February 18, 2020
Cart Abandonment Email – Ecommerce Email Marketing

Cart Abandonment Email – Ecommerce Email Marketing

It’s a common struggle for online retailers
and we’ve all been on both sides of the coin so We’ll go to the checkout with a basket full
of items and suddenly have a change of heart There are multiple studies that quote you
can save hundreds of thousands in recovered revenue by using abandoned cart emails Obviously there are a tonne of reasons why
someone would abandon their cart You’ve distractions online, like facebook
and twitter, you’ve got external distractions like a phone popping off or dinging in the
background You’ve got credit cards that might fail on
the website, things like the trust worthiness of the website could be enough to put somebody
off completing their purchase Or just something like hidden fees might pop
up in the shipping I’m not promising that every scenario can
be fixed using email marketing But you are going to have a lot of recovered
revenue by having this next automation in place.

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