April 1, 2020
Channable – Sell your products anywhere

Channable – Sell your products anywhere

You are selling products or services online, and you want to reach more
customers than you do now. Then… try Channable
the complete online marketing platform. With Channable, you can automatically
send your products or services. to multiple price comparison websites,
affiliate platforms and marketplaces. You are in control. This saves you a lot of time,
money, and resources. And in return you get a lot of
new visitors and orders, meaning… more revenue for you! You simply start by importing the
info of your products or services. Channable is designed to easily
connect with your platform using one of the many plugins
and integrations. Next to that you can import XML,
CSV, TXT and Google Spreadsheet files. You want to be visible on
price comparison websites, affiliate platforms, marketplaces
or any other channel. Well, just simply select them out of more
than a thousand options worldwide. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you
could filter, complete, and optimize your data, for every channel? You can! And quite efficiently, by using smart rules and the
automatic categorization. While you’re at it, let’s connect
with your analytics and optimize your conversion
based on performance, getting more exposure for less money. Better yet, let’s create some
dynamic text and shopping ads, based on your product info! We have many more functions, it’s all designed to make it
pretty straightforward for you. Sounds great? It is. But you don’t
have to trust our word for it. Try it! You can start a free trial at channable.com.

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