March 30, 2020
Buysellads Tutorial – A Video Tutorial on How To Use and How Buysell Ads Works

Buysellads Tutorial – A Video Tutorial on How To Use and How Buysell Ads Works

Ok, today I want to focus on a sneaky trick
that I have found when it comes to generating traffic. If you donít know what traffic is
and what the three levels of traffic are (which is to say: warm, cold, and super hot), you
might need to have a little look at this book here called The Google Gamble, which is a
book on my website, You can grab yourself a copy on Blurb, which is a paperback,
or on Kindle, which is a digital version for ten or fifteen bucks; and it lays this all
out for you in detail. Today, however, Iím going to talk to you
about a technique I found for warm traffic that I just LOVE. Itís using a website called
BuySellAds, which Iím going to type here into Google. Now, weíre going to go to BuySellAds
and have a little look, but what I always like to see is if anyoneís competing with
them because I know that there are other places that you can buy this kind of traffic. So
you can certainly find other competing services; in this case, AdBrite, Chitchitkaó(laughs)
that one I canít pronounceóClicksor, Casale Media, OpenX, and Iím sure there are more
as well. But letís have a little look at BuySellAds,
which is the one Iíve started to flirt with. In this case, itís based on the premise that
someone has already gathered a likeminded group of people based on a particular point
of interest on a blog or via a website or via social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
And what theyíre allowing you to do here is basically use the work that they have done,
leveraging the work theyíve done, gathering those people to advertise or talk about your
own product. So letís say for example I wanted to advertise
that book, The Google Gamble. I would start by looking at probably at all these topics
here on the left. Iíd probably look at business and finance because I certainly want to advertise
to entrepreneurs and businesses. In fact, they even have an SEO and Marketing Bundle,
which I wonít look at today; Iím just going to have a little look at some of whatís available
to me. All of these listings here are websites that will allow me to advertise through them
about my particular topic of interest; in this case, The Google Gamble. These are featured
ones; I can look at all of them: whatís hot, whatís just added; and sort them in different
ways. But these are all websites; what about if
I just want to go to Twitter? This is very sneaky; I like this! Now I can go toóand
there are lots more results than just these: if I click ìView all resultsî, itís going
to move me out of the ìFeaturedî section. Now I can find out people who already have
quite a few Twitter followers based on this topic. For example, letís have a look here:
this is socióThe Next Web. Thatís probably a good match for me: 988,000 followers but
itís going to cost me $3,500 per post. Thatís a little bit too much for me. How about ìThe
thoughtLEADERSî? Thatís interesting; Iím going to right-click, open link in new tab,
and have a look at that one later. How about ìMake Money Onlineî? That one looks good.
How about Brent CusóCsutoras? Donít know who he is; letís have a look at him. How
about Rob? So Iím finding all these potential websites;
if I now go over to one of them, itíll show me what I can do. Here I am at ìThe thoughtLEADERSî
blog, which is if I want to go and look at it; and they get twenty
thousand people per month from the looks of things. They also have forty-four thousand
followers on Twitter, and for ten dollars they will allow me to market to their Twitter
followers. So for example, I could have them say for me something like: We just found this
great book called The Google Gamble. You guys should check it out; and link to my site.
That way, for ten dollars, as many as forty-four thousand followers are going to find out about
my book; and theyíre followers that I already know are focused on (in this case) leadership
and personal leadership; project management; strategy; entrepreneurship (thereís the one!):
critical business skills. Letís look at one more: this oneís called
ìMaking Money Onlineî. This oneís about SEO, which is exactly what my book, The Google
Gamble, is all about; and you can see here ìfocus and resourcesóhow to build a profitable
online businessî. Great! So I can have a look now: these guys are doing well. Look
at this: on Twitter, theyíve got twenty-seven thousand followers and for fifty bucks I can
market to them; great! Or I can do some advertising using banner advertising on their website,
although they have a substantial waiting list already. Either way, as you can see, I can get to these
websites; I can get to these blogs; I can get to these Twitter posts for sometimes ten
and twenty and thirty dollars to do a small experiment. Now once Iíve done a small experiment
and found a website that works, then I can up the ante to do some more substantial marketing
through, for example, banner advertising or something else on that site. So there you have it: BuySellAds, a terrific
way to do little flirtatious experiments in warm traffic, and then scale it up as you
find a platform that works for you. BuySellAds: a great place to buy warm traffic.

11 thoughts on “Buysellads Tutorial – A Video Tutorial on How To Use and How Buysell Ads Works

  1. Wow!  Thanks for posting this buysellads tutorial, Tim.  I've heard of buysellads before, but I have to admit, it's been a bit of a mystery to me. This video is very helpful. I appreciate the tips!

  2. I have looked at Buysellads but never had a go at marketing some of my products through it. After watching you fantastic video, I will give it a go. I will try and find something for around the $10 mark to test the water. Thanks for the info Tim.

  3. Great information provided and I actually love, a fantastic way to increase traffic fast.< I'm gonna visit your website though and check out your books. Thanks Tim.

  4. I'm a google user since 2010, but since 2013 my AdSense count is unable because of a unknown reason: just can't find the e-mail which explained the reason of the count closing. What can I do? Is there another way to link adds to my YouTube videos, other than Google AdSense? Thanks for your help!

  5. hey Tim its Mzu South Africa I was wandering do i need to register with buy or sell adds to be able to use it?

  6. you can't use clickbank link with buysellad. if you use a converter for you link all are blacklisted.  i think the only guys who are making money is those selling…. how to affiliate … .  is like they sell how to affiliate …to people who want to learn how to affiliate ,and those people sell the same.. how to affiliate to other people.

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