April 4, 2020

56 thoughts on “Cinematic Color Grading for DJI Mavic Mini B Roll

  1. Do you like the new intro? How about my new office space? Been working on changing things up and exploring new places to shoot.

  2. Can we get a really basic color grading tutorial for beginner pilots? I have a Mavic Pro 2, but I have no experience in color grading or advanced video editing.

  3. Sweet. … Sure wish I had gone with Apple and Final Cut Pro several years ago instead of Sony Vega Pro.
    But … alas … too late (too much $$$ invested in Vegas now)… .

  4. Hi Jeven, the new studio looks great! Question on the video editing, I use PowerDirector 18, have never really played around with color grading, are you familiar with PD? Would I be able to use or get these filters to work? Thanks….

  5. Nice! Can you share also how can we do this on da vinci resolve! Alot of people are starting to use this editing software

  6. Simply love these tutorials. Hands down my favorite and always ridiculously cool!! I look forward to all the notifications

  7. I followed your channel since a long time. By this channel help I have learnt a lot and tried to implement those ideas on my Travel Vlog. Thanks a lot. Keep us Updating. Regards

  8. I have to say that from my own personal view, I find the original footage better and far more lifelike than most of the edited stuff. Whilst it is amazing what can be done in editing, I find it all too artificial. I guess its very subjective stuff, but I feel it's too easy to fall in love with the technical editing side and miss out on the actual subject being filmed.

  9. Thumbs up. Too bad Adobe has not included gradient tool of Photoshop in Premiere. Would love for you to make a color grading video. I am using Premiere Pro. There are tons of gradient videos on Google search but complicated.

  10. when i asked DJI, it sounded like locking exposure doesn't lock auto white balance. have you noticed any shifts in the white balance during tricky or changing light conditions?

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