April 1, 2020
China eCommerce Roadshow – Ophenia Lang

China eCommerce Roadshow – Ophenia Lang

The biggest challenge for New Zealand companies
to get into the E-Commerce system in China, I think it would be which way to go. The market is so big and there are so many
points of entry that they can take. You can go E-Commerce platform, you can do
your own E-Commerce website and the choices are so many. I think the challenge is to make the right
choice and a strategic move. Top tips I would give to a New Zealand company
entering China or already in China would be test and trial and optimise again and again. It’s a dynamic market, it changes all the
time and channels, marketing and consumers changes as well. So something works this month it might not
work next month, so it’s a constant learning curve for all the companies including the ones in China. To stay ahead of all this competition in China
for a New Zealand company sometimes it seems very difficult but actually because we’re
from New Zealand the Chinese consumer actually values product overseas and New Zealand has
a very good brand as a country. As a brand who is China doing E-Commerce actually
know your audience, preserve your brand and keep connecting with them, you will be ahead
of your competitors.

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