March 30, 2020
Cinsay Video Marketing & Social E-Commerce Now Offers PayPal

Cinsay Video Marketing & Social E-Commerce Now Offers PayPal

Cinsay has added an exciting new payment option
to it’s powerful video commerce platform. Now, when your customers shop inside a Cinsay
Smart Store, they can easily checkout using PayPal. That’s right. The most trusted brand
in online payments has teamed up with the most innovated video commerce company to offer
you the best e-commerce solution ever. PayPal is the most trusted online transaction
platform by far. Over 340,000 websites use PayPal and they clear more than 18% of all
global online purchases. That’s over 300 million dollars each day. And with PayPal Pal, you’re
Smart Store is ready to go global since they’ve handled over 25 different currencies in over
190 markets. Through PayPal, your customers now have the
ability to use credit and debit cards as well as electronic checks and even direct bank
transfers. And our PayPal partnership offers you the lowest cost safest payment solution
around. There are no recurring cost to you and your customers have the confidence to
purchase online via a trusted secure source. And it works all over the web. Facebook, Tumblr,
Twitter, blogs, websites, html5 devices and more. So now wherever your Cinsay video goes,
so goes your PayPal powered smart store. If you’re not using Cinsay to sell your products,
services, and to collect donations, now is the time to learn more. Click the get started link and we’ll show
you just how easy it is. Cinsay, now with PayPal. See it sold.

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