April 3, 2020
Building Your VALUE LADDER with Sales Funnels

Building Your VALUE LADDER with Sales Funnels

hello life I hope I think what is up so
if you are watching the replay here in the group hashtag replay in the comment
so I know if you are catching this on YouTube
what up YouTube yeah I’m pretty weird today and out in the wilderness
well where it turned into unicorn goat unicorn greatest of all time when people
say oh what do you do for a living freaking prance around drinking
americano oh and if you are new to the channel or new to the group welcome my
name is Rachel s Lee and this channel or this group whichever you’re watching
this recording on is all about online marketing having your own online
business so you could be freaking weird and wear whatever you want you know
business on the top no pants or yoga on the bottom you know work from wherever I
don’t even home right now I decided to go on a little trip
so we’re all about passive income all about automation if you guys are hopping
on the live so what we’re doing here in the life let me know say hi let me know
you can hear me I am re-engaging a group for the past
not even full year maybe ten months from right now I’ve been doing a lot of
affiliate marketing stuff a lot of affiliate marketing training showing you
guys how you can also make money with affiliate marketing so not necessarily
your own products your own info products your own courses your own coaching maybe
you don’t know I don’t know what to to create it’s been all about affiliate
marketing and making Commission’s promoting other people’s stuff that’s
that’s how I so what happened to me before I soon as owned back into my
unicorn vibe but what happened to me is I was making cool funnel
and info products and coaching and and selling it and then it got him to EECOM
and started selling that and then I got burnt out from it I just got burnt out
from it it wasn’t really passive income at all it was a lot of active work
active income I mean even with passive income we have to put an active work to
make passive income but it was like a lot of work and I was like gosh if I put
the same amount of energy and focus and time and money and effort into
businesses that are passive that will make me passive income even though I
won’t get paid right away I might not even get paid in two weeks I might not
even get paid in two months maybe in two months three months it would still be a
good investment of my freaking time and life and energy and effort and focus we
need the acronym for that hey if you guys are ok hey Ryan hey Eric hey Alan
yeah Eric’s live sweet super glad you’re here hey Derek so I did this
presentation kind of like this a little while ago but it was value ladder more
based on affiliate marketing I’m gonna show you here on my screen let me move
my face and if you guys are resonating with what I am saying if you’re picking
up what I’m putting down about wanting to make passive income with your effort
it’s not that you’re afraid to work you know you have to work you know it’s
gonna take learning new things and implementing new things and you’re and
you know it’s a real business and you have to invest time and money into it
and you’re okay with that but you also know it’s smart to put it in put your
efforts into things that are gonna make you passive income whether it’s
affiliate marketing or not so that’s just the way I I knew I mean I the way I
headed like well okay I want affiliate commissions
I want passive income let me tort head towards affiliate marketing promoting
other people’s stuff other people’s courses other people’s info products
other people’s software’s that they created that’s a
big one got big into the software clickfunnels convertkit clickmagick
traffic you can even get affiliate commissions from traffic like you d me
traffic courses other solo ad things just just so many things and then when
you start doing so many things you kind of head back into oh I can turn this
into an info product and make more money with it everything that I’ve learned are
put together for my business I could repackage it up and also make more money
by packaging it up and selling it selling it different things or offering
it as different things why keep all the knowledge to yourself if you spent
thousand dollars putting together projects you hired people you paid for
things took a lot of your time you can sell what cost you a thousand dollars to
get set up for your business resell it and I’m making five thousand dollars
from that or more so this was like maybe five months ago or something I’m just
screenshot from in YouTube the whiteboard I was mapping out my value
ladder for you guys and it is kind of similar now but it’s different so what
I’m gonna show you today is different so if you remember that presentation this
is different different content I cleaned it up this looks like this now so what I
want to share with you guys just within the next 30 minutes or so is how you can
fit things into here the reason I reengage this group this um we might
change the name you know the name was different I changed names of things but
this is more of a funnels conversion and traffic hustlers group it’s not all
about affiliate marketing we’re still super into affiliate marketing but this
is for the people that are also down to sell their own info products their own
coaching their own courses create their own funnels and we’re into conversions
in traffic and maybe it’s even EECOM everyone got EECOM going maybe I should
put some of these uh I can maybe drop ship DS maybe I could
buy these headbands for 50 Cent’s overseas and then sell them for free
plus shipping you know funnel I don’t know let’s see
thanks Derek says thanks for continuing to deliver high quality high value
content and thanks Derek for being an affiliate for me beak that’s you know no
one’s gotta put my stuff promote my stuff if it isn’t high value and that’s
really good that you’re on this training right now because I want to show you I’m
gonna show you goes like everything in my value ladder I’m just gonna use what
I have created as a reference point for you because I want you to be thinking
well Keith you hat what can you do what can you do so in here I don’t know if
it’s hard to see this I’m gonna go into each one it might be kind of hard to see
just because the stream and everything but it basically it says ultra free is
the beginning of your value letter things that we can give away for ultra
free I’m gonna give you those examples of it then there’s free but we still
want people to opt-in so it’s still give us something low ticket which is money
recurring low ticket mid ticket high ticket ultra high ticket we can sell
different things we can sell affiliate offers they still want you guys thought
oh by the way some of you guys in this group it was like what I didn’t even
know Rachel does anything with affiliate marketing like I want to do affiliate
marketing in addition to whatever else you’re doing great let’s do that Philly
it offers digital products info products coaching let’s let’s do services EECOM
like client work maybe you’re a lawyer in here maybe your chiropractor and
maybe you’re in fitness still gonna have this value ladder especially online like
we are talking about funnels I’m a reference click funnels in here because
I use click funnels but you know what there’s other landing page building
software’s too there’s there’s different things you can do I use lots of
different software’s my EECOM store is on store envy right now integrated with
printful I have funnels up on builder all done Shopify before we go I got
WordPress I’ve put courses and things like you could put things into udemy
teachable we’re not gonna like build funnels in this quick training so ultra
free what is ultra this I think I’m covering ultra free
this is conduct you’re posting on social media so like YouTube Facebook Instagram
LinkedIn or SEO things that are on the internet for free and people don’t have
to really do they can just consume your content they don’t have to even opt-in
this presentation right now if you were watching this on YouTube its ultra free
if you are watching it though in the Facebook group right now which you life
people are it wasn’t ultra free it was free in exchange for you joining my
group or we gonna have lead magnets that they’re free you can get my free cheat
sheet you can get my free online course for affiliate marketing you can get my
free funnel course it’s actually here in this group you guys can get that and if
you’re watching on YouTube I’ll link in the description but in exchange if
you’re gonna get my free course you’re gonna need to give me your email or opt
in to my bot or be in the Facebook group and then in some cases you can even do
free for phone number or address depending on your business now there’s
this cool new thing in Facebook I haven’t used it yet but seeing people
using it it’s the Facebook opt-in so you know when you sign up for like Fiverr or
canva or like an app and you want to like sign up but you don’t want to like
create a username it’s just a sign sign up with Facebook that’s what that is
like opt-in with Facebook and then Facebook puts in the extracts the email
so I am definitely going to be using that more in my funnels super stoked on
that let’s go back to ultra free YouTube this YouTube this is YouTube is ultra
free it’s social media it’s search engine I get paid because I’m promoting
my paid offers I’m getting traffic I’m getting people into my free opt-in
funnels I am getting people buying affiliate offers facebook my facebook
page a lot of people view my Facebook page here let me open this up yes I
I need a plug in the laptop I’ll go inside soon I just wanted to be outside
because it’s nice the unicorn needs to get some shade and Sun so if I was
posting like a free training or a livestream somewhere on my Facebook is
the this Facebook page then it would be ultra free people are following me or I
have friends but they don’t have to be LinkedIn Instagram SEO ultra free let’s
keep going a lead magnet so lead magnet it used to be like give me your email
please but now it’s like well off into the bots and then you can get it or get
into the Facebook group and you can get it I do hear a lot I have been hearing a
lot and I’ve been doing this too it’s like okay I did this let me tell you
what I did let me tell you my mistake some people made me not consider a
mistake I think it’s kind of weird now that I now that I think about it I had
this lead magnet and you guys can promote this lead magnet whatever my
dream car strategy how I got one my dream car from clickfunnels is being an
affiliate you have to click the bot then the bot opens up and then the bot opens
up a landing page where you have to enter your email and then you can watch
so I was like I’m so smart I am getting there but I’m on the bot and email and
then like follow up about my Facebook group or I did that you could even with
my mini course it’s like okay bought and then you have to then I had an opt-in
page and then I had membership sign-up page and then you get the mini course
that one is way too much way too much I do need that so like for the dream car
strategy this is what I just recently learned is don’t have too many options
to get someone in like they get them in and then when they’re in then you can
move them over so like okay you want the dream car strategy okay click on the bot
from Facebook get the dream car strategy I’m not going to ask you your email
right now I’ll ask you for your email maybe in a couple days and the follow-up
sequence to get by get asking you to join on the mini course
and also it’s like there’s so another mistake I was doing Shweta she’s in the
group and she does BOTS and as she’s like pointed this out I hired her he’s
pointed this out like Rachel you just made a lead magnet to get people in
another lead magnet like my dream car strategy they opt-in there’s a lead
magnet to get then people in the mini-course she’s like aren’t you trying
to like sell things like it just depends but I was like that’s a good point
so yeah you want to give give give all this free stuff give the ultra free
stuff give the freebies in the lead magnet to keep coming up with cool
things today like it was just second nature non-negotiable for me to do this
training I didn’t even have to be motivated to do it I just it was like
it’s just gonna happen I’m just gonna put out this content because it’s
content for my group it’s getting people in the group it’s content for the
Facebook I could send it off as an email I could send it off as a chatbot it can
be repurposed in so many ways and it’s just a habit for me to do this ultra
free stuff and these free in exchange for email or bought things or Facebook
group or soon-to-be Facebook opt-in what is this this is a screenshot of unit
section in a Facebook group when people are in your Facebook group you can also
set up units which is like also a free course or affiliate offers or paid
offers you can organize it in the unit so that’s just another example of like a
value you can give it’s free I but give me an email and to join my group people
have to enter ask enter all the questions or answer all the questions
and one of the questions is what is your email so oh yeah that’s another strategy
by joining my group I’m getting people’s emails and then I’m using a software
that I just took a screenshot of that somewhere I did but it’s okay it then I
get them into my email autoresponder by using group funnels if you guys want to
use learn more about group funnels or get group funnels
I’ll put a link in the YouTube description use my affiliate link
basically okay now let’s go into to low ticket and let me check on the
comments okay well hey everyone who’s coming on live what’s up
let me know you’re here Derrick easy product creation you know
it is because even this even this thing I’m doing live I could even now
repurpose it to I don’t have to put it on to YouTube for ultra free I could
make it into a no you want to give to opt-in I could even make it into a low
ticket training I can make it this into a seven dollar training I can make it
into a $17 training and add things that you can I can put it in my hire ticket
things Derrick what’s up with SlideShare well
oh that you mean this slideshow yeah I can give you guys if you want these
slides really you like my slides cool your whole model is a blueprint you guys
can’t even see that in readings close okay everything you do you can resell is
my point so low ticket to me low ticket it’s different in different industries
low ticket could mean different things so like in online marketing let’s say we
see the dollar the number seven seven so this was from one of Marquesas and
Spencers funnels it was like a oto people opt-in and then I try to charge
or sell them something for seven dollars or we can do 17 47 97 people love buying
things that are under like 100 like the double digits and then here I have an
order bump for another 97 so this is like email survival kit you guys can
also get affiliate links for my email survival kit make Commission’s off of it recurring low ticket that is like you
have a monthly membership so even my program daily Commission’s club it
is free right now at the time of this recording it’s like 9 it’s 9 97 or the
year access or 12 payments of 127 so to me 12 payments of 127 it’s kind of like recurring low ticket it’s kind of
recurring mid ticket to recurring low ticket is actually like what about
software’s so this is my click funnel screenshot you guys click funnels let’s
say someone’s on click funnels and you’re an affiliate for click funnels
and they’re paying 97 a month so you’re making thirty eight dollars in
commissions every single month from them you get 300 signups like I have right
now and your commission start to stack up oh my face is in front of this and
it’s not even just $38 Commission’s there’s like 100 $18 a month
Commission’s with builder all I’m making like $15 $30 ranges per month every
month per person also like just getting low ticket let’s say you as an affiliate
sold my monthly membership thing which is 1:27 a month but you are making 20
percent commissions 127 times see 127 times 0.2 that’s $25 a month in
commissions and if you had 10 people join with your link as an affiliate
that’s $250 a month recurring low ticket mid ticket what’s mid ticket think about
this for yourself what can you create that’s mid ticket and what is my ticket
to me it’s like $300 $500 just kind of in my industry you get him of course but
you might want your course to be more higher ticket you might want to aim for
a course that’s 997 but in the beginning you’re going to have to start with
something you know and you’re not gonna have everything like you’re not going to
start from the beginning start with your ultra free then you
free with the opt-ins then low ticket and then when you’re ready you’ll be
ready for mid ticket this myth I don’t even have high ticket or ultra high
ticket I definitely don’t have an ultra high ticket offer right now I just don’t
I just don’t and high ticket it’s kind of relative my highest ticket thing is
997 right now and partially it’s just how ready you are and then the other
part of it is just making the decision that you’re gonna create an offer that
is $3,000 or that is $10,000 but it’s okay to take your time work your way
they’re eating me I’m working my way there right now my um so I have a min
ticket right now a new offer it’s six weeks so making something limited time
is cool to like six weeks alive I’m doing a six-week mastermind influencer
inner circle and each week is a different topic and the price is five
ninety seven and then I have a little lower ticket order bump for ninety seven
you guys can be affiliate for this too in my affiliate portal I’ll make sure I
have links in the description for that also and then what I’m gonna do is
present this live and then when I’m done presenting it live to everyone who
bought live now I can repackage it and I wouldn’t resell it for ninety seven
right away because that’s not fair for like you got to be like considerate to
your offers are going to be like changing and evolving and that’s good it
just means they’re doing better and better and better and every day as long
as you take action you’ll be moving your business forward because just because
you don’t get paid right away or you don’t get paid next week or you don’t
get paid in two weeks actions you do today will pay you in two
months from now every step you’re taking is taking you further along that value
ladder another thing I have this covered up live events live events can be mid
ticket even free events you can have high ticket events to in-person
masterminds but I’m we’re looking at the mid ticket so payment plans
when you have a payment plan don’t do payment plan for low ticket and payment
plan for mid tickets not even really necessary either but by offering a
payment plan you can make up to 40% more I think is a good threshold so like for
instance daily commissions Club it is nine ninety seven and I’m happy to
receive that I am happy to get that sale or as an affiliate you would be happy to
get two hundred dollar commission or if you’re in DCC is three hundred dollar
commission or I’m happy when someone joins on a payment plan one twenty seven
because that’s over the span of 12 months it’s an extra five hundred
dollars throughout the year I can hold off for twelve months like the patient
with it and make that much more money so either way works for me and it’s
important though you might be thinking well people what if people cancel or
whatever that happens but that won’t happen is much if you have a good
program my programs this program daily Commission’s Club it was free in the
beginning it wasn’t called daily Commission’s club but it was my free
thing or is in my group I’m coaching in my group that in my affiliate group then
I felt ready to sell a $97 program and I was making sales sales
sales then I felt ready to make it 197 then I felt ready to make it 297 then
from there I jumped to 697 with payment plans had it out that for a while and
then I recently raised it to 997 with payment plans because things will just
get better over time and then what I do is I break it into pieces so you can get
the whole program 997 or the payment plan or you can just get the email
survival kit part 497 and then soon I’ll be ready to be like okay now you can
just get the influencer marketing survival kit for 97
and then soon enough I’m gonna have the traffic survival kit and you could
create more digital products that way part of this creating your product and
the other part is like actually selling it I want to say you should try to go
for selling it before like see if you can even sell something and then work on
creating it or as you’re trying to sell it you can be creating it my influence
or inner circle I created it it’s not like ready though I don’t have the I’m
gonna be as I’m selling it over the next few weeks I’m working on my content and
curriculum or even in daily commissions Club there’s a lot of stuff in there
there’s a lot of stuff in there but there’s also I’m gonna go inside I have
to plug in there are also sections that say coming soon and you know what it’s
fine it can be coming soon because there’s other stuff people can go
through while it’s in development and it also it’s good to keep adding things I
know that’s not necessarily as passive but we also want to have fun okay I need
to close this or the cat’s gonna get out wait let me check on the comments and
see how you guys are doing hey corner um yeah Derek I can get you the slides do
Eric says do you funnel out your entire value letter do you split it in between
several funnels um I think if are you asking like or certain offers can they
be access can certain order forms be accessed from multiple places yes
like I pitch DC see daily Commission’s club in various lead magnets it’s in my
dream car strategy lead magnet it’s in my mini course lead magnet and follow up
in the bot follow up and the email follow up within the actual pages in the
funnels my email survival kit you can access that from the free cheat sheet
you can access it straight from the or form you can access it in some follow up
sequence I have like people here about it with various things so when I’m
working on my email marketing on my email sequences and my chat bot and
those sequences I got to remember like pitch dude pitch pitch give value and
oftentimes I’ll launch something and I’ll only have one follow up like you
get the delivery email or the delivery bot message or and then maybe the one
day later messages follow up but just if you can keep adding on to them and have
seven days or 10 days worth of follow-up or like a sequence that leads into
upselling more things that is what we want to do but you can also like launch
things before you’re ready so I launched my dream car thing when it only had two
emails ready in two box ready but I still started sending traffic to it with
on Facebook and different methods and what and then now we’re adding more to
the sequence every days it’s busy its active lifestyle making this passive
income but you know you don’t have to do any of this you guys don’t have to do
anything what you want to do um but it’s fun we want to do fun things okay high
ticket one-on-one coaching can be high ticket a mastermind can be high ticket
may be like a longer master – like a one-year an in-person thing in person um
intensive hey brah Oh Derek says this training is worth at least 497 once I
throw a name on it and graphics she wanted see something sick oh I can’t
show you right now because it’s I don’t have it ready it’s like my screen
doesn’t have it open but I went on Fiverr and I got a graphic designer to
make me to turn my programs into graphics so daily commissions Club yeah
there’s a sales page and videos and all this stuff but he used Photoshop or
whatever to make it look like a laptop and an iPad and actually watch
watch this I’m gonna just drop it right here look at this oh it’s so cute like I
mean he’s still making edits I still asked for some edits but like now I’m
gonna do this for all my digital products and just start doing that
getting like 3d boxes and stuff um Rob yeah we got to connect actually I’m in
Orange County right now I think I’m driving home at night tonight Eric oh if
a challenge is over a month away soldat crazy oh okay is that the one funnel
away thing that was a cool promo I didn’t really promote it that much
though because I didn’t want to get the shiny object syndrome I just need to
some days you guys are gonna be in like content creation mode some days you’re
gonna be in like quiet mode working on your automations and behind the scenes
the trick is create content and then get it mewed in multiple ways and then it
looks like you’re doing so much more like again this training for example I’m
doing this live right now and I did a post to get people into the group and I
cross promoted it and then I’m gonna send out but an email sending people to
watch it and get more people in my group and then to get in my group you guys are
entering your email and then you’re getting on that email list and I’m
promoting my free course and I’m getting on my bot and it’s just like omnipresent
you always want to have something to sell to okay ultra high ticket can also
be one-on-one coaching or mastermind or inner circle fifty thousand dollars
twenty thousand dollars however much eighty thousand dollars high ticket to
me is like 2k or more you don’t need to have these like I was saying before I’d
like to start with your ultra free you’re free your low ticket and then mid
ticket is kind of like your breakthrough like you’re putting together
well like look any low tech is your breakthrough if you can create your own
digital product and go on Fiverr and get something made up and it can even get
these made for your freebies I’m getting a bunch made and I’m gonna like have
them everywhere so cute okay when selling anything this
is a reminder think of the with him what’s in it for me
so what’s in it for your audience it’s not just email survival kit with ten
different types of emails that you can copy and paste for your affiliate
marketing it’s like yo this is done for you you’re gonna save hours on work you
don’t have to go searching for offers I already found them for you you don’t
have to write up emails I already wrote them for you
and it’s only $97 and you were gonna make your money back quick with this and
like that’s when telling anything that’s what we want to do and it’s after I
remind myself to this you know because we get caught up like so in it like oh I
created it and you’re getting this and this and all the technical stuff on it
and we want to like sound smart when Russell Brunson would say simplify it so
start I’ve been saying this start with free and work your way up no that’s a
journey and it’s a continuous journey it’s never gonna be done it can be done
something – what I’ve noticed I’m just gonna share this with you guys is if you
start specializing and very like tech tutorials or tech info products this is
exactly how we’re doing Google Ads and this is exactly how we’re doing chatbots
and stuff that information is great and people want that stuff but it’s gonna
expire soon because the technology changes fast and it won’t be relevant
within like a year so for me personally I want to remind myself to create
content that can be more evergreen that will last me from years to come so more
like a business frameworks as instead of very specific tech tutorial trainings
because it just the ROI is doesn’t last as long also be sure to have
or else it just becomes work and another job and it’s like why don’t I just go
get a job then no I wanted to do this so I could sleep and wear unicorn headbands
and do whatever so have fun if something’s not fun maybe it’s not
the right thing that you should be doing in your business and you could do
something else of a certain traffic methods not fun there’s other ones that
are if a funnel certain funnel is not fun for you to build it’s okay there’s
other ones that are if what you’re selling you’re like not even into it
it’s okay find something that you do want to promote and sell start
networking I mean not saying you guys don’t network but you guys on the
Facebook live are actually really good at that mock-ups Derek said yep bundle
graphic mock-up bundle graphic okay let’s see what else what’s
Russell’s Derek found russell brunson underachievers formula i want to see
that yeah Eric and Eric and Eric and they’re come yell everyone was promoting
the same offer to the same people too so I didn’t want to like you had to like be
ready for it do you see w.com
what is that what’s DCW strategy okay here’s something big to always over
deliver so with your free stuff don’t give us shitty free stuff you how good
free stuff like epic free stuff cuz then people are gonna be like wow this was
free ok well now now I’ll like the low ticket things got to be great to like
always over deliver protect your reputation
maybe I’ve sold things before that wasn’t I wasn’t like it wasn’t that
great maybe I promoted something that wasn’t
that great joy I regret it yeah I kind of try not to regret things in my life
but like I don’t want to have shit out there I also don’t want to be a
perfectionist I’m gonna take massive action I want to start before I’m ready
but I always over deliver so you should always over deliver then you’re gonna
get less refunds less cancels less chargebacks less complaints you don’t
want any rumors you know what people talking about you behind your back is it
mean I don’t want you guys to be all in fear but like run a good business and if
you run a good business you’re gonna feel good about it it’s gonna be fun
it’s gonna you’re gonna be more motivated so always over deliver and
always be closing always be closing so if you guys want
help with this I’m just gonna leave this out here go to Rachel Esley comm /
coaching – call and it’s a funnel that I have up I would consider it a low mid
ticket funnel and it’s for a single coaching call and
we’ll get on a coaching call and record it and I’ll help you with your value
ladder if you need help figuring out what ultra free content to do we’ll work
on that if it’s more the free in exchange for opt in I can help you with
that if it’s low ticket we can put something together if it’s minting it we
can put something together and you know what if it is high to get ultra high
ticket we can I can still help you put something together because oftentimes
you guys might be coaches also it’s it’s hard to code yourself but when you’re
helping someone else you see it from a different perspective and you can give
lots of good advice for that so my credentials got 2 comma Club with EECOM
last winter and we’re gonna be doing it again this winter even bigger I want
that too comma Club the 10 million dollar award also just hit clickfunnels
dream car for affiliate gonna hit builder all dream car affiliate soon
also and I like affiliate marketing info products coaching online courses econ
all this fun stuff so if you want help with it we can start with a single
coaching call with that link or if you want to discuss working long-term
one-on-one with me you can message me for info on that or we get to start with
one call and see how you do with the one call see how if it’s if you’re ready to
go on your own or you want more help and then we can discuss working longer
together so I’m just gonna finish checking the comments thanks Derek for
being here and Eric yeah watch my dream car exact strategy video I have to
re-record it because I just want to rerecord it like I make things and then
I make them better so record something and make it better even this value
louder presentation I did it five months ago and today made it even better do you Jared do you generally make an
outline before you jump are you brainstorming and sharing as you
build out Wednesday I build like what just in general I’ll think of something
and I try to implement really fast I have some cool funnels I have some
really cool silos I don’t know I don’t want to open up all the funnels right
now though here I’ll open up this funnel I’ll show you guys this funnel this one
was inspired by Catlin I got a coaching call from him and he shared everything
he was doing this was like about five months ago I think four months ago so a
simple opt-in page testimonials video testimonials at the bottom get your
coaching call we get a name and an email get a hundred off your first session if
you guys are watching this recording later the price might be different but I
recall recorded I probably should even add some more what’s in it for me
statements like what’s in it for you statement some more benefits because
these are the features and we gonna have our benefits but the thing is I’m
actually working on a new coaching funnel actually I could show you guys it
is up oh it is so cool coaching with Rachel it’s just I didn’t want to share
yet because I wasn’t ready but it’s gonna be ready soon I need to film a
video and everything this is a coaching funnel and it’s an application one so
they click here fill out the application and then on the next page after the
application is another video and the order form with options for one call
three calls or ten calls and order bump and then on the next page will be a oto
so that’s what I’m working on and then when it’s
up I’m gonna put it in my affiliate Center and you guys can be affiliates
for it awesome okay thanks everyone for watching I’m
Lea I dare I’ll share with you the slides for this for sure I’ll put it in
here all my I’ll make it just for in the group it’s a group only thanks if you
guys are watching on YouTube be sure to come over in the group ok guys thanks
for watching and joining and I’ll talk to you soon

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  2. Hey Rachel. The link to be ur affiliate says “nothing here yet” FYI.

    I’ll check back again soon.

  3. Great video as always! I am getting ready to launch my own online business and this is the video I needed to finalize everything. I am very happy and honored to have been mentored by you. You're honesty and kindness helped me believed more in myself. All the best, Rachel! Keep crushing it!!! 🔥👌

  4. I really wanted to start my own online marketing business too. But I am having fears and doubts though whenever I watch your videos, I am getting more convinced that I should do it. Your channel has taught me a lot of things that I need to know about Affiliate Marketing. Thank you, Rachel! More power to you!

  5. Value Ladder is a very helpful mental framework to breakdown the complex sales funnel concepts. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Are you able to provide the link to your products and courses that we can get affiliate links for ?

  7. I started off in Ecom. And it IS a lot of work. If you don’t LOVE putting together distribution systems, then physical products probably isn’t the best place to start… had to learn that one the hard way tho… lol I

  8. Wow. Repackage the same info, but offer it in a more hands on, 1 on 1 setting for a higher price! You didn’t right out say that.. but that’s what I’m getting here, and I love it. Thanx!

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