April 1, 2020

[CASE STUDY] $1.2M In 30 Days Selling Backpacks – Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial 2020

(Shopify Store Case Study) In this video I want to give you a special Shopify case study of a brand that’s absolutely blown up to the million dollar per month or more mark Starting from zero selling a saturated product that pretty much everybody out There is kind of trying to sell or it’s probably on your Shopify store Right now and you can’t sell it because the market is too saturated They build a brand off it and they’ve also created their custom product which I’m going to show you how to create yourself and build A solid brand it’s a more long-term strategy But it’s a million dollar strategy that you yourself can follow and replicate the results. Let’s find out Hey, it’s Rothfeld Cintron here I teach people just like you how to grow a Shopify business profitably in 2020 and beyond if you’re interested in building or growing your Shopify business Make sure to subscribe hit that notification bell and that like button if you enjoy the video and if you want an exclusive Training on how to grow your Shopify store for more is right Now – making over five thousand dollars per day I teach her how to do that step-by-step in an exclusive training if you want to win that training comment automate automate Down below how to automate your Shopify store make 5,000 dollars per day Automate down below subscribe to that notification belt and I’ll be checking alright So this is the brand it’s called boundaries supply and they essentially sell Travel back bags outdoor backpacks just like these ones so you can see here it’s a backpack and the website is very very well laid out like it’s Beautiful to look at the features that it has just to scroll over. The picture is just absolutely amazing here You can see the different backpacks and it’s a very nice black Design to it. It doesn’t look scammy. It doesn’t look sketchy. It looks extremely professional You don’t need to start this way for example this particular layout Right here that you see in the products is just a team theme on Shopify called simple simple Shopify theme and you’ll find it looks exactly the same just like this one Shopify theme store and it looks really Just the same here You can see the layout like that and the products are almost the same like that So you don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a site to look this good You can just make it like that. If we go to sales source right here click analyze store We can see how much this store is actually making although. I spoiled that in the beginning here You have all the products that they have they essentially sell a lot of different backpacks. They aren’t custom made I’m gonna show you how to custom-made your products in a little bit But this is essentially the product lineup here bags bags bags to go back to sale stores in about four years They’re making 600 to 1.2 million dollars per month the traffic volume that they get is Massive and they’ve also made money outside of their website. They actually started on Kickstarter, this is why it’s such an amazing brand It’s such a profitable brand because they’re not only making a million dollars a month from the store they’re actually making also from Kickstarter which is where they Founded the brand if you check them out on Kickstarter, they started with this particular project in 2018 last updated main 2018 which is absolutely crazy. Just a year and a half ago these guys Started the first custom product that they did they put it on Kickstarter. And from this project They generated it seven hundred and four Thousand dollars from almost three thousand people absolutely insane and it’s basically this little backpack here. Let me play you the video Let me just play a little bit and they talk about the brand they talk about who they are So that basically Catering to a market photographers travelers hunters anybody that does outdoor sport. It’s mainly for travelers and Photographers digital nomads, sir catering to people that are at specific market They’ll Britt they’re building a brand around it and they’re solving that problem with a custom-made backpack And you can see that their brand is basically towards people that are actively Traveling they need to put multiple things in multiple different places Hey if you’re enjoying this training so far Make sure to click the first link down in the description to schedule your free Very own strategy session wheeler and me or somebody in my team. Let’s take your shopify this sense from where you are right now to where you want to be and Accomplish your shopify goals through a proper strategy and follow-through You want to schedule your free and book your free strategy session make sure to click that first link in the description right now They’re gonna try to cater to everybody everybody that likes backpacks. They didn’t go for that They went for a very specific market That is why it’s so so powerful Right there featured and then they got featured in a ton of different media outlets This is something that you can definitely do If you have a drop shipping store or a Shopify store, you can then go and create your own custom Product put it on a Kickstarter and use your existing audience from Shopify or existing traffic from Shopify to push that in ticket stock to Kickstarter and then absolutely Blow up the campaign here. You can see the little bundle here. So it’s it’s a backpack A lot of people are trying to sell bags and backpacks and it’s not Really that easy to go ahead and sell them but when you have a solid brand you cater to a very specific market You can definitely do that. They have since this particular project was super profitable They then built the the company really really well and then launched another one called the Aaron’s the ultimate everyday backpack this one did 1.2 million dollars so absolutely crushed it and Kickstarter’s, who should I run between a month and two months? So in about a month, they crushed 1.2 million dollars Absolutely insane last updated August 29 2019, and these were delivered around 2018 Which is absolutely insane There’s also a very similar backpack, but it’s a different audience that they’re advertising to a different custom type of backpack here You can see land water rock again featured in and they got featured in a bunch of different places This is the way that I want you to build a massive Shopify business You’re not just building some Drive shipping stores selling here and there that can help you get started that does help you get started Very easily you can start you’re nice. You can start building your brand. The long-term goal is to build something You’re really proud of a brand a company of people that you can hire. They’re also passionate about your brand They’re passionate about your products and you cater to a very specific market just like they do and just like the people right here there’s basically like an everyday backpack the other backpack the Prima which is called the Primo right here was more for travelers and Nomads, this one is actually for just everyday used for going to work for doing absolutely everything they also have if you go to their Kickstarter, they also have another project called the Let me actually I don’t know they denied the chase pants So they actually created pants as well for the same type of people They crush four hundred thousand dollars from three thousand seven hundred people again so once you build a brand you can keep relaunching products and keep relaunch and keep relaunching and kind of have it as your little hub of People that really trust your brand they buy fur from your brand. They’re really loyal to it You can then relaunch a product We launched the product again the same way that you launched the original one through a Kickstarter through ads whatever it is They’re also running ads on Facebook. Really really profitably you can see right here and they actually have a try it before you buy An offer which I thought was absolutely amazing Nobody is really doing this in the bag niche or really anybody is doing this on Shopify It’s like try before you buy a lot of mattress companies Do these like you can try it for maybe 90 days before you actually pay here? You can try it for 14 days before you buy so I thought it’s a really cool concept here They explained you will not be charged will simply a fertilize your card So 14 days after you get the bag you can use it then they charge you which I thought was absolutely Amazing. If not, you can return the bag and then just pay for shipping right here So it’s absolutely amazing Like it’s you get to use the product you you don’t pay for the product Then you’re not charged until 14 days after so really eliminates that buyers Like buyer wall that people have when they’re buying from a new brand especially from something that they don’t trust that much Then they go and they don’t like it Oh easy return just pay for the shipping you get the product back It’s pretty when you use a service like for example ship Bob you can easily store those products in a warehouse using ship op there’s another one called red stock fulfillment and you can definitely use this and then Ship those products that you get from the customers that are not satisfied. You can then ship them to new customers That’s a great way. Definitely a great way to build a brand I would recommend this once you start getting some sales on drop shipping Once you start building your brand through Shopify, then you go and create your custom product They also have other apps that they’ve been running here apart from the try before you buy they also have this nice Catalog ad right here. Like number one. Number two number three I thought it was kind of clever where they put The chase pants in the beginning like talking about the particular pant and they didn’t do feature number one feature number two feature number three This is something that you can do if your product has multiple features that you can show off with different images I thought was a great way to make an ad Also or review ad just like this one got my errant bag delivered just after Christmas Thank you for keeping the promise of delivering before the new year started out and then they talk it’s just basically a review on the top this type of ad has worked really well for our Products especially when you don’t have an established brand Having a review ad really shows people like tape other people are buying from this brand I should probably trust it and also the star emoji really helps a lot when people look through the ads They see those five star emoji. They’re like, okay this brand could be trusted lend me at least check them out They also have other ads just like this one right here They focus a lot on the particular Product not too much in doing a fancy video or anything too special over the top They just focus on the product beautiful image just like this one with the product with the ideal Audience that they’re trying to target here. They’re targeting a travelers on nomads Somebody that’s traveling the world going to all these different places this definitely fits the type of people here It’s a photographer that’s traveling. The world here is just a traveller it definitely fits that audience that they’re trying to target Same thing is with the different ads that they’re running here Now the moment you’ve probably been waiting for how it exactly can you go from selling products that you find on China or other? Manufacturers to actually creating your own custom product building Kickstarter’s like this and building a solid Multi-million a long-term brand you have to go to Thomas net.com This is basically a supplier directory of people that can get you custom-made Products and you can tell them what exactly you want on the product You can do research beforehand. I recommend doing this after you already have at least a Significant amount of sales through your dropshipping store through your niche store, then go into creating a custom store What you essentially can do is click suppliers here then type in the product that you want in this case You can type in backpacks and will find multiple services backpacks and we find backpack between five backpack gas primary Vibrators backpack belts backpack catalogs. So now we’re just gonna go with regular backpacks. We can click on that There’s three hundred and six suppliers And this one for example custom cases custom cases einer manufacture a wide variety of carrying cases including backpacks Really solid this one as well a custom designers of backpacks was bagging cases totes Duffels and so on so you can find people that can custom make you any type of product literally here distributor of solar chargers Drawstring backpacks here you go sport backpack and you can pretty much click on any type of product that you want to get Custom-made you can go to here Then you can click view Supplier and I’ll show you all the contact details and everything if you want to go to the website What I would recommend is if you find a really good supplier here on Thomas net You can definitely contact them directly outside of the platform. Just call them up If you’re in the US or Canada? If you’re not then just send them an email send them a Skype message or something or message them saying that you want to potentially work together want to know the quotes want to give them the Specifications and then you can go with one of this for example, they have the ingredients or not The ingredients the fabrics that they make the backpacks from all backpacks are completely customizable from the ground up Company logos can be stamped screened onto every product. So this is a very very Custom-made a process where you go from being just a drop shipping source to a legitimate brand like a serious brand Company where you have your logo, you have all your packaging you have everything plus you have custom products Then you can go and go to Kickstarter comm launch kicks launched a Kickstarter launch an IndieGoGo And what you do to do that is you can go to kickstarter.com And then you can create a project like that to basically get the awareness up of your brand You can also drive ads to this and here you can click start a project and then you would start your project from there Kickstarter gives you a lot of tutorials a lot of things to start an actual project You can do it really? Well. Then I recommend here you have all your products and services basically everything here You have the backpacks all the backpacks You have bags cases holsters mailers every type of bag that you could want go to the website and then go ahead and call them up and see if they Can do it for you. So here we go. Custom sewn soft cases. That’s pretty cool Custom backpacks case studies so they have it here. And here we go. We’re currently developing manufacturing Yanmar, which is in Burma, I’m not really for the excuse me country A lot of these manufacturers will have outside warehouses outside production outside of the United States Canada and Europe But you can also request to have your product done in the u.s. Ship from the US and everything done in the US That’s a little bit obviously more costly. It’s gonna be a lot more expensive to actually produce it there So what I recommend is do it overseas then transport it to a service like Ship Bob that we just talked about and store it in the United States not Produce it in the United States because it is gonna be a lot a lot more expensive You can just go to the bottom of the website here and you can see contact and they have their number on there. So quality control our facilities and Should be a continent there’s a contact number and there’s the email so it’s pretty easy to find them that we can go ahead and Go to another manufacturer here Let’s see this one view supplier and the same thing go to the website to contact them and figure something out You can also look for other products Let’s say you want to custom make some shoes or maybe like a tripod like a camera equipment basically anything that you want to custom Maybe bracelets. You wanna custom make bracelets. You can look them up right there Then you can find here manufacturer blade women-owned Worldwide manufacturer bracelet, so that’s great If you’re a woman you’re selling to women gears also manufacturers safety device necklace change jewelry clubs coins and bracelets You can definitely find absolutely anything for any type of product that you have right now I definitely recommend this to a more branded Audience to really build a successful company and you can also launch multiple case multiple Kickstarter’s multiple projects But are super successful get you to $1,000,000 a month multiple millions of dollars. Not just drop shipping not just shipping random products from China but building your own product very branded and taking it from drop shipping to any Legitimate huge company. I hope you enjoyed this amazing case study If you’re thinking of building or starting a Shopify business or growing your existing business Make sure to check out the video right there watch this before Starting or growing your ecommerce Shopify business. Watch this video right here subscribe Comment automate automate down in the comments subscribe hit that notification bell hit that like button If you enjoy the video continue watching that video and schedule your strategy session down in the first link in the description

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