April 9, 2020
[Case Study] I Spent $50k In Influencer Shoutouts on Black Friday(Here’s Why..)Shopify Dropshipping

[Case Study] I Spent $50k In Influencer Shoutouts on Black Friday(Here’s Why..)Shopify Dropshipping

hello everybody this is Omar as known as
Yuri and many of you guys have been requesting me to start a YouTube channel
I’m talking about the members of my Facebook group and I’m finally releasing
it in order for me to share with you other knowledge and strategies that I’ve
been developing all over the years around influencer marketing so as you
guys have seen on the title of this video I’ve spent over 50 thousand
dollars on influencer marketing in just one day which is the Black Friday and to
be more specific I’ve spent that much money only on story
promotions because it’s super underpriced and the ROAS is just huge the result
of that promotion were just mind-blowing you guys will see all the details
through my live reaction then we will break down exactly what I’ve done so far
to reach those kind of results hope you guys will enjoy the video make sure to
LIKE and subscribe and let’s just have crossed 300 day in sales which is just
huge oh my god it exceeds all of our expectations and right now all the
influencers are just published in the final offer
because we still have one more hour we are trying to maximize all the profits
for this last one hour of the Black Friday and this is just huge I never
imagined myself reaching this one day like back in 2018 and remember I was so
upset because I was seeing everybody making profit of the black friday making
sales and I was just right there trying to figure out how to make some profit
life is just surprising we are live we still have one
more hour before the Black Friday ends we sent the final offer through emails
we are having a huge traffic through the final story that all the influencers
have just shared on their stories right now with a huge offer like the final
offer before the Black Friday ends obviously the sells are not stopping oh
my god yeah this is just huge I just wanted to share with you guys this
moment because this really means to me hope you guys enjoyed my live reaction
so anyways guys let’s get to the core of what we exactly did in order for me to
achieve this kind of result and you’ll probably wondering what was my profit
and expenses on this specific promotion let’s get into my computer to break down
exactly in the full details the profit and losses so the day of the Black
Friday ended with 370 thousand dollars in revenue which resulted in a 36
percent of profit which is a hundred and thirty three thousands in pure profit so
most of our expenses are from costs of goods and influencers as you can see
over here by the way we have faced a huge problem during the Black Friday so
basically we had around 9,000 units between our US and Europe warehouse we
ran out of stock before the end of the day due to the insane amount of orders
so we were forced to have the rest of the units shipped to our customers
directly from China through our agent so let’s go to the influencers, know that
we have spent $9,000 the week before the Black Friday with a call action that
doesn’t even sell just to collect leads instead and $47,000 on Black Friday the
influencers that I’ve used are in the Black Friday are divided between two
groups the first one in green and these are all proven influencers that I have
previously worked with couple times this year and they have
been highly profitable for me and we’ve been able to negotiate amazingly low
prices since we’ve developed a good relationship with them and this is a
process that you can also start following if you are going to work with
influencers during the next year and it consists on setting up a Google sheet
similar to this one where we organize the profitable influencers that you’ve
been working with and you schedule promotions with all of the best
performing ones during q4 for maximum results
the second group in yellow and this is interesting guys because at first we
were only planning on having promotions with the first group in green because
all of the influencers included in it are proven ones however I’ve had a
conversation with my partner in which we realized that we should benefit from the
Black Friday since it’s a once in a year opportunity and that we should be taking
more risks so we decided to seek bigger influencers and we’ve managed to close
six of them even though we weren’t able to get them to work with us for the
price we wanted since it was the Black Friday there was a huge demand on
relatively big influencers which made it harder to negotiate but they still fit
our criteria and our calculations clearly showed that we would be at least
on a break-even point so we just went for it so then we have 15 thousand
dollars of the processing fees we’ve also spent thirteen thousand dollars on
Facebook retargeting that resulted 40 thousand dollars in revenue and we have
the apps we’ve spent over ten thousand dollars on SMS and $1,000 per month
plan for Klaviyo sending reminders and recovering abandonned carts the
customer support we’ve hired 12 people to take care of the customer support and
to be as responsive as possible for this huge event and make sure to follow up
with each customer and potential customer we’ve paid them $200 for four
days and the cyber monday is included just to make things clear some of them
were also taking care of the customer support of other stores so we didn’t
reach out to new people they already have been and know exactly what they
should do so guys first things first so why this promotion was a huge
success for us so guys first things first the product is a problem solver
for women in the fitness and beauty niche people will just go in crazy when
they see it and it has been a winning product like two or three years ago and
I’ve managed to evolve it from a new marketing angle what I really love about
this product is the fact that it’s getting people results superfast with no
pain and that’s a good marketing argument so this is all I can say about
the product right now if you ever have more questions make sure to ask in the
comment section anyways since I do not not believe in such thing as a saturated
product we build a brand around it so now we have a brand name printed on it
it is sent on a customized packaging and we also had our own stock in the US as
well as in the Europe for the first shipping whenever I’m willing to run big
promotions I usually make sure to have the best customer support because if you
have a poor one people will just start complaining to the influencer and that’s
very bad for your relationship with the influencer a lot of you guys have been
asking me what a good influencer looks like okay as all the influencers that we
have been working with were quite good or perfect I would say you can get some
inspiration over here first of all when I say influencers I only mean personal
brands real people having an impact or a connection with their audience to make
things clearer for you guys we have been working with these influencers within
the year and they have been super profitable for most of our promotions
why because these influencers usually get 15% + of their audiences
watching their stories which is above average okay now let’s get into the
strategy that I called the big bang influencer story formula so it is a
strategy that involves audience warm-up which means I pay these influencers
extra just for posting stories a week before the Black Friday in order to warm
up their audiences and psychologically prepare them for our offer in order to
maximize the reach and conversion rates there in the Black
Friday so basically there was over 21 influencers posting stories to audiences
of almost 50 million followers with a call to action that doesn’t even try to
sell them anything but instead these stories included a swipe up that
redirects them to an option where they can fill in their email to get notified
when the offer is life this was the first part of the process the second
part of the process is the second part was the actual Black Friday we’ve had
some of our influencers post three different stories and others four
depending on the time zones and the hours where their audiences are engaged
in the most first two story slides influencers are highlighting the product
shall win how beneficial it was for them plus showing testimonials of other
customers and wearing the product and their story slides number three and four
it’s about creating scarcity about the offer and hard pitch with the purchase
objective so when people swipe up they get into our product page directly our
product pages are pretty basic and have everything you need to convert a lead we
don’t use a lot of spammy apps or any of that we are more focusing on the user
experience – not getting them confused and make the way to the purchase clear
and easy for them we are pushing one single irresistible offer we don’t push
any other offer some of you will say we are leaving a lot of money on the table
I know I know but we have tested before with other offers and the conversion
rate were decreasing because people just wanted this specific offer okay we have
customized one real-time countdown timer at the top without making it look spammy
then we also did some retargeting with Facebook we have been retargeting the
hot leads that have opted in the week before the Black Friday we have been
retargeting also the Instagram visitors website visitors are two cards
check out and we have been using over 15 different ad creatives for the email and
SMS marketing we sent an email sequence to the early bird list we also have been
sending emails to recover abandoned carts and check out and send reminders to
create scarcity so guys I was just giving you the big image over here it
might look simple maybe but there’s a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes
by the way if you are interested over the details make sure to join my
facebook group called the Yuri army I do weekly live clearings where I go deep
into the details I’m going to put a link in the first comment if you enjoyed the
video make sure to LIKE and subscribe

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