April 7, 2020
Chinese webshops – Zondag met Lubach (S10)

Chinese webshops – Zondag met Lubach (S10)

And then, it is December, which means buying a ridiculous amount of gifts. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Sinterklaas, Christmas World AIDS Day: SHOPPING!!! And I myself just bought everything online this year. For example, these Fortnite figurines, gifts for my nieces and nephews That’s fun right, Fortnite figurines? This funny llama. Hello, llama! “Hello, Arjen!” All bought from Wish. And these nice Frozen princesses. also great. “Let me go, let me go!” Yes, calm down. All bought from Aliexpress. And those are webshops from China Look, this is what the website Aliexpress looks like. There is also a Dutch version and they really have everything. Take, for examole, this leaf blower. Yes, because I myself am also allowed a small gift. Even useful to help you get rid of the snow This tool is suitable; just blow gone the snow of the care, sidewalk or driveway Exactly what I need. So what are its features? Bent blowpipes make cleaning on hard surfaces such as child’s play such as use the leafblower on soft surfaces such as the lawn Perfect! But, it did just strike me that my neighbour is quite the complaining prick, so maybe I’m better off getting an electric one. Look, the lithium battery wireless leaf blower dust seperator highpower electric leaflosing detergent blower garden tool. BAM! I need that! And when you order you can chose from where you want it to be shipped; ships from porcelain, Spain or Russian Federation. ‘porcelain’? Ohh, because the English for the Dutch ‘porselein’ is…. CHINA! Yes, exactly. So they translated the country ‘China’ to Dutch as the noun china So they though the English ‘Spain’ was a great Dutch word Don’t change anything about it, but the country China, has to be translated for the people So that was AliExpress But you also have Wish and there’s also Light in the Box, Mini in the Box, GearBest, Banggood and many others. Funny. Banggood, that was my nickname in my student years. You might think ‘slightly sketchy websites’ but these Chinese webshops are huge So on AliExpress, which is part of Alibaba already more is spent than on Amazong and eBay together and also in the Netherlands these webshops are going wild The app from Aliexpress is already the 2nd most downloaded shop-app in the Netherlands. That is bigger than Albert Heijn bigger than HEMA and bigger than Marktplaats. What are you saying, little princess? Yes, that’s very big, but I’m telling a story right now. Yes, this is live. Shush. And people order all kinds of things from there. So you have a shopping cart on AliExpress and then you put everything in it Watches, all kinds of lipglosses, this dress Waterproof phonecase A lamp. Very beautiful. “So what did that cost?” About €10,-. “That’s nothing!” That’s why. A mermaid tail. A mermaid tail? For the people who think “great for a party, a mermaid tail” I have one tip: buy a wheelbarrow to go along with it otherwise your night will suck Small tip. People buy so much Because it is so cheap. For €30,- you can have a delivery guy unload shit from his truck for an hour Or for €30,- you can order something that makes me think “ahh, I am not sure how smart that is” Years ago I got permanent makeup done eventually that starts to fade so I ordered a machine from AlieExpress for about 30, 40 euros with ink and everything, and I just go over it myself. When even Patty Brard thinks ‘oooh, I would not put that in my face’ than you know you fucked up And influencers, too, go hard on that Chinese stuff I’m just gonna wear this all day This is really just great, you know? That very cheap stuff that turns out well OMG, these clothes are so great you can wear them all day never having to sit around butt naked after lunch in the office But this girl bought a lot of clothes for a couple euros each which is a very normal price in these Chinese webshops cables and phone cases can be less than a euro including shipping Of course, that leads to 2 big questions 1) how long is this episode gona take, because I want one of those cases and 2) how can that shit be this cheap that has a few reasons. Once upon a time, it was internationally agreed upon that shipping things is cheaper for developing countries and because China still counts as a developing country the can still send things for cheap On top of that, everything up to €22 is without import duties and taxes and most things people order there are under €22,- But the most important reason for the low price is the debatable quality of the goods which is something people do take into account I can use this cable for about a month before it breaks So yeah, often when I order it, I just buy 4 because it’s just €1,-, so that will last me 4 months You are not supposed to replace iPhone chargers every month it’s not underwear What? So because this kind of people uses up cables as candy, a couple of times a year one needs to have big ships from China make deliveries and it’s not only the quality sometimes the size is not correct. On internet we see the craziest examples of this such as this luxurious giant panda toy pillow Gorgeous Or how about this person who ordered a pool for his garden and ended up with a 2 meter shoe? And normally when you buy something that is not up to standards or malfunctioning you, of course, have warranty, but that works a bit different in China, that is, it does not work. If you buy from a webshop such as Aliexpress you do not have Dutch warranty rights to fall back onto In the Netherlands there is warranty as long as you can expect the product to be functioning and in China you do not. No, and the Chinese version of Radar is just the presenter laughing at consumers for half an hour “This watercooker does not work.” Something else on which the Chinese webshops are saving is copyright Because, let’s say that Kanye West designs some cool sneakers which retail for almost $600 on Amazon then you are not allowed to copy those But in China they just do so. Bam! For just €21,- And also Dutch designers are struck such as Niels van den Oetelaar who sells Oeteldonkse frog emblems for Carnival Niels, for example, sells emblems with “Bij ons in Brabant” and emblems with the Oeteldonkse frog. And now his emblems are sold for cheap on the Chinese webshop Aliexpress Ah, it’s so sad. Some random Chinese woman in a factory on the coast of the Yangtze is embroidering an Oeteldonkse frog That must hit hard in Brabant How important is this Oeteldonks emblem? The Oeteldonks emblem is very important. Especially to the Oeteldonken I think mostly to the Oeteldonken.. Even exclusively to the Oeteldonken I don’t think a group of teenagers somewhere in China is like “quack quak quack, oh, how funny” Okay, so no warranty, bad quality, stolen designs, but some products are even dangerous. So dangerous it has taken human lives Or brought them about. These are the packages from China A constant stream that gets bigger every day What is in it does often not comply with European safety regulations Just a second. If you reall do not want children, I would not recommend buying condoms from AliExpress “Dad, how did you come up with my name?” “Well, Dad did not feel like cycling to the Etos 10 years ago, Ali.” And all those issues such as safety and the like have already been solved in Europe In Europe we have a CE stamp which garantees this which you do not get with these Asian products if you buy them there. In Europe, there is CE on almost everything, which means Conformité Européenne. Every electric appliance, every toy that is sold inside Europe needs to meet these guidelines. Which are quite a few. These, for example, are the guidelines for plastic figurines, which is quite a list So every toy dinosaur that is sold in an obscure shopping center in Slovenia has one of these CE-stamps under its little feet You might think “okay, that’s clear”, because if you order something from China and it does not have these letters: pay extra attention But in China they came up with a logo for Chinese Export, which looks like this CE Meaning these 2 are almost indistinguishable And on being almost indistinguishable, take a look at this fun coat from AliExpress Real deal. Fun cool jacket, right? You can just order it. This is of course absolutely not allowed in the Netherlands but there are people who have a men casual jacket men MA1 pilot Netherlands police police male man en hombre mens windbreakers bomber jackets 5XL Homme lying around So I say: check everything that’s coming in So you could say “well, check everything that’s coming in” “that’s what I said!” But there are 70.000 packages coming in every day, from China and Hongkong alone that is simply not possible 70.000 per day?! No, you can at the most open a single package every once in a while just as this guy is doing This doll… breaks very easily It can end up in the mouth of a child with all sorts of consequences, which we do not want I thought that was not ‘breaking easily’ ‘very easily’ But I get the point, because we do not want our children to suffocate on toy glasses or that things explode such as in this fragment, from someone who ordered an electric scooter and was charging it in his living room and at some point he hears a soft ‘poof’ Intense. But you have a nice and cheap thing *had Last week it was on the news that Denmark researched toys from China Pause it! Pause it, pause it! You guys are on television! OMG, figurines! What amazing! This one in the back Oh, what amazing. Let’s have a look together at what they are saying about you in that Danish research Continue. “Cancer, malformed reproduction organs and a damaged nervous system are just some of the examples of what we expose our children to when their toys are packed with hormone-disturbing chemicals Sometimes the toys have so many of this that the legal maximum values are surpassed more than 200 times Yes, in that Danish research it is shown that out of the 29 toys they tested from China 9 contain an illegal amount of phtalats And it is kinda weird how lighthearted people are about these webshops If you want to start a webshop in the Netherlands, then everything has to conform to CE standards. Because it has to. And rightly so. You pay taxes. Because you have to. And rightly so. You give a 2 year warranty. Because you have to. And rightly so. And then you see that the Chinese webshops sells about the same stuff for a fourth of the price but without any standard being met But what is the alternative? Can we demand of China that their products meet our standards? If so, how are we going to check that? Well, to talk about this matter I wanted to call my regular correspondent, Tex de Wit, because he is really good but he is also rather expensive. So yeah, for this one time, I took a look on AliExpress. I searched for “Tex de Wit correspondent” and there you have it: Got it! First result. Immediately ordered 3 weeks later he arrived, so here he is correspondent Tex de Wit Hello Tex Tex! Hello, hey.
[Chinese] “I don’t understand what you’re saying Crap, he’s speaking Chinese. I hav- uhh [Chinese] I’m starving here, do you have noodles?
Yeah fantastic – Tex Legislation is required to protect the European consumer [Chinese] Where Am I? I really miss home. yeah okay, next question: Tex! Can we demand of Chinese that they will – [Tex] Arjen what are you doing?
Tex? What is this?! Tex man! What’re you doing? This is just Chinese imitation! yes but I thought you’re pretty expensive so then – yeah so I did it this way yeah but he only speaks Chinese and this just isn’t two meters is it? This is at 1.9 meters AT MOST, like some kind of dwarf! [Chinese] Can you people help send me back to my home country? yeah yeah sure whatever for now I find this..I find thi-
I do think he’s a bit more handsome than you, to be honest yeah no I find that subjective – but this is just rubbish! I also can’t find a mark of certification of any sorts! Look I have such a proper logo right here. Yes I find this quite shocking – I’ve been thoroughly tested you know? and this, I think this is just garbage – I bet these glasses can… (Tex proceeds to break it)
[Chinese] What’re you doing? Tex: I think this can…. real…. easily…
Arjen: No don’t do that now I can’t send it back! Tex: be broken! Just like that! Yeah four euros, right? That’s not worth the effort anyway. [translator is out of attention span and is leaving this for others to continue] Children can suffocate on this, right? I am kinda sorry, this was not a nice move. And he is starting to smoke! We are going to solve this, I’m on my way! Don’t worry, come on! Thanks for watching, have a great week and see you next Sunday Did you enjoy this video? You are unfortunately not the only one, so quickly get your subscription to this channel, as long as we have them in stock, which is rather long. Click here.

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