April 6, 2020
Capture One 12 Tutorials | Capture One Express in 7 Minutes

Capture One 12 Tutorials | Capture One Express in 7 Minutes

In this tutorial, i’ll show you all you need to know about working with Capture One Express. Very soon you’ll be on the road to making great photos within Capture One. So let’s get started. Before we get to editing our photos, lets take a quick look at the interface. So the interface is split into different areas. The Tools to the right The Viewer in the middle The Browser below And the Toolbar with Cursor tools at the top The various tool to edit your photos are divided into these various Tool Tabs. The Quick Tab contains the most commonly used tools for easy access. All tools can be collapsed or expanded just by clicking the name. The first Tool Tab is also important to mention as this is where you can manage all your photos. If you’re ever in doubt about the interface click the question mark icon, up in the top left, here. This will give you some quick and simple descriptions of each of the areas of Capture One First of all, we need to import some photos. So, click on the Import button, right here. I’ll choose a folder here of some photos. Let’s go for this folder right here. Now just click, Import all. If you want to import more photos, just use the Import button, up here in the top left. If you prefer, Capture One can automatically adjust photos for you. Either one at a time, or several in one go. For a single image, simply click on Auto Adjust On the toolbar You can also choose what tools you want to be part of the Auto Adjustments. For more than one photo, select them first, so in this case, i’ll shift select these three here, and then click on Auto as before. To start editing your photos in Capture One the Quick Tool Tab is a good place to start. It contains all the basic tools to do simple but very effective adjustments to your photos. Adjustments can be made simply by dragging the slider. If you need to reset to zero at any point, just double click anywhere on the slider bar, and it will go back to zero. So for this image, I can see I need to brighten it a little with the Exposure, and also it looks a little bit too cold, so i’ll open up the White Balance, and warm it up slightly with the Kelvin slider. The midtones are still a bit too dark, so I can lighten these using the Brightness slider. And finally, if I open up High Dynamic Range I can get some more detail back Into the shadows, and also the highlights. Now it’s looking a little bit flat, so i’ll add some contrast with the Contrast slider, and use the Clarity slider to add a bit more midtone contrast. Finally to finish off, i’ll choose my Crop cursor tool, and apply a simple crop to the image, like so. Now once you are happy with your crop, there is no need to press enter or anything like that, simply choose the Pan cursor tool once again, and the image will be shown as it’s cropped. If you want to preview what your adjustments are doing to your photo, simply go to the reset button up here. if I click this once, this will put everything back to default adjustments. But if I hold my ALT key down, and click and hold. Then we can see before, and after. Styles in Capture One are creative presets that can easily apply a certain look to one or more of your photos. Styles are found in the Adjustments Tool Tab. And if I click on Built-in Styles you can see the Styles which are available, already in Capture One Express. Styles can be applied to one photo, or if I Shift-select these four, I can apply the same Style to all of them at once. So i’ll take a look at the Spring Styles, and when I scroll down the list, the Style is instantly previewed, on your photos. If I click on the Style, it will be applied, but if I want to try something else, I can click it once more, and then keep scrolling down the list. But I like the look of this one, so I’m going to choose that. Once you’ve applied the Style, it’s easy to tweak your photos a bit further. So if I go back to my Quick Tool Tab, I’ll choose this photo here, and it’s a bit bright, so i’ll take the exposure down a small amount, and also on this one here. There are many Style Packs to purchase in the Capture One Store, so don’t forget to check that out. Finally, i’d like to export some of my photos for sharing online or printing out. So i’ll shift select these six photos here, and then click on the Export icon, up here on the toolbar. First of all, let’s choose a folder of where to store them, so i’ll make a new folder in my Pictures folder, I’ll just call it, Sarah’s Shoot. And set that as the Export folder. I want to share these online, so i’ll make them a little bit smaller. So i’ll change the scale to Width. And the pixel dimensions to 2000. Click on Export, and you’re all done. You are now ready to start editing your own photos. If you want to know more about Capture One, go to the Resource Hub right within Capture One, in the Help menu. This will give you access to Tutorials, Webinars and support.

16 thoughts on “Capture One 12 Tutorials | Capture One Express in 7 Minutes

  1. Another great video David (i'm addicted to your Webinars) . A few months ago I gave Fuji Express version a shot and loved it so much that I bought the Pro version. Can't wait to see what changes 13 will bring in the Fall. Hopefully a history feature.

  2. I love Capture One and would purchase the Pro version in a heart beat, but just one very important thing… one very important issue. When viewing Raw images in the Viewer screen they are all "Blurry". Many have asked and you simply ignore or can't fix the problem. Until then we fall back on the default photo editor.

  3. For one brief awesome moment, I thought this was about a C1 app. Like a light version for iPads. That would be great to have.

  4. Do Styles created in the Pro version which makes use of adjustments found only in Pro, work in the Express version?

  5. I love Capture One, unfortunately as an enthusiastic photographer like me not affordable at all, better use Darktable

  6. Bravi!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm your client and I'm happy so happy for your webinar and for your incredible Capture One….the top.

  7. Is there anywhere I can see what the difference of Capture One Express for Sony and Capture One Pro for Sony is? In the manual it just says the Express version
    is a limited version, missing for instance tethering, but what more is missing?

  8. Is there any chance you guys would add gradient masks to Express? That's the only thing keeping me from switching from Lightroom. Also would be nice to see shift+double click to auto adjust any slider.

  9. I got a canon camera do you know if there is a capture one version for it? i got the express sony version but i can't do anything in it.

  10. I use a Nikon D850 camera. The RAW files are NEF extensions. Can I open these in Capture One without having to convert them or download extra software?

  11. Hello
    I just started Capture One Express, Is there layers, spot remove, in this free program? as I can not find them, or do I have to move up to the paid program.

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