February 23, 2020
Choosing Your Internet Marketing CRM – Growing Your YouTube Channel #31

Choosing Your Internet Marketing CRM – Growing Your YouTube Channel #31

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you this
fine day? Me? If I’m honest with you, which I might as well be, I’m feeling a little
bit stressed because I’m making some big decisions. I’m on the horns of a dilemma,
making decisions about what software I’m going to using to drive my business into the
next level. It’s huge decision and it’s relevant to growing your YouTube channel to
100,000 subscribers because it’s all about building community and finding ways to engage
our community and leveraging and making sure that we can make money from our efforts. So
today on Growing your YouTube Channel to 100,000 Subscribers, we’re going to be talking about
the software that drives the ship. I hope you enjoy!
One of the things which I think we all need to really pay attention to as we build our
business in the online space is the tools that we use to engage and to manage our customers.
Now all of you aren’t going to be in exact same space as me. If we take a look at the
business model that’s been happening with DottoTech for the last 18 months since it’s
been evolving, I have reengaged with my audience, kind of found my voice again and started to
build a marketplace by doing all my how-to videos and surprisingly growing much larger,
quicker in the States than in my native Canada where I was already a known commodity. But
nevertheless that seems to be a bit of a happy surprise because in the States they seem to
be a little more willing to spend money on online products than they are in Canada so
it’s been working out quite well. A big part of my business now has or the marketplace
has lead me to developing more online courses, which means I have customers that I have to
start to service. When I started to build my YouTube channel, I was going with open
eyes saying what are going to be the opportunities for revenue? I wasn’t going to lock on any
one source. I would’ve preferred if I could’ve made enough money out of just AdSense revenue
or possibly through Patreon support in order to carry the day but that’s not the case.
At least, that’s not the case at this point. So I was lead to start to deliver information
products and the first one I delivered is my Evernote course, which is now as of this
point here sold around 200 copies, which isn’t a huge amount but it’s a good amount for
my very first, real, solid information product. Now an interesting thing happened to me. I
woke up the other morning and I said I’ve got nearly 200 customers and this software
that I’m managing these customers with is Aweber. For those of you who don’t know,
Aweber is an autoresponder program. It’s an email application which allows people to
sign up so that I can send them newsletters or I can send them invitations to join my
webinar. Aweber is severely limited as far as what you can and can’t do because Aweber
is basically an organization who’s prime business objective is to stay in business
and stay out of the spam cop’s bad books. They are so careful to make sure that none
of their customers are spamming, are sending email which is illegal or not properly authorized
so they really limit what they can do with the software. Certainly, it doesn’t give
us so much flexibility and I’ll talk a little bit more about that in a few moments.
But leading into that, it was a stark realization to me that I have done a good job of actually
starting a new business and now I had customers but I didn’t know who the heck those customers
are and I’ve got really no way of generating any sort of ongoing relationship with them
except through newsletters, just that sort of thing there, but not defining them, not
speaking to them individually, not parceling them out and finding out exactly a little
bit more about them. So I was I have to do something about this.
So basically what I have been doing for the last several weeks is taking a step back and
looking at what tools I need now to help grow the information product side of my business
where I have real customers who spend real money, take out their credit card and actually
purchase a product from me and start to build that kind of a store interface and that customer
management and customer relationship management interface. And oh my gosh, there are a ton
of products out there that will serve us but it really comes down to two main products
that most of the information community looks at.
The first is called InfusionSoft. I’ll just call them up here, InfusionSoft. There they
are and they are huge. The other is called now Ontraport. They used to be called Office
Autopilot. Now I’m going to call Ontraport here too. Ontraport, there we go and I’ll
call them up here as well. So these are the two main contenders in the marketplace. Now
I’ll talk about them in a moment but before I do, let me take you into where I’m coming
from which is Aweber. Now Aweber is a very good contender in a class
of software called email autoresponder. Its competitors are ConstantContact and iContact
and I would say probably the best of the breed is one called MailChimp. So there are services
where you can sign up, it’s a monthly service that you pay for and people can subscribe
to your mail list on it and it manages your mail list. You can setup things like trickle
campaigns where based on a series of rules you put in place, if somebody signs up for
an email then two days later you’re going to send them another email and three days
after that you’re going to send them another email so you can trickle through information
like that. I use it to deliver my courses, I also use it to deliver my newsletter and
I use it to deliver information about my upcoming webinars and invites to my webinar. So I use
it for a variety of different services. Now I started Aweber about the same time as
I started seriously working on the new YouTube channel, the enhanced YouTube channel, and
the reason that I started it that times was I recognized the fact that the strength of
my business ultimately would be in my list. I knew at some point I would have to rely
on being able to reach out to my community and make them an offer, asking them to view
my videos, asking them to purchase a product for me. I didn’t know what that offer was
going to look like but I knew I needed permission and I needed to establish a relationship.
So what I was going to do was I was going to start producing a newsletter on an ongoing
basis which would cover off the type of content that we cover on the show and try and create
some engagement but basically get permission to send email to you or to the people who
are interested in what I’m doing. So I started that now about 18 months and I already had
a mail list that was about 5,000 or 6,000 that was my mail list from back in the TV
show day. Those were people that were just fans of DottoTech but weren’t necessarily
interested in the productivity story that I was telling now or the internet marketing
story that you are part of here. So we started that and right now I’ve built that in the
last 18 months to about 6,500 subscribers. Is that a huge number? I don’t know. Is
it a terrible number? I don’t think so but again I don’t really have much frame of
reference. I think it’s an okay number. It’s certainly a number that’s now delivering
me real paying customers which I certainly appreciate.
So this is now how I have to manage them, in Aweber. Now Aweber is severely limited
though. The bottom line is it’s a great place to start because it’s cheap to get
into. It’s free for the first 50 or 500 customers or something like that and then
it’s $17 a month or $19 a month and as you get more and more subscribers they charge
you more. Now one of the things that I really don’t like about Aweber and one of the reasons
that I’m not able to even stretch it out a little bit farther than I have at this point
here is the fact that these are all the different events that I started collecting email addresses
on. When I did 3 Steps to Inbox Zero and when I did a webinar for the Top 7 Free Apps and
my basic DottoTech news webinar, these are all the different products or different events
that people have signed up on my list based on. So I created new mail lists based on that
because I had to send them a custom reply and it was relating to when they were signing
up for the mail list. These are the number of people that subscribed in each one of those
events. Some of them are quite a large number and some of them are quite a small number.
But I don’t really need any of these lists anymore. For instance, everybody that signed
up for my 3 Steps to Inbox Zero, they’re interested in inbox zero, I would like to
combine them all into a single list. Aweber won’t let me. That alone means that I’m
managing multiple lists. And one of the things that drives me absolutely crazy about these
guys in Aweber is they count each one of these subscribers as one even though somebody might
be on multiple lists. They’re telling me that I actually have like 6,500 subscribers
but when I actually go and send an email out to everybody, I only have maybe 5,400 out.
There’s a good thousand subscribers that are on multiple lists, which is natural. This
is going to happen because some people might be interested in different things. They might
be even involved in a course that I’m taking as well as on my newsletter list.
So the bottom line is I don’t believe I should be charged for people that are on multiple
lists because it doesn’t take Aweber any more effort. It’s just basically a tag attached
to the email address. But this is a place that they’re sort of nickel and diming us
and so consequently it pushes you over the different thresholds. One of the big thresholds
is the 5,000-user threshold where how much you pay on Aweber jumps significantly. So
they pushed me over that threshold at least a thousand people before I really thought
I should be. I don’t really appreciate it. So I don’t
feel the warm and fuzzies for the Aweber folk. Technically speaking, it’s a good service,
delivers what it wants, not really much flexibility and certainly they haven’t thought their
way through to the next level of business that I require such as combining my lists
and being able to migrate my people around. The reason that they do that they say is because
they don’t want me becoming a spam artist. They don’t want somebody, me, spamming people
and sending emails to the things they haven’t accepted but they’re not also allowing for
good businessmen who will legitimately be combining lists the should legitimately combined.
MailChimp doesn’t have these limitations. If I were to start again, I’d probably recommend
you take a look at MailChimp but regardless you’re still going to bump your head eventually
into some of the other issues that I’m going to be talking about. So bottom line for me
now is Aweber is now an app that has seen its day with me and I need to move out of.
I need more control. What do I need to be able to do? I need to
be able to understand who joins my community based on what product they’re interested
in. If they join me on a task and to-do list webinar, then they’re more interested in
task and to-do list managers and I should be able to identify that. If they purchase
a product from me, I should be able to identify that. I should be able to do a search and
say who bought this course or who bought this course and attended this webinar because there
might be a certain group of people that I want to reach out to and offer something special
to, maybe invite them to a Google Hangout or something like that. So I need to start
to create this sort of control over the individuals that are on my mail list because they are
ultimately my customers. So all of those things that I just talked
about are handled with a great deal of aplomb by these folks here at InfusionSoft and these
folks here at Ontraport. Is that InfusionSoft or Infusion? What is this? I just got to make
sure that I got the right—Oh, I got Infusion for some reason. I didn’t even get to InfusionSoft.
There we go, InsufionSoft.com. Let’s go there. I don’t even know who Infusion is.
I wonder if they get a lot of people going to them by accident. There’s InfusionSoft.
That looks more like it. Okay. So these guys here at InfusionSoft or these guys here at
Ontraport. Now this is not a small step for business
like mine or probably like yours because this is not $70 a month and not $60 a month. The
pricing for Ontraport and InfusionSoft starts at about $200 or $300 a month—Is it $300
three hundred? Yeah, three hundred dollars a month—for their basic version here at
Ontraport. Infusion Soft might have a tier that’s slightly under but you’re not going
to be spending less when you actually end up doing it. So all of a sudden, you’re
going gulp, there’s an awful lot to this app and I better be able to get an awful lot
of it because $300 a month is a lot of money to be spending just on my mail list software
if I’m just using it for mail list if you know what I mean.
It does more though. To be fair, it does an awful lot more. A program like Ontraport and
InfusionSoft will allow us to create landing pages, to register people for webinars, to
create discount codes. They both have shopping carts where you can actually sell your product
and control that. You can manage and protect content. There’s sort of like a membership
area where you can say okay, if people signed up for this course we’ll use the tools within
InfusionSoft or within Ontraport in order to allow people access into those courses.
Now I’ve cobbled together pieces of software that do many of the same things but these
are completely integrated solutions. But in my mind, the most value that’s going to
come out of these solutions is the fact that I’m going to be able to identify all of
the different engagements, all of the different types of engagement that I’ve had with each
and every individual. So if I see a person’s come to every one of my webinars then I might
indeed want to be able to invite them out to a special hangout just for my closest and
the top fans of the DottoTech brand. This gives me that ability using the software.
Now the onboarding of these applications is one of the things that is causing me a lot
of consideration. Ontraport allows us to join for basically free and then they charge us
$300 a month. They give you a money-back guarantee but to be honest the money-back guarantee
doesn’t matter in this case because you’re going to be spending so much time setting
up your system that your investment of money is far less than your investment of time and
your resources in setting it up. Having said that, the folks at InfusionSoft want $2,000
to help me setup my business in their software which I find a huge whack of dough for them
to help me but they include some training in that as well. To be fair, Ontraport includes
training, two hours of training. They think it’s supposed to be a little bit easier
to use and a little bit easier to get your head around but this is the decision that
I’m going through right now. The purpose of this video is not really to
tell you what I’ve chosen or to teach you the best practices in this area but it’s
to open your eyes to the decision-making process that you’re going to have to make. I don’t
know that I should’ve made this earlier. I had people tell me back when I was starting
oh you should start in InfusionSoft right away but that would’ve been about a year
ago and I would’ve spent like $4,000 or $5,000 in software at that point there and
I’m not sure that I would be that much farther ahead by now because I didn’t have my whole
business plan baked. Having said that, it would be nice not to
have to face that right now when I’ve got momentum in so many other areas that I realized
that every month that goes on where I don’t embrace a much more advanced customer relationship
management piece of software is a month that I’m losing opportunity. So now is the time
that it has to happen and I think we’re all going to cross that river with our businesses.
We’re going to hit that point where we cross this river.
So I’m going to kind of leave this at that point there where I was saying I’m going
to tell you that this is the decision making process that I’m going through right now.
This is why I’m stressed right now because I think this is a big decision. I don’t
think; I know this is a big decision because if I choose wrong—I might never know that
I’ve chose wrong—but if I do choose wrong, retracing these steps and redoing this again
is going to be a lot of work. So I have to make sure that the piece of software that
I choose and embrace I can master and that I can really leverage because I’m going
to be living in this software for a couple of years. That’s for sure. I’m going to
be using it and its capabilities are going to dictate the directions that my business
can grow. That is a certainty to me. So I feel the weight of this decision at this particular
point. It’s something to think about. Look forward to a couple months down the road,
I will be telling you exactly what I’ve done and showing you the results. I don’t
think I made a mistake by signing up with Aweber. If I had the choice to do it again,
it wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s a good piece of software. It does exactly what
it says so I don’t want to disparage it in any way. It’s just rather rigid and I
think that MailChimp is probably the better choice from all of things that I’ve looked
at because it’s a little less rigid but it does all the same things as Aweber. So
if you’re making that decision and just starting out, there’s no problem starting
with these other tools because ultimately you’re going to migrating upstream into
a larger package at any rate. There I hope that’s been valuable. Remember
there are three ways to stay in touch with us here on DottoTech. First of all, you should
be subscribing to this channel. Secondly, you should be signing up for my newsletter
in Aweber right now. It’s soon to be in something else. And finally check out our
Patreon page. DottoTech is supported by the community which views us. There are perks
to be patrons of DottoTech. I encourage you stop by our Patreon page and take a look at
that. So until next time, I’m Steve Dotto. Have fun storming the castle.

15 thoughts on “Choosing Your Internet Marketing CRM – Growing Your YouTube Channel #31

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  3. Steve – I like how you do your videos, but unfortunately I am stuck in the Microsoft world.  I have looked at switching my business to the Google realm because I like it better, but just cannot make the leap because everyone I deal with uses Microsoft.  Do you have any plans to produce similar videos using the Microsoft Outlooks & Office 365 products?   Thanks Mike

  4. Hi Steve,

    I enjoy your videos. Informative and entertaining at the same time… congrats.

    Just thought I'd mention that I cam across streak at https://www.streak.com/ that while not in the same field as Infusionsoft et al, it does provide some CRM functionality right inside GMail. And starts at $0 though you can upgrade for extra functionality.

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  5. Hi Steve,
    I feel for you as I recently spent countless hours on the InfusionSoft vs Ontraport question, when shifting my information product business into 2nd gear 3 months ago.
    It's a big decision.
    Both seem very good. I chose Ontraport in the end, mainly due to the in-built A/B testing capability of Ontraport, which is very important for many marketers.
    Also, InfusionSoft's obligatory $2000 training package might have tipped the scales against them.
    I'm very happy with Ontraport so far ; it is powerful software with excellent support. But then again, as you said, I'll never really know if I made the right choice because I don't know what I'm missing with InfusionSoft! Still, I made a satisfactory choice, so I'm happy.
    Good luck and tell us how you chose.

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  9. I have a bookkeeping company and need to send out regular emails reminding them to turn in paperwork, letting them know things are done, and other things. I need more of a workflow management tool with email. I'm not sure where to begin looking. I had Infusionsoft a couple of years ago. Great tool, but it's like using a 4-tonne truck to go to the grocery store. Ideas?

  10. Hey, Steve. Thanks for all you videos – I love your style, humour & fantastic content (& share many of your videos with many of my fellow Professional Speakers in the UK

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