April 7, 2020
#CE – Customer Enamorment – Aaron From Morrie’s

#CE – Customer Enamorment – Aaron From Morrie’s

hello digital marketers and business
executives Susan here from TopRank marketing I am joined by my new friend
Aaron Anderson how we doin Susan really good should we protect your identity and
go by A-A-Ron either one works for me there’s a reason why Aaron is here at
TopRank marketing he works at Morrie’s Cadillac here in
Minneapolis and I just had an epic customer experience so I thought I would
bring this to digital marketers and business executives because it’s so
important for the way that we conduct our communications and our drips and our
ongoing marketing so there’s a lot to learn from this experience and I’m
calling it hashtag #CE for customer Enamorment I Like it. yeah that’s a new word. I Like it. it
spawned today okay great so we’re gonna cover a few things connection the way
that Aaron connected with me when I was in the dealership and I really didn’t
want to be there right yes she was very impatient
I loved her personality everything about her I liked she was just very impatient
and I could sense that from the very moment I met her it’s a good thing that
I’m a patient guy naturally so I was able to kind of work with her and
understand where she was coming from she’s a president you know she’s got
things to do she doesn’t want to sit in a dealership for too long so right I
just did whatever I could Help her out and get her car and yeah make
it make it easy as possible yeah yeah and you know I’m hardly ever referred to
as impatient but so you did a really cool thing you connected with me with a
story which I’m not sure that you would share with everyone but as you were
sharing your near-death experience with me I was totally into it that was like
really enhancing to my experience I felt like I was getting to know you better
yeah and for me you know that that experience is one of most intense things
I’ve ever been through in my entire life like I was telling you
for those who want to know the story I was ejected from my car window through
my back window going about 70 miles an hour 30 feet probably I was tossed total
you know most people are dead in that situation or paralyzed and I just kind
of was sharing with her about what happened and why it’s changed my goals
my mentality my everything about me my calmness emotions whatever it is and it
was kind of cool to tell her then she kind of connected with me and she’s
teared up a little bit now so you know between making her tear up and laugh I
felt like we had a good good connection we did it was awesome yeah and so I
think that’s a lesson for all of us in marketing and business that it’s okay to
connect on a really personal level knowing when that’s appropriate or not
is super important and you totally I didn’t bring it up to probably one hour
and a half or two hours into our time together.you are demonstrating how long I was there so that’s a good
segue although when I was asking about right you know were you having an
out-of-body experience my daughter was with me and she started putting
her foot down on my foot like mom don’t ask these things that this gentleman but
you’re just engaged right I have no problem with those kind of questions you
know I’m an open book you can ask me anything you want and I’ll be honest
about it that’s one of the most important things
to me is honesty so I had no problem sharing with you that story and yeah it
was in a way and on a body experience I remember it like it was yesterday and is
over a year ago and I’ll always remember that day yeah like I said it changed me
yeah I got huge goals because of it I got big things I want to do a lot of
lives I want to change in the process I can feel it you’re a good energy thank
you do too thank you lovely well you segued nicely into how
much time an impatient person was spending there even though it was highly
enjoyable so the next point is for marketers and business executives
hitting a hurdle and trying to find a workaround so I was standing at this
point we’re ready I’m ready to close this deal and all of a sudden I saw a
little group of people meeting and a woman come over very nice beautiful
eyelashes looked at me made eye contact shook my hand sat down
I’m new okay where is this going so there was something wrong with the
title and I knew that this is going to take time and I’m gonna be here for
another hour at minimum and I decided that point I’m just trading in a car you
know I just like like I said you know I just didn’t want to be there that’s me
even though I should have known and I did know but I just didn’t want to go
through it so I was standing and I don’t know hopefully I wasn’t to rude but my
daughter started putting her foot like mom don’t get up and walk away I was
like I guess I’m just I’m not gonna do this I’m so sorry
and so I’ve walked out the door with my daughter very quietly and and there was
A-A-Ron standing there with his cup of tea looking at me as I walked out the door so what a hurdle to hit in the
sales process after you’ve invested a couple hours with me and told me about
your near-death experience yeah you know I think the connection I had with Susan
here throughout the whole time I wasn’t too worried about it when she just
wanted to get up and leave I wasn’t like tripping out and stressing out about it
I figured I talked to her Monday or Tuesday and we I just come on into her
office and bring her the paperwork and we can just get it done make it easier
here I have no problem with you know helping out people as much as I can so
yeah yeah so you so it was so great because sometimes as marketers and and
people who work within businesses we hit a wall and we’re like done with that
gotta move on to my next thing but if we took the extra effort like Aaron did
here and went above and beyond you know maybe we would solidify that deal or
move forward with the relationship so he emailed me and said Susan I’m gonna
bring you all the paperwork let’s just meet at your office we’re gonna close
the deal there and I was like who does that I guess I do you do right exactly I
mean it’s a lesson to us all I think yeah yeah you know just go above and
beyond sometimes a little extra step is will go a long way for people
so to me it didn’t even feel like that big of a deal
to come here I enjoyed her presence and I had no problem coming to her you know so no problem with that
you’re super kind I think you’re on to a whole new way to sell automobiles yeah I think so
okay great and so there was one more paper for me to sign and that’s why he’s
here today and I thought I’d take advantage of that moment say great I’m
happy to sign would you like to do a video and as we marketers know right
that’s a little bit of reciprocity kind of put into action here as well so I
just want to thank you for everything you’re just
yeah above and beyond teaching us how to connect how to get around hurdles find
workarounds how to go above and beyond and then a little bit of the reciprocity
as well so are you ready I’m ready all right let’s tell them crush it
marketers crush it

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