April 9, 2020


– Hey, everybody, this is Roberto Blake, helping you create
something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. For the new people here,
first of all, welcome. My name’s Roberto Blake,
I’m a creative entrepreneur, public speaker, and I have a
social media coaching business, awesomecreatoracademy.com. Today I wanna talk to you
about what is the best platform for you to use for social
media if you are a business? And we’ve talked a lot
about entrepreneurship on the channel, we’ve talked
about stay-at-home businesses, we’ve talked about affiliate marketing, we even talked about e-commerce and digital-product-based businesses, but one of the things I
really wanna focus on, especially in 2019, is content strategy and helping people understand where they need to be
placing their content and I feel like there’s a lot
of advice and it sounds good on the surface that
really isn’t the substance that’s gonna help you grow your business, get more leads, and get more sales. I’m gonna use an example of something that you’ve probably heard a lot of social media marketers say. Go to the platform where your audience is. And then they’ll go
through the demographics of the different platforms,
whether it’s Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, what have you, okay? Here’s where that misses. Your audience is in every platform already because when you look at
the daily use numbers, the data doesn’t lie. Nearly two billion daily users
on Facebook and Instagram, half a billion users on LinkedIn,
as far as professionals. Two billion daily watchers on YouTube. How is it even possible
to conceive the idea that your audience isn’t on one of the major social media platforms? A large population of
your key demographic, your target market, your customer, your customers are using social media. There are more phones than humans. There’s no way that your
existing audience and market doesn’t have a strong presence
in one of these platforms. So that’s actually
really not great advice. Let me tell you what you should be doing if you’re trying to decide what the best social media platform
is for your business. Instead of worrying about
where the largest population of potential customers
are, let’s think about a very simple reality of the market. If you aren’t capable
of making good content and good communication
strategies that are appropriate to the context of these
platforms and social media, the devices, the overall
culture of the platform, does it fit with your business or the way you wanna
approach things, guess what? It doesn’t matter where you show up if you show up and you suck. It doesn’t matter where you show up if you show up and people don’t
want what you have to offer. So instead of worrying
about which platform has the most users of this key demographic or this psychographic or what have you, why don’t we worry about
playing to your strengths as a business and
playing to your strengths in terms of the media that
you’re capable of producing and the bandwidth that you have to communicate effectively
within the platform? First, let’s start with
the type of content that you’re capable of doing. Is your organization more suited to doing information-based graphical
things and articles? Because there are platforms
that are better suited to that and where it will be consumed more rapidly and there’s great ways to
handle distribution on that side or is your business and the
type of thing that you deliver in terms of a product or service, something that’s very much
show rather than tell, where video would be a
massive benefit to you? Do you have players
within your organization that would be good in terms
of an on-camera presence? Are they better suited
to doing interviews? Are they an industry leader
or expert of some kind? Are they the type of
person who has the energy and charisma and the ability from a confidence standpoint
to carry a livestream? Because that’s something
that’s very specific and there are platforms where you play to the strengths there. There are content formats where you play to the strengths there. Or do you have access to
people all over the globe that would be great
interview guest for podcast and then you leverage
that type of content? So you see, you need a content strategy before you worry about what platform you’re gonna be in and
that content strategy needs to be entirely predicated
on what your strengths are as an organization based on
the talent you have available, the time you have available,
and the technology that your organization can best leverage or is comfortable with. And see now you know why this isn’t a quick three-minute video to just tell you, oh, go
where your audience is. No, it’s much more nuanced than that because you need to be able
to play to your strengths. Now here’s an example of
what I’m talking about. Let’s say that you are a
very data-driven company. One of the ways that you wanna
leverage that in my opinion would be a combination of
white papers, articles, infographics, and if you
can, leverage experts and case studies and maybe
even some potential keynotes if you have them, slide shows. Now there are platforms where
this plays out really well. The infographics can play out very well in platforms for distribution
such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and I don’t necessarily think that this will work by itself in Facebook unless you have the
leverage to maybe use people who are authorities, who can share and distribute that for you to things like large Facebook groups that have that population. Also, don’t discount online forums even though they’re not necessarily
considered social media, they’re still a big part of
the fabric of the internet so online forums become important. Reddits, in terms of those sub-reddits that are topic-specific, that
could be very valuable to you to get in front of people and
to be top-of-mind with them. So that’s something that I
would really take a look at. Can that information in
terms those infographics also be leveraged in terms of reaching out to media organizations
that publish articles within your niche and then they
could use your infographics to illustrate a point
or to frame an article that they want to write. So do you have contacts in the media? Do you have contacts with journalists that write about your niche? Now if you wanna reach out
and you wanna have contacts, your company or you as
an organization leader or as an entrepreneur
should be thinking about who are the journalists
who cover your niche for the major online publications
like Business Insider, Forms, Fast Company, so on so forth, and you can find these people
if you go and you search in Twitter for Forbes,
if you go and you search for Business Insider, you will find people as far as journalists and
editors and contributors for the different topics and categories that you might be a player
in and then if you reach out to them, and you know, you could build and foster those relationships
organically that way. Obviously, you can also look
these folks up in LinkedIn and try to foster a relationship there but Twitter is where a lot
of people spend their time day in and day out and they’re more likely to be pinged and updated there
than they are on LinkedIn. If you have very strong personalities and people who present well or people who might already be public speakers or already have video experience
within your organization, yeah, leveraging video can be amazing and maybe you don’t have
to be platform-specific. Maybe you can be platform-agnostic. Just because YouTube is
the largest video platform doesn’t mean you have to
make the video content YouTube-centric, it just
means you could prioritize the upload to YouTube but you
could repurpose video content for any video-sharing platform
and so that’s something that’s really practical to
do and you can just go ahead and put systems in place
for distribution there. I know that feels
daunting to be everywhere but as I said, you could
prioritize YouTube, I just wouldn’t necessarily
make the video specific to worrying about things
like YouTube subscribers or likes or the comments
section, etc. etc. I would think about the
broader context of video. Could you host this video
or would you distribute this video if it was in broadcast form? Because if it was in broadcast form, it would end up on the
social media platforms either in whole or in part anyway. So I would just kind of
make it with that in mind. And then let’s talk about audio. If you’re going audio and
you’re going with a podcast, first of all, you could make the choice to do a podcast live to
tape if you feel comfortable with that and so that lends
itself to being distributed in nearly all the social
media platforms via a link as well distributed and
hosted through the website and then the podcast distribution sites. So in the context of audio,
the social media appliances really just become a distribution center for people to get the
content and it’s really not about building a presence in the platform instead of leveraging it for traffic. So you’re gonna use that
traffic and that’s one of the things that I think
people have to consider, are we using social media
as a communication strategy, a content strategy, or
a distribution center for content that we’re hosting,
you know, somewhere else, whether it’s on another
platform or a platform that we own that’s proprietary? It comes right back around
to this idea of playing to your strengths and
understanding that there is an audience for you in these platforms. Now there might be more
of an audience for you in one platform or another
or one platform or another might play to your strengths
and so this becomes now a matter of which platform should I be in versus which platform should I prioritize. And you should prioritize a platform based on how well it achieves your goal, how well it fits the
culture of your industry and your business and
also whether it plays to the strengths of the content
that you’re able to produce and the time and bandwidth
allotment you have for participating in the platform. Can you allocate somebody to being in Twitter multiple times a day doing social listening,
engagement, and research? If not, then having a presence in Twitter where people can reach out to you becomes more important and it becomes that instead of you being an active participant beyond using automation
for it and distribution. I’ll do a dedicated
video on 10 Twitter hacks and I’m also gonna give you
guys some background on Twitter because I know for a lot of people, it’s a very intimidating platform and a lot of it has to do with the fact that there’s a lot of
culture that is specific to Twitter, I think maybe more so than any other social
media platform right now. So you’ll definitely wanna subscribe for those 10 Twitter hacks. It’s probably gonna be a 10
Hacks in Five Minutes video for those of you who like shorter videos. I already have a 10 Instagram Hacks in Five Minutes video
that’s actually really good. I’m gonna link to it up here for you guys so you can check that out as well. One of my final thoughts
when it comes to all of this is that I know it can feel
intimidating to be everywhere but I think that you
should also be mapping social media platforms to
the intention and goals that you have and realize
that some platforms are more likely to help you
achieve a goal than others. I think that if your goal
is to be a public speaker, that I would prioritize YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter more than anything. I think that the ability
to connect with people in the Network Event space in LinkedIn is gonna be powerful for you. I think that also sharing
your slides in LinkedIn can be very helpful and presentations, things of that nature, and
from there you can host or link out to your YouTube videos that show clips of you as a speaker. So guess what? Those would be the three platforms that I prioritized if I wanted to grow as a public speaker and that was my goal. If I wanted to do more e-commerce as an e-commerce-based business, then I’d be running ads
on Facebook and Instagram. I’d have a very strong
visual presence in Instagram and be very engaged there
in both Instagram posts and Instagram stories and I think that I would be very
active overall in Twitter as an e-commerce business
and I would probably limit my YouTube presence in terms of e-commerce to doing product demonstrations, product tutorials, and
support but also I would probably leverage
influencer marketing there. But in terms of where
I’m spending my time, the brand itself would
be built up probably in Instagram and then
depending, especially if it’s a very female-driven audience for that product or service,
I would probably go, especially e-commerce business, with Pinterest, believe it or not, and I think that that
would be really effective. If I’m doing stuff in
entertainment right now, hands down, it’s YouTube, it’s Instagram, and it’s TikTok, that is
where you would want to be in terms of the creation
and hosting your content but you’d also want a
strong presence in Twitter to be connected to your
audience and your fans from an entertainment standpoint. So where is the best social media platform for your business? It’s contextual. No matter what, it’s the context of your business and
what industry you’re in. It’s the context of how
much time and how much tech and talent you really
have to throw at this and you have to be able to
put that into perspective and set yourself up for success. Question of the day, what is you favorite social media platform and why? Let me know in the comments section. Like this video if you like
it, don’t forget to subscribe, check out the other awesome
stuff on the channel. I’m gonna link to a really
helpful playlist up here for you guys so go ahead
and check out those videos. As always, you guys, thanks
so very much for watching and don’t forget, go out there and create something awesome today. Take care. (bright music)


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