April 4, 2020
Builderall eCommerce – How to do eCommerce with Builderall?

Builderall eCommerce – How to do eCommerce with Builderall?

Builderall eCommerce – How to do eCommerce with Builderall? Hey, what’s up guys Jamie G here again. Thank you very much for joining me in today’s video What we’re covering today is ecommerce. Now, you’ve probably heard the word by now It’s been around for quite some time. Obviously with the likes of Amazon and different companies. It’s grown to monolithic levels to be honest what I’m going to go through is basically how you can set up your own drop shipping and in commerce store and explain what those Terms mean I’ll see you guys on the inside Thanks for joining me guys, my name is Jamie Jian If you are new to my channel, I cover internet marketing affiliate marketing how to get started online Facebook ads just Pretty much everything online. So that’s of interest to yourself. Feel free to hit me up and subscribe to my channel I am planning on putting out as much content as I possibly can I’d love for you guys to join along in the activities and the rides and all that fun stuff Good times. All right, what is ecommerce? Well, it is quite simply selling stuff online. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of it You probably brought a whole bunch of stuff online by now. It has been around for some time now Having said that there’s been a whole bunch of stuff that’s popped up over the last few years big names they’ve grown out of nowhere like Shopify and you know, drop shipping all this sort of stuff now if you haven’t heard of drop shipping it is still in my opinion an amazing business model and what it allows you to do is sell a Product without ever owning it and I know that is kind of like a weird concept for a lot of people so bear with me I’m going to go through it Basically what it means is that if I put up a website such as the one you’re looking at here Which is one of my clients sites, what I can do is I can actually sell Advertise this product and sell it and take the money. And then once I’ve got the money I can then go and buy that product From someone else and have them send it directly to the client or the customer There I guess the benefits are doing that is that you don’t own any stock which is in my opinion. Great You can test a whole bunch of markets without having to buy a lot of stock knowing not knowing whether or not it’s actually going to work You don’t have to handle the stock. So it’s not like you have to store it anywhere, which is awesome Um, and I guess you don’t have to take care of the entire shipping process So that’s the plus side and basically you can scale it as well. There is a downside which is a lot of the Places that you can get the items from sometimes issues with shipping. Sometimes they’re slow sometimes customer service is horrendous Sometimes the products you don’t know the quality Sometimes the shipping times as I’ve done with a couple of my ecommerce stores in the past I’ve used to buy from Aliexpress, which was very common. If you’re unfamiliar if they have a look at it, I’ll Express calm Magnemite leave a link below if you’re interested as well. Just having a look and what you do is basically take something like a piece of jewelry or a cup or a Item of some kind and then you’d sell it on the marketplace very common. That’s what a lot of drop shipping stores still do But like I say one of the main Drawbacks for me and one of the issues that I had was I would get an order I would be selling an item for a few bucks. Sometimes good wanting to build up a bit of it as buyers Database and they’re not going buy that product and which was fine You know you make that side of it was no issues whatsoever very straightforward but they would often mark the item as shipped and then You have a look at the the transit notes and then about three weeks later you’d see Your item has just left China and you’d be thinking. Okay. Well, that’s not what you said. You’ve said and shipped it Anyway, so that was a bit frustrating in the meantime, you’re still dealing with their customers whether or not that angry or not It’s up to you and how you word your website. If you do make it pretty clear that you’ve got international Shipping centers around the world and often it takes the long time to get there Most people usually understand especially when the items are of the smaller nature now You can increase the speed of that by using what they call a packet nets via Aliexpress as well. And again that covers Basically, it has tracking on it allows you to basically the weather items are going to send a lot quicker it’s usually around the three week turnaround something like that getting from say China to United States for argument’s sake anyway Everyone when they think of e-commerce and drop shipping oil sort of stuff because Shopify has now become such a monolithic beast There and obviously Amazon which is econ as well between those two those seem to be that the Main ones that people focus on but what I’d like to introduce you guys to in this video is some other e-commerce platforms that are out there More specifically you’ve got the likes of big commerce, which is absolutely amazing as well now I must admit they don’t have the same quality of apps as Shopify does and I’m sure that is something that is going to grow Quite simply because most people’s focus is on Shopify when it comes to e-commerce so big commerce The site do tend to load really quick, which is awesome and the backend is great in terms of your marketing and I guess some of the plugins that they have and ease of use as well I found a pretty good but more importantly above all else Big commerce also has amazing customer service. When you log into your big commerce account. You’ll get like a little pin and That customer service pin you can actually call them basically get someone on the line usually within a couple of minutes That’s not like you’re waiting for hours. They usually can work out what issue? You’ve got straight away help you immediately Makes like really super simple. But if you don’t want to go down that path I completely understand what I’m also presenting here is Builder or which most people probably wouldn’t associate builder all with e-commerce But I’m just gonna go through a couple of examples of how you can potentially make it work using drop shipping and ecommerce and combining those together to Start your business. So obviously I’m a big fan of builder all I’ve used to pretty much everything. I’ve had sites on Shopify before failed. I’ve still got one for sale if you’re interested Let me know I have recently sold another site on Shopify after I kind of built that up for a bit and got rid of it Also have used with one of my clients. They use big commerce. I’ve used that really extensively I understand that there are Plugins and different things you can use with WordPress Unfortunately, I’m not overly well-versed in those as yet, but like I say I have actually set up ecommerce sites in Builder all as well. And the reason why I’m thinking build a role is because they do The cheap first of all, they’re like super cheap They have a whole range of template’s which I’m just going to go through in a moment and I’m just showing you one of the live sites actually put together for one of my clients and This is a particular product. It’s for sore joints and different things works really really well It’s actually a really great product All-natural all that sort of stuff. But anyway, we went through we put the sales page together by a big. I’m sorry Wow by a builder all and Yeah, I think it reads pretty well. We put the the script and everything together converts pretty good I think there when we checked it was about 8% just off cold traffic alone, which I was really impressed with so Yeah, it’s worked out pretty well. But this is it and obviously it doesn’t you know, it’s not the best-looking one we put a big huge long sales page there and it is meant to Design to simply sell one specific product. Hence why we put all the all the writing there all that sort of stuff Testimonials blah blah blah, so it reads like a proper Sales pages you might see with say a digital product for argument’s sake but like I say there’s a reason for that and it converts Anyway, that’s that that’s one live site. I’m gonna leave a link below to that now what I wanted to show you is some of the other Templates that they have available that you can use for e-commerce now Let’s just have a look at this one here Alright, so yes, it says free fidgets spinning giveaway But it’s just to give you a bit of an idea about what you can potentially do. So going back to my example of using our Express or Alibaba some of the people are sorry vendors that you’ve got in there and some of the products that you’ve got in there What he can do is instead of having an entire suite of products in your Shopify store. You’re not really or your Time so you see even I’m used to using Shopify wrote in your ecommerce store then basically What you can do is kind of bypass that you can actually set up really simple basic sites like this where you can do free Plus shipping or you can basically just say look grab this straightaway, or you can give it away and obviously put a Would he call it like a Checkout page on them back in which you you as you can see, you’ve already kind of got that there now Which is kind of cool. I think this is a nice site. It’s pretty pretty clean There’s no way we’re really where you can get distracted. You’ve got this little Countdown bar thing there, which I think is kind of cool and basically all you can do is have a look and go Okay, that looks cool. Obviously, you want to change this around I mean, this is just an example page, right? So anyway, I like that one next one. I’m going to show you guys is For a and again, you’ve got the the widget is not really which is necklace, but you get the idea again It’s just instead of having a a suite of products on your ecommerce store It’s about basically having one product and you can set up the one product final super quick because the templates already there just need to basically, put it in your own language put the change the products and What in a color scheme you want create a logo etc, which is all really straightforward now Obviously, you won’t might want to put some writing there as well. But I think this page looks really nice. It’s nice and clean It’s yes, I want matte gold and net look necklacing or widget as they call it. I Would say does that even have two hours in their neighbors a husband? Okay. I don’t know what it means But you know, these are all Just templates in a way so you can mix and match and do whatever you like with these but this again, as you can see instead of having An e-commerce site when someone lands gozar. Yep, you know hundreds of products there are that’s annoying. You’ve just got this one specific product that you’re trying to sell And obviously it does save free widget so you can do free plus shipping if you’re unfamiliar with that. It’s another little ecommerce term They’re free path of shipping basically means that you’re giving away a product So the product itself is free But you’re charging shipping to send the product out. Now. There’s a lot of businesses that do that There’s absolutely a there’s a lot of them and effort. You’ve probably seen it yourself and Basically, I guess to give you a bit of an idea why people would do that is if you can get an item for buy And get it shipped or say three four dollars and you can then a cost you say three to four dollars to To get that person to buy it Then you still got a bit of a if you’re charging ten bucks for shipping some people charge like 12 bucks It’s really up to you Some people I’ve tried with five bucks before and again the whole idea is that you are wanting to get people to buy anything from you and the reason being If someone’s had a good experience with your store before They are 10 times more likely to come back and buy again. It doesn’t matter what it is It’s you like the idea being that you can then start pitching higher ticket items. So instead of your five-dollar free plus shipping thing They get this nice necklace or whatever it is. And then next time you go. Okay, great Well now we’ve got this on sale and like oh, okay, cool. That’s 30% off and it’s a $40 item cool. I like that I’ve had a great experience. I’m familiar with the brand. I liked what I got to start with them probably buyer So it means that overall it’s a bit of a long-term game that you are making money The other thing and of course is yes, this is free. But then once they go through that original Page and check out where sort of Stafford bumps them off to another sales pages said hey most people that grab that also claimed one of these as well and then that’s when you start making actual Proper good money out of it because you can add different items so could start off Like I say a necklace here and then the next page it’s got you know, most people got the matching earrings. Okay, great And then most people got the matching Pants, I don’t know. Do you put a two that match? I don’t know probably not I was thinking I don’t know for some reason hedge gold pants stuck on my head. Anyway, whatever you get the idea So that’s another one next one. I’m gonna show you guys. Is this little beastie here? This is not really what you’d call your traditional e-commerce store front This is more about a free plus shipping book offer But again, the principle is that it’s still technically e-commerce. You’re selling a book so Yeah, basically that’s it. Put a little sales page there while the last Center to me now This is what I want and it’s just again, there’s no distractions. There’s only two things three things Basically, someone can do what when they’re here. They can click on the video and have a look at that They can fill out the form on the right hand side, or they can go nah, not for me. I’m out So hopefully if they do the first one, which is look at the video they’re going to then Respond and go to the forum on the right hand side there anyway gives you another idea Now the other thing it’s not again not really related to e-commerce, but I was just quite impressed that I actually found this in builder all they’ve got a pre-designed Survey page. So what you can do with the survey page is you can actually test out your market before you’re even Going to sell a product and why this is cool is let’s say that you have a product in mind you Basically have an idea that maybe it’ll sell but you’re not too sure then you know you can spend twenty bucks on an ad and find out like you can get people to click a Poll on Facebook’s probably easier actually come to think of it But you can do that or you can direct them to this page and then it will say, you know Would you would you buy this item or I don’t know something like that Like do you are you a man between the ages of 30 and 40? Yes You know all the stuff and then I do wear pants Yes, sometimes, you know all that sort of stuff and then by the end of it Hopefully people are engaged enough that you can go. Okay, great. Well seems like you can so enter your email address here We’ll let you know when the product launches something like that. So just an idea again an idea I’ll just like I said, I just happen to see it there in my office. It’s kind of cool So last one I wanted to show you guys once it loads is this is for a beauty product Looks like shampoo. I’m guessing but again, these are all templates So you kind of have to use your imagination a little bit You have to kind of bear in mind that these are just templates They do look nice, but you can fully customize these you can make the font of way bigger up here You can change the color scheme you this is you know, these just give you a bit of an idea. This is just a storefront That you can use here and got the nice parallax That’s what that means if you had a float on the background and the rest of the site rolls as you’re seeing there It’s called the parallax effect kind of cool her about the team global blur but a social proof I hate that. I think that’s gross. Sorry. Whoever designed that. It’s but like I say, I mean you can completely change this around and the go Some information by the blur more people are using it by now nice and easy got PayPal all that stuff cool You know like it’s simple its straightforward You again? You’re only selling that one product or one product range. So Like I say that the benefit was doing something like this is that it takes a lot less time a lot less energy to put a product on your site rather than having to go through the rigmarole of finding all the products putting them on, you know hundreds of different products because you know, You’re only trying to sell one part of you five one winner. Then you’ve got a winning formula basically now last thing I wanted to show you and I’m conscious at the time here is Basically with builder all obviously, I am a big fan. It’s not just ecommerce It’s not just a page builder, but they have apps as well. They have all sorts of apps for Facebook chat. They have one for social proof. Now. This is a really interesting thing. You may have seen there’s certain Companies out there that are promoting something that is designed to help boost the social proof of their websites they charge from what I’m familiar with about ninety nine dollars per month for the basic package, which I think is I Don’t think that’s a good deal I think you can get it cheaper elsewhere for the for the coding that it is and this is one such example And builder all because they’ve got that there under apps. You can actually create your own add it to your site So if you can imagine going back to one of these examples we’re looking at before maybe this one can you imagine that if a user a potential customer comes to your site and They see whatever you’ve got on On the page. They’re like you get your gold necklace and then it has this little pop-up down the bottom that says blah blah blah from Melbourne, it’s where I’m from and my own action. I’m up from but I live in Um, Jamie from Melbourne just bought the the gold pants and matching earrings or whatever I said before plus Yo, then you’ve got another one that pops up and you know every couple of seconds It’s got another one that pops up Obviously the user can just click away and close that but the whole idea is it? Provides social proof and our social proof is just so powerful when it comes to selling anything online Because if you’re making that buying decision by yourself, and there’s no one there, there’s no testimonials. There’s nothing to back it up Why should buy this but you’ve got this little thing popping up that goes On by just bra one bubble by just one. You’re like mmm. Yeah. Okay, that’s interesting I mean if it has a you know some sort of Scarcity like a countdown timer or There is a genuine scarcity There’s only a hundred because you don’t have the money to bankroll thousands of them then again If you have someone’s buying buying buying buying then you’re like, okay, maybe it will maybe this is worth buying. Yeah Okay, I’ll do it. So anyway Gives you an idea apps Videos, you can create your own videos design all sorts of stuff now have a look at this I’m just gonna Go through here All categories blank page membership blah blah blah blah and they have a look at all the templates that they’ve got here Amazon funnel application blah blah blah cancellations editor bridge page home funnel jvzoo sellers editor liquidating funnel Demos father blah squeeze page. Oh, whoa. These are just one now. Check this out local business now This is what I love. Now those that have actually bothered to watch to the end of this thing This is where the absolute money is. And this is why I freaking love all this thing, right so logical businesses Just have a look at the local business niches that I’ve put together for this neither for funnels I’ll show you what I mean by that So if we just take a look at that accounts an anti-aging barber shop beauty salon coach dentist bow. What? Insurance and you did it cherry drink. Oh, let’s get me Louie, right? Okay, you get the idea right? So let’s just choose one Now here’s a really good one solar energy. I don’t know about you guys. Were you wherever you’re watching from but in Australia? Solos been kind of massive for a little while. I for summer I don’t know where my phone details are but I get a call. I’m gonna say on average maybe twice a week and Basically, there’s no Opening there’s no report. Just hi blah blah blah. I’m calling about solar energy the government rebates some low. I live at the department burn Anyway I’m usually pretty nice to them. That’s not their fault I just I don’t know where they would have got my thing from anyway, right? Okay, look having a look at all this though, but as you can see you’ve got These pre-made templates and obviously some of them that are in Brazilian, that’s fine We got English over here So these ones in particular now, I’m just gonna pop this open and I’ll show you real quick I found I won’t be able to show you the whole thing But you it’ll give you a bit of a framework a bit of an idea now I’m sort of digressing from the whole ecommerce thing. I apologize But the like I say this those of you that have actually stuck around to the end This is where some super easy money is now you can imagine that a local business that is selling solar energies So panels or whatever. They probably need some help with their marketing. They’re thinking how do I get leads? how do I You know grow my business in 2019 and beyond I don’t know. What should I do? And if you come along and just say look, I’ve got something that I think is gonna work. It’s basically in a full Sales funnel that Basically will deliver you leads. All you need to do is send a bit of Facebook traffic there which is You know you don’t need to get too complex with these types of ads because the the amazing things I can’t really show you on this particular video but they actually give you ad templates that I’ve already gone through the rigmarole creating that there’s like a Really nice little video there again I’m not gonna bother it’s up for you to up to you to have a bit of a look around clients, you know you can just change all this you can do all that sort of stuff and then basically again it comes back to That thing of someone lands on this site. They’re like, ah, you can not get a solar installation or whatever. Are you? Okay, and then yeah, this is when it ends you can put a timer there. Yes I want it they click on that. They submit their details. That’s then a lead for that business So all you need to do is just pitch them the idea that this is the Oh 50 bucks a month Or build a roll you can have all this And then you can show them how to run a couple heads or you can want to do their ads management yourself And charge your recurring like 12 1500 bucks. That’s what I do with businesses. That’s how I grew my my agency So anyway, look I’ve crapped on long enough That’s basically all I wanted to go through and I know slightly digressed off the offered the given path here Because I was originally talking about E-commerce and now I’ve gone on to all this other stuff. But anyway, I’m just really impressed. I think Hopefully if you ever look at some of these as well, you will be as well as just there’s amazing amount of templates there They all look fantastic. Like I say there this is just like a business in a box these ones here You literally just go and basically sell these as a concept To these businesses and the ones that don’t have websites then you know, you got a shoo-in, right? It’s just super easy, then you can upsell them to an app design You can create a video for them. If you choose you can do prison tatt, like though you can upsell them to anything So use your imagination Jump on it. This is 2019. It’s gonna be awesome and yeah, look if you’re interested in grabbing a copy of build roll and getting some ideas and some help because I’m happy to Help coming over does join my team. I’m gonna leave a link below feel free to sign up to build wrong using that and Let me know once you do if she was anything I can help you with So I’m happy to help you out with your ad so all the funnels whatever you like, but that’s it I just want to give you guys a bit of a heads up as to how this whole thing works Hopefully it’s been informative. And if there’s anything I can help you with like I say leave a comment below Let me know that has been helpful. I think I’ve said that like five times already. But yeah, I like being helpful So, you know, let me help you help me to help you Anyway, my name is Jamie. Genie. Thank you so much for watching Sorry for crapping on for so long and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye for now

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  1. If you would like to use any of these funnels, I use builderall. You can grab a trial here and check it out for yourself: https://jamie-g.com/7days

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