March 31, 2020
CAREERS IN ADVERTISING – Advertising Agencies,Event Planner,Learning Centres,Salary Package

CAREERS IN ADVERTISING – Advertising Agencies,Event Planner,Learning Centres,Salary Package

Hello All..This is Devyani from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Advertising Advertising is an interesting career option.
It is also one of the most sought after career among youngsters today. With commercialisation
taking place at a fast pace, each player in the market wants to come out with a creative,
unique and innovative advertising strategy. There are many options, one can pursue, in
advertising career. The career options are – copywriters, media planners, graphic artists,
media researchers and photographers – these are some of the jobs, one can get after completing
school and college level education. There are various well-known institutes which are
grooming future creative talents which can create a stir and right noise in the competitive
marketplace. Advertising is basically a medium to inform,
connect and communicate with potential and present customers. It is way to share with
general public about a particular product, brand, service or an idea. Those who take
up a career in advertising can join television, newspapers, magazines, digital communication
agencies and can also start independent advertising agencies.
Aspirants eyeing a career in advertising need to have a flair for writing, avid readers,
knack for picking small nuances and powerful observation skill. These are some qualities
which one can inculcate during school and college days. Exposure to world cinema and
music is a must as it helps in idea generation and subsequently in creating an appealing
advertisement. If one wants to get trained in this professional,
there are many well-known learning centres across India offering specialisation in advertising
and communication management. Students are enrolled after a rigorous selection process
which includes a written test, group discussion, personal interview and portfolio presentation.
The people who manage to clear the hurdles get a chance to be trained and groomed by
popular names from Media and Entertainment industry.
Educational institutions like Xavier Institute of Communications (Mumbai), National Institute
of Advertising (New Delhi), MICA (Ahmedabad) and Symbiosis Institute (Pune) are some prominent
places known for their advertising and communication programs.
These institutes teach students, the art of copywriting, visualising, writing for advertising,
making ad jingles for television and radio and presentation skills. Candidates are given
theoretical and practical training to ensure that knowledge learned in classrooms is applied.
During the duration of the course, students have to take internship with advertising firms,
which is part of the learning process. There are Bachelor level and post graduate
programs designed by educational institutes. After completing school education, a college
degree in English literature or general commerce stream can help in giving overview of commerce
and advertising field. With a master’s degree, one can strive for specialisation in advertising
and communication. A program in communication management or marketing and advertising management
is needed as specialisation for post graduate degree.
Those who start the career in this professional can expect to be paid Rs 10,000 (entry level)
and see the salaries increasing as they progress from a trainee to a full time employee. Once
an individual gains expertise and formidable work profile, he can expect to scale new heights
in his/her career in advertising. Advertising industry has witnessed a massive
expansion in last couple of years. Most advertising agencies are on a lookout for fresh talents
and out-of-the box thinkers. After completing the course, there are many job opportunities
for a student. They can join advertising agencies, media and event planner, media research firms
and even start their independent ad agencies, if they have financial back up and business
plan. For more jobs in advertising, freshers and experienced individuals can get information
relating to it from we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

39 thoughts on “CAREERS IN ADVERTISING – Advertising Agencies,Event Planner,Learning Centres,Salary Package

  1. I'm Sandeep Kumar Lenka. I have done my certification in Ad film direction and Digital marketing. I'm a MBA graduate from Andhra university and I do have 2 years of experience in sales and marketing as well. I'm very much passionate into Ad making and Ad agencies

  2. mam/sir Iam graduate and want to prsue mass communcation as career which feild i choose as career in mass communication there are several stream in that plz help me out.1)M.A in journalism and mass communication 2)M.A in advertising and marketing managment,3) Advertising and PR. its too difficult to choose i dont know who get more priority and whats pay scale offered in this feild

  3. Hi,I am FYBMM student I want to go for advertising field after SYBMM so plz suggest me that if I did degree in advertisement and then I went for digital marketing certificate course is this better combination for my career?

  4. Hi
    I am Amit
    I wanna ask you something about graphic designing because I am graphic designer but I wanna be a good graphic designer so I wanna lot of learn about graphic designing so I wanna go to best advertising college because I wanna get lot of creativity and I wanna get bachelor digree in graphic designing so which college in graphic designing We should go and which one better for me in future

  5. Video is good.
    Lol. Bt it's not like dat.
    Now a days it's not creative….It's become client demand industry.

    Advertising industry don't fallow clock….
    People work in more dan 8hrs to 12 hrs to 24 hrs… Sometime 48hrs also..It's become full of machine factory industry. Artist work continually. Most of the every day late working most of the overnight.

    In Advertising industry..
    Festivals r not for Advertiser..
    Most of the festival Artist spend his time in d office only… Doing art for festival.

    Rather dan talent..It's become political industry…Everyone want to become senior.

    I like your video.
    Bt you don't know other side of (Reality) Advertising. Every industry has their own dark side.

  6. This platform is very nice. My education has been B A. I am very excited about the advertisement in which I am looking for a job and good job in advertising, please help me guide you for this career. Please send your information 99 67448876 please

  7. I'm a general sales manager of 7 Indian radio stations accross in the United States.

    I'm looking to with advertising agencies that looking to reach affluent south asians in the US at a low advertising cost.

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