April 4, 2020
Can You Let the Magic Happen?

Can You Let the Magic Happen?

Can you let the magic happen? Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. We do live every day here.
Today we are in Grants Pass, Oregon. In the headquarters
of BrianJPombo.com and I wanted to talk a little bit kind
of playing off of yesterday’s talk that we had together. I wanted to talk a little bit about just
letting things happen and my sign off at the end every show. I’ll end this one
the same way I sign off, what I say is, get out there and let the magic happen. You may maybe a little bit curious, a little bit different and
you may wonder what it means. So it ties directly into how
I see handling stress and
handling emotional stress and being able to distance yourself from
all that and handling things properly. The more I’ve seen that the less I
get wound up in the day with stresses of the moment. You know, the
day to day emotional drains, the getting upset, getting angry,
getting scared, all that stuff. The more you get caught up
with all those emotions, not that you shouldn’t have
them, we all need emotions, but if the less you get caught up with
them and letting them control you, then the more magic happens in your life. Like absolute magic things you
can possibly write yourself. Things you can’t set a goal for,
things you can’t possibly dream about. They happen on their own, but
it takes letting them happen. It’s an anti-willful thing. It’s stepping back and
just letting things happen. I’m not saying that you’d
sit down and just be lazy. I’m not saying that you’re not. Go out there and try and get something
out of your life and try and make something different and build
things and everything else. But the less effort you put into it, the willful energy effort
that you put into it, the better things turn out and the more
you’ll see what the next step is to take. because it becomes real clear when you
don’t make it about the emotional give and take when you’re not worried about
what someone else is gonna think. When you’re not worried about what the
absolute outcome is in every situation. Sometimes you just gotta do the right
thing because it’s the right thing to do with the moment. The only way you’re going to be able to
see that clearly is if you’re not angry and caught up in the conversations in
your head and all the little emotions that jump around all of our brains. So it’s all about letting the
magic happen. I truly believe, at least it has in my life and for the
people that I’ve been able to pass this onto, that they’ve been able to implement the
same kind of success mindset is the more you step back and let magic
happen, the more it will. It’s automatic as if it’s just meant to
happen that way and really most of the trouble that happened in our lives
happened because we’re created now. I’m not saying bad things don’t happen
to you whether you like it or not. Bad things are always going to
happen to you. It’s going to rain, it’s going to pour, you know,
bad things or always occur, but they don’t have to stay a bad thing. They could be a bad situation.
It could be bad weather, but turn out to be a great harvest in
the end or lead into something that, it would have never led to without that
circumstance that you labeled as bad. I know that this is kind of all over
the place and kind of up in the air, but this is my philosophy in life. And if you’d like to be able to have
someone like me on your team or someone like me to be able to talk to, then I
suggest reach out and grab that person. And if it’s me that you love to talk to
then go and check out BrianJPombo. com. Watch some of my other videos and see if
you gel with me on some of these other concepts because I’m looking for business
owners to be able to work with people, to be able to build joint ventures with
and be able to help really take things to the next level. And sometimes that takes getting
the mindset right for all of us. It’s never all all flowers
and rainbows and all that. We all go through it and it’s good to
have someone on your side that kind of has a similar perspective. So go to BrianJPombo.com and if
you are in the self-reliance space, meaning you help people to become more
self reliant through your products and services that your business provides, I
have a special opportunity just for you. Go to DreamBizChat.com. At DreamBizChat.com, we have got this process called the
Dream Business Transformation. And it’s a onetime sit down over
the phone or over a video chat. Go and check it out. There’s a video that explains how
it works over at DreamBizChat.com. The link is in the description and really
in the long run it’s all about working together with other people. If you don’t feel like you
would juggle someone like me, go and find someone you would be able
to work with and reach out to them. Life is too short to not get out
and meet as many people as you can. Bring as many people on your team and
really discover what the magic is that’s sitting out there for you.
So hopefully that helps. We’re going to talk to you tomorrow
because we’re back here every day with another topic. Sometimes
we go into more tactical, specific things that you
could do within your business. And sometimes it’s more up in the air
like today. So we’ll see you tomorrow. In the meantime, get out there
and let the magic happen.

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