve all seen this map
this is what’s called a three map pack by Google a few ways that you can get on
there the easiest is probably filling out Google my business is 100% free so
we’re not going to talk very much about that right now when you do have time
check it out google.com for slash my business or just business you can
certify verify your business so that you can be listed on this three map pack
you’ll also have ratings on there available you can become one of one of
Google’s valued businesses if you need more information or want to look into
that I suggest you you YouTube it or just check it out it’s a Google com /ban
business it used to be my business now it’s just business sorry
so google.com forward slash business alright but it’s super important to
understand and care about where you’re at on Google especially on Google search
because as you can see if you’re on this map you have a massive massive advantage
over the competition okay so again what is Google search
Google links ideas or keywords to relevant sites using a variety of
factors so they basically use tons of information and factors to rank you on
the SERP page above or below your competition depending on how relevant
you are in Google’s eyes okay super in super important to understand that
because next we are going to move into search engine optimization what is
search engine optimization and how does that correlate to Google search so what
is SEO so SEO stands for search engine optimization which is effectively
increasing quality traffic and ranking of your website on a search engine it’s
pretty much just caring about where you’re ranked and doing something about
it okay so how do you do that how do you get a higher ranking well first you have
to understand like that Google really cares about keyword relevance when I say
keyword relevance I’m talking if someone types in cleaning service in st. Louis
into Google the best rate website is going to have cleaning service st. Louis
on it Google uses their crawlers to be able to see what websites are relevant
to the searches before the search has happened so if I have maid service
Jefferson County on my website and someone types in maid service in
Jefferson County depending on what the competition has on their website you can
pretty much be guaranteed that I’m going to rank okay because again we are
relevant in that keyword but it’s not just keywords okay Google in fact uses
200 plus factors to rank your website so it’s not just keywords it’s website
speed it’s user activity so what people do while they’re on your website things
called backlinks internal links which are links inside your website meta tags
title tags very technical things okay web site content there’s a tons of
factors that go out there so that Google can decide and rank what website is
relevant to keywords okay Google again will index your site to create a rank
that helps determine relevance to the search beforehand so before the search
even happens Google’s already scanned your website and if you don’t know if
Google has scanned your website or not that’s a whole different issue but I
recommend you looking into Google search console ok ok so when you get done here
if you don’t know just write it down Google search console I should have put
on the slide but I did not you can YouTube it and see what it’s all
about but it’s it’s a way to help you ensure that you are getting as much data
to Google as possible so everyone jump on that just like Google my business
it’s free and very beneficial okay your success in this entire venture of SEO
really depends on what your content of your website has Google relevance to
that keywords to those keywords and the 200 factors on top of that your
competition again you’re going to be rated alongside with your competition so
depending on how good your competition is and how bad you are or vice versa
you can end up showing up at the very top of the page of page number one or
all the way back on page number six at the bottom somewhere I mean they go on
for infinity so Google is providing this service for us so the least we should do
at least we we we should do is care about our website like that that is the
least we should do we should go above and beyond so that we can get in front
of these clients so that we’re ranked very highly on Google especially to the
most relevant keyword searches okay here’s some stats about Google or some
FAQs so that you can understand how SEO is get your mind wrapped around it
organic ads are free okay so it’s really really important that we care where we
are because the higher we are up the more traffic we’re gonna get and that
traffic is free so why would we not want to take in a free resource okay on top
of us being to the top and getting all this awesome free traffic we gain trust
and credibility because believe it or not people trust us more if we’re at the
top of search if they can see a really well-written ad that’s very professional
that represents us they click on it they go to a really awesome website to
reflects the ad that’s only going to build their trust and credit credibility
in us in our industry we’re inside of people people’s homes it’s extremely
important to build that trusting credibility you guys are doing it all
day long so you might as well start with the ad ok also if you do have SEO or you
say that you care about SEO going hand-in-hand
with that is that your website is going to update and change you’re going to
need to update it and change it especially if you are ranking low
because that’s the only way that you’re going to get higher in the ranks that’s
really nice because clients do like to see some new and fresh stuff it could be
very my new it could be a blog here and there or a little bit of context
changing or images changing but just know that if you do have SEO in your
life or you do care about it it’s going to take implementation and then there’s
something that is going to change your website over time okay focus on user
experience is going to be at an all-time high because that is one of the highest
factors that Google cares about other than keyword relevance or along with
keyword relevance of course Google wants to send people to websites that they
know they’re going to have a good time on and that they’re going to read and
spend time moving around because those are factors that people are really on a
site that they really feel is relevant to what they typed in why would I go to
a website and spend five minutes there if it wasn’t what I was looking for so
if you can get clients to stick to your website you’re going to wreak a Trank
higher also with the increase of this excellent content in quality and in
traffic you’re going to be able to acquire more data with that traffic flow
that again is going to happen over time so that it this is a long-term strategy
but you will be able to increase your clients so that you can gain more
traffic and gain data off of them more data means you can market to them better
you will learn what works and what doesn’t work in your a/b testing that’s
really really important data is how we change in this industry so the faster we
gain it or the more we gain the better off we are in the future all right again
back to the SERP results page again it’s really really important to know and and
and value what these guys at the top of the Sur page are doing they are you can
see by toothpaste right here in their ad you can just see that
toothpaste toothpaste bye they are super relevant to this search by toothpaste so
Google is rewarding them with a high spot not to mention they are getting a
little bit of credit credibility because of who they are
Walgreens very very relevant Amazon is a very very famous website as well I don’t
know if you guys have heard of them before but because of who they are and
who their prowess is they’re going to rank above you there really is very
little you can do about that and this in in in this case with these keywords but
thank God we do not have to compete directly with amazon.com or Walgreens
com ok again this is the middle of the page we do want to care about this this
is your mat pack you want to get on there folks do anything that you can and
it is SEO that gets you here if you’re not there again another fast way don’t
forget Google business ok Google business google.com forward slash
business so to wrap it up on search engine optimization as to what it is it
is effectively increasing your website staining and everything Google search
super important that we understand this SEO is not magic it’s not anything it’s
not just writing blog posts it is caring about what your your website has for
content as far as a user experience ghost because the longer the user stays
there the better your rankings going to be tons of factors you have to care
about tons of factors for SEO to work so no matter if your going to do it or pay
for it before you even jump on jump in you should know what is required of you
ok we are manipulating Google using their factors so that we can rank as
high as possible and it isn’t just on one keyword folks it’s not just cleaning
service we have to rank on maid service housekeeper cleaning company cleaning
lady anything that you can think of cleaning company near me cleaning
service near me cleaning service business name cleaning service zip code
cleaning service County name yeah we should care about
all those okay but you ultimately caring about it and making progress towards it
and using Google’s factors to help you rat rise and rank that is called search
engine optimization or SEO so got let’s move on pay-per-click ads Google ads as another
as another name for it go or Google Adwords
what is PPC pay-per-click advertising again we’re only gonna be talking about
Google ads because that’s my niche so they’re also as Facebook Ads there’s
Bing ads any kind of ad where you have to hover above it and click on it before
it cost you money that’s pay-per-click okay so what you
need to know first off every click on Google is going to cost you money it
could be a set but still that’s a set and that is money compared to SEO
remember SEO doesn’t cost you any money for someone to click on your ad this
does choose your keywords you get to when you start a Google ads of campaign
you get to choose what keywords you want your ads to show up on that’s really
really important because again relevance is the name of the game especially when
you’re trying to get people to click on your ad you want it to be very very
relevant okay you also get many many bid strategies so you get to set up a Google
Ads account and you get these strategies which is like maximize clicks where you
drive as many clicks to your ads as possible
there’s maximize CPA where you get to try to lower your cost per acquisition
as low as possible this is more of an advanced strategy so it can really
benefit you or hinder you depending on where you are what you’re going for in
our industry that’s really good but it really works well on mature accounts
with a lot of tracking you you get to set your budget which is really awesome
so it’s something that kind of goes with your flow I recommend starting
with a budget to obviously get yourself hosted most people start out about $10 a
day more is always encouraged or if you as much as you possibly can remember
keep it proportionate to your other type of marketing your other types of
marketing you want to do as much marketing as possible
you can talking about setting your budget you can pulse it at any time so
it’s not it’s one of those things where if you’re running tight or if you get
too busy too fast just hit pause you can go back and turn it back on at any time
and because this is driven because these are paid ads you’re going to get a lot
more clicks on this than you would on anything out so you don’t the Google
doesn’t make any money until they they click your ad so they’re gonna do every
dang thing possible to make you click and again they’re on top of the SERP
page so clicking is just something that it’s inherently gonna do you don’t even
have to be first heck you don’t even have to be on the first page you’re
gonna get more clicks on Google ads then you typically do on a organic page
especially if because there’s so many keywords that you can put in on Google
ad account and in the beginning it can be slow just as it can in SEO but you
need to understand this is a long-term strategy as all digital marketing is but
the benefit is heavily in your favor to acquire data you acquire data very fast
using that data you make your stuff better the next day and the next day and
the next day happens over time though so make sure you give yourself time here’s
an example of of our ads like I showed you so you know top two these are ads
this is the real estate that you pay for so that’s the benefit at the bottom of
the page you get ads as well so Google surrounds their organic content with
their paid ads that’s how they ensure that they’re going to get traffic 24/7
so you are able to just drive drive drive business and tell you what a lot
of people don’t know the difference between an ad and an organic ad they
just can’t tell to them this and this look the same so you might as well
exploit it okay you might as well exploit as much
you possibly can so how is PPC or paper like advertising important to my
business well again as we talked about it paid ad variations are always on top
of the page that’s an inherent benefit to ads over SEO you can also just start
doing Google Ads today and at some percentage you will start ranking okay
don’t know if that’s at the top depends on how you set it up but whenever I do
it I mean a certain percentage of mine are always at the top you can drive
clients through your business being proactive as opposed to just sitting
back with organic search and just allow it to allowing it to come you actually
drive people in certain areas to your business you can target them based off
of tons of demographics such as age gender income level device like on their
cell phone you if you want to just target people on cell phones are just on
desktop or just on tablets you can do that as well
you can display all types of just text ads or call ads as well depending on
what format or what device you’re on speaking of targeting you also have
these things called audiences where the whole time you can open up and watch
people based off of certain targets like if they’re single or married you can see
which one does better and bid bid accordingly if they have what their
education level is if they own or rent a home which is really really helpful for
us in our industry if they belong to any other groups like the Holman home
gardening group or a just other groups that might be and somehow parallel to
our business okay you can also change content very very fast it’s really
really important to know that you have an obligation to write a whole bunch of
ads if you if you’re gonna do Google ads you gotta write a bunch ads that’s just
that’s just a bare minimum okay if you want to be successful you need to be
rotating your ad content it’s really really easy to do on Google ads so what
you what the user sees you can change that very quick this is really helpful
because you can use that okay you can learn what works and what phrasing works
for your business again you can grab data really really fast because you’re
you’re driving into your business and Google does a really good job of doing
that very rarely do miss our budgets very rarely do we set a
budget and Google now hit it if so it’s to us something that we’ve set up not
because of Google okay also not to beat the dead horse about
the data but granular data access is super important on top of getting a
large volume of data you’re able to get data that you can break down and
understand it if you want to know certain percentages or certain
information about extensions or phone calls how long they lasted what clicks
where they happen when they happened how much does it cost what were they
searching for you can get extremely extremely granular with your data with
Google Ads it’s super super important especially anything you’re investing
your money in so that you can race the probability of success in your ads it’s
really really important to be able to take the data break it down to a
granular level and then utilize it willed it like a sort to to gain more
success okay so to summarize pay-per-click ads Google ads paying per
click to have your ads and key placements on the SERP page that’s
extremely important to know the difference between PPC and SEO in
essence is one their placement into how you go about getting them a PPC ad
you’re gonna pay for it it can be anywhere between a dollar to a
hundred dollars depending on the industry so it’s just one of those
things you’re going to pay for prime real estate and prime real estate on the
Google search page is the top three spots in the bottom three spots yep
kind of pay for it folks gotta pay for it though that’s just what we do
marketing and ain’t cheap and on to round four round four we’re gonna talk
about PPC versus SEO so this is the fight of the night this is what
everyone’s been waiting for are you ready the fighters are juiced and
they’re in their corners folks let’s get ready to rumble but before we do I want
to make a public service announcement because in our industry my industry
there’s a large divide going on and it’s mostly because of people like
me why not me specifically but there’s a lot of people that are PPC specialists
that talk bad about SEO specialists there’s a lot of people that are SEO
specialists that talk bad about PPC specialists and I want to know why I
want to know why I want to know why this is happening because it causes a lot of
confusion it causes a lot of doubt it makes people now understand what what is
really going on so that’s how we got here today so now
PPC versus SEO that’s how we got here because there’s so much division there’s
so much division I dare say that on the battlefield of Google we’ve almost we’ve
almost arrived at a civil war folks you know and that’s really really sad that’s
really really sad because this is not the world that I wanted to live in okay
I wanted to live on the battlefield or not the battlefield on the world of
Google and peace all right but there’s so much division out there there’s just
so much division out there division in fact breeds confusion and so much so
that I’ve went out of my way to say that we got to stop here and talk about the
Civil War alright some of these ideas such as this one PPC is too expensive
which is again pay-per-click ads is too expensive
SEO clicks are free so I don’t see why we would do PPC because SEO takes money
and time to implement it takes money or time to maintain to me my time is money
to you business owner your time is money so when someone tells me that PPC costs
too much I’m gonna go with SEO because it doesn’t cost anything I don’t know I
don’t know what they’re thinking I don’t know I don’t know I mean I
understand it though PPC costs must be maintained but I’m just telling you like
this is the bottom line all marketing will cost you money or time so don’t
just go out there and say that all I’m just gonna do SEC
sincerely because it doesn’t cost compared to PPC like cost PPC costs more
most of the time it does cost more but it also makes you money most time so
does SEO so I don’t know it’s just one of those things it’s just one of those
things I’ll hit you with another one why SEO when Google ranks the same day when
you turn it on and bye-bye Google ranks they’re talking about Google ads this is
a very common question exactly how it was asked so what they’re asking is why
go with SEO when Google PPC since Google ads when you turn it on today it will
rank you so why even bother with us you well that’s that’s that’s an actual easy
answer because SEO can work very fast you know it depends on your level um
Google Ads can also work very fast as well but remember when you’re thinking
on an individual basis when you sit back and ask what’s what’s best for me you
need to be able to look at your competition you can do that yourself you
can do your own research on all the popular keywords cleaning service
cleaning company housekeeping maid service residential cleaning apartment
cleaning and recurring cleaning those are all popular keywords cleaning near
me cleaning service near me home cleaning near me house cleaning near me
SEO can work very quick PPC can work very click quick but it’s dependent on
your competition if your competition is doing awesome and SEO you’re gonna have
a hard time beating them and it’s gonna take time if your competition is doing
awesome and PPC you’re gonna have a hard time beating them and it’s gonna take
time that just our facts and and not to mention you’re not just you you think
they’re just going to come in and let you just take their spot no they didn’t
get to be where they are without fighting to get to that top spot
themselves normally they fight with money so I’ll just let you know the last
thing in this civil war that really drives me nuts and I hear this so much
because PPC specialists are pointing fingers at SEO people SEO are pointing
fingers at PPC specialists they’re saying let me let me do this because PPC
doesn’t work her do this SEO or let me do this PPC
because this SEO doesn’t work and ultimately this is what it makes the
client say well because I can’t trust either side I’ll just let Google tell me
what I need to do folks folks folks please please please please don’t do
that please I beg of you Google is 100% motivated to help Google
not to not Google and I’m not gonna say here rip on Google on when I’m when I’m
talking about how to get ranked on it but we need to understand the beast for
what it is Google can help you I’m not gonna say that they can’t what I’m gonna
say is that they can’t help you with they can’t help you more than someone
who understands the industry who understands what you specifically are
looking for they just they just don’t have that capability right now they
might be able to do it in the future but currently as it stands I don’t recommend
you going with Google I recommend you going with someone like myself there’s
tons of people out there that are knowledgeable that will help you that
have no skin in the game when it comes to testing their own software Google is
always testing their own stuff so if they can use your money to test they
would prefer to do that not saying that they are but why wouldn’t they okay just
protect your money it’s your investment again I don’t work for Google we all
need to use it – we need to moat we need to manipulate
Google so that we can just be better together
okay take what they say with a grain of salt please so here we are
we made it through made it through the Civil War you know and hopefully you
guys understand why there’s a civil war because so many people out there are
just just pounding it out like on top of it being PPC versus SEO all the time
people are just out there with these this sentiment that’s just nuts
it’s just nuts because it’s it’s brought on by these superficial things by these
superficial reasons and ultimately again like I said it just adds more confusion
it just makes more people lose their mind and in the end they don’t they
don’t know where to turn so they end up watching videos like this or watching me
on this Sun and this is the question we finally got into so Lane didn’t tell me
after all you’re talking since there is a civil war out there and we know it who
wins then what are we supposed to do um what am I supposed to care about who is
it is it SEO or PPC kindly gonna cop out here because the answer is neither folks
it really is and I’m sorry for having to say this but you gotta have them
together you gotta have them fighting back-to-back one-two punch man you gotta
have them and here’s why both of them together when you have Google ads and
you have SEO you can share the data together your Google ads again like I
said it drives tons of data super fast because you’re driving information to
these ads so you’re learning a lot about the clients you’re learning a lot about
what ad copy works you’re learning a lot about what zip codes you want to target
what people search so that you can take that back put it back on your website
and increase your ranking in SEO Google Ads
will only help you with this it will only help you because everything that
you find relevant or that Google finds relevant is accelerated through Google
Ads because you’re paying for it to be accelerated so you use
in collaboration with SEO so that you can make everything work better and goes
vice-versa if you see some data on the SEO side that you might think might help
you on the Google Ad side heck yeah not to mention your clicks are cheaper
if the website has keywords on it or as relevant to where you’re sending the
Google ads if you’re sending your Google Ad to a page that is super relevant has
keywords on it your clicks are gonna cost less and your positions going to be
higher just so you know those are facts on again test ads from PPC to use in SEO
because you’re gonna get so many people that have used it viewing your ads you
can go right back to your Meta Description change your SEO description
and make what it says on your organic search awesome because you’ve already
tested it on Google ads again you don’t pay any money on Google ads unless
someone clicks it so if you’re getting a lot of clicks on really hot ad you might
as well reflect that in your regular Google organic ad because it will only
help you here’s another big big big thing that people don’t get is trust and
credibility is really important I mean we know that because it’s all over
everybody’s website and everyone says to work trusts everyone says the word trust
well how do you build that trust and credibility I can tell you how if I see
your ad and the very not and the very top spot of Google ads and then right
below that I see you on that mat pack that we were talking about boy does that
add credibility now your business is in two spots the top ad says something
awesome relative to the search and the second one says something that’s
slightly different but it’s also relevant as well boy will that add to
your credibility people will think that you’re really really hot and they don’t
know they don’t know they don’t know that you don’t have as much money in the
bank as the major franchises and they don’t need to know that and if you are a
major franchise this is just going to gain more traffic you’ve got both of
them at the top so yeah people love to see your
Google ad then they see your organic ad then they search you on Facebook and
they see you there they see all over the place it’s ultimately about our final
point here which is the whole goal of this is to dominate the first page of
PPC so when we talk about what we need and when we say that we need them
together it’s ultimately so that we can dominate the first page of Google we
can’t do that with these weird and end and strange thoughts about Google being
better than Google PPC Google Ads being better or worse than SEO or SEO being
better or worse than Google Ads that’s not that’s not at all how it should work
okay so we have to value them both together so that we can dominate the
first page we want to be at the top we want to be everywhere we can be we want
to be all over the place we want our ads to be all over the place on the organic
side doesn’t matter doesn’t matter how they get there you need to be there
dominate the first page now saving you okay does everybody get that finished all right
this this is ultimately why you should use them together and why you should
care folks because the ads on the top three get 41% of the clicks that’s
Google ads so if you’re in the top three you’re gonna get the top clicks and
everyone else on the bottom they got a split the rest of the pie it’s super
important to get your ads on the top it doesn’t matter if it’s number one number
two but you do want to get them to the top and they don’t have to be there all
the time but hey if you expect them to perform
get them to the top especially on organic as you can see top three ads
gets almost 60 percent of the clicks and there’s sometimes 12 to 16 ads on a
search page so if the top three is getting 60%
the rest is getting the remaining 40 and that’s a lot less than the top three so
it’s so important on the organic side Google Ads again no one is paying if
they don’t click your ads but on the SEO side it is crucial that you get ranked
in the top three even more to drill in that point because 75% of users never
leave page one so if you are on page two or less and that’s just not on cleaning
service that’s on every keyword that anyone might ever use so excuse me if
you are on page two you’re getting you have you that page is getting 25% less
traffic than the first page so the odds of you getting clicked on went down
severely so care about it folks rank does matter rank matters rank matters
rank matters it matters on your ads it matters on your organic traffic rank
matters rank matters rank matters rank banners well I guess now it’s time time
for that time it’s time it’s time for the final thought it’s that time that
everyone was waiting for in fact that’s what I meant to say
and our final thought is folks that we’ve come a long way we’ve talked about
Google PPC we’ve talked about what Google search is we’ve talked about SEO
and how it helps Google search how it helps you get ranked and in the very
beginning we we we kind of started talking out with a tone that was Google
PPC versus Google SEO because and I meant it to be that way because that’s
exactly the way the world is that’s how I get approached every day well how much
is your SEO how much does your PPC cost before before before we even talked
before I am even too allowed to you know even review the site it’s like
how do you know what you need maybe you do know what you need but before you
start asking a guy like me what this costs I really want you to go back and I
want you to understand if you need to just do a little bit more research I
want you to understand everyone is in a different boat everyone is in a
different physician so again competition is one of the
heaviest factors in this industry you really need to get you need to get your
situation looked at by some by a professional because it is something
that should not be taken taken for granted if you outsource things like
your taxes or or your payroll if you outsource people doing maintenance on
their building or repairing your cars or or anything if you if you outsource
people paving your driveway I really recommend outsourcing your SEO and
outsourcing your Google ads or PPC it’s not a question of do you need it
everyone needs it it’s a question of when they need it it’s like climbing a
ladder you got to do it run one rung at a time so if you’re not there I totally
understand that but don’t not have it when you are a extremely successful
multi-million made service you’re going to look back and and and you’re gonna
say man that money that I spent in Google ads in SEO that was nothing
compared to what we’re spending nowadays it should be for all of your marketing
should be a drop in the bucket moving you into the direction that
you’re going but most importantly you’re going to look back and go man I wish I
would have started that sooner it’s just one of those things where if if you
truly care about it in if you’re in proper hands you will move forward it is
something where you you really have to care about it and hopefully this talk
has opened you up to at least assessing your current current position your
current staining in your Google search I want everyone to have a little bit of
homework whenever they leave here I want you to go and just go to google and type
in cleaning services typing cleaning services near me
type in cleaning service in your business name type in cleaning service
and your county cleaning service and your zip code and then I said cleaning
service a lot but I want you to go back and do that for maid service for a
housekeeper for all that again it’s like housekeeper near me
housekeeper your city name housekeeper your zip code housekeeper your county
name I just want you guys to care about where you’re ranking I want you to know
where you are and what what you can do better and if you have any questions
whatsoever please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to one of the local
local specialists in our industry again I am niche for the cleaning service but
I just I don’t want people just walking around ignorant and I don’t want people
to be confused I want you to be informed so that you can make a proper decision
when it comes to your your future with digital marketing especially with Google
there’s a lot of confusion and I don’t want you to be hoodwinked by anybody I
don’t want you I don’t want a scandal okay so super important that you
understand that Google PPC Google ads and SEO they need to go hand in hand you
need to figure out some way to get them both I understand if you can’t just talk
to someone get a game plan going because again when you’re super successful in
that million-dollar maid service you’re going to have them both okay this
is going to lead to your maid service success okay this is why you’re at the
summit and this is why I’m at this summit so that I can connect with you so
that I can tell you these things hopefully if anything I can just get
some thought going get the juices flowing again I’m here and I will show
you how to get ahold of me here shortly but if you can take away anything
anything from this talk that you should file you both this is not a competition
anyone who’s out there that says PPC is greater than SEO they’re lying to you
anyone that can tell you that SEO is greater than PPC they’re lying to you
all in perspective your competition is one of the largest factors and you need
to care about about them both Google cares about organic Google cares about
paid ads so if they care about both of them because they’re both their babies
they really expect you to to and if you don’t you will suffer you truly will so
take it from me a Google Ads guy Google SEO guy everything Google care about him
both okay and I hope this talk has been educational I hope this talk has at
least taught you a little bit about the differences in them both about how paid
ads get you get you a different section or a different spot you’re paying for
territory and then organic ads is just the regular Google search ads that is
provided for free to you okay by Jerry and again this is where I’m pretty much
gonna wrap it up I’ve had a blast being here today and I just want to thank you
for everyone that attended I want to again send a big thank you out to a
margos and the entire zenmate crew for allowing me to be here at the maid
service success summit it’s something that I really stressed out about because
I want to be able to live her content to you people that you can use go back to
your businesses and and wield like a weapon like a sword everything is based
in data everything is based in knowledge everything is based in experience and
everything is based on facts so if any of you guys have any questions feel free
to email me at land or digital at gmail.com if you want of course I will
talk to any of you guys to do any kind of consultation if you want go to Kalyn
calendly comm for its last lamed or digital and and sign up there it is
absolutely free to talk we will talk for an hour or however long you need to
they are sectioned off for an hour so try to get in as you can I always get
blown up with phone calls after these things so I anticipate it and also find
me on Facebook land and Sanford if not also find Courtney wise Lee’s page I’m
on there I’m her better half so hi but super excited super thankful
for being here again SEO PPC get it together Google Google is here for you
so you know care about them both guys I am so happy so proud looking forward to
talking to you okay have a great maid service summit thanks again
Lane and Sanford signing off

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  1. Hey everyone! Amar, ZenMaid CEO here.
    I’d love to hear what the first thing you will do to up your marketing game using Google after learning from Landon, the go-to-guy for all things Google!

  2. I’ve decided to go with a marketing company who knows all about this stuff. My business will never grow if I don’t. I know nothing about this stuff

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