April 6, 2020
Build your own brand not someone else’s

Build your own brand not someone else’s

– But on the shelf, you can’t always see that passion, can you? Whereas social media allows you
to get that passion through. – Yeah. – You know if you two weren’t here talking about these products, would
be people be looking at them? There’s not that passion
the same, is there? (upbeat electronic dance music) (Music continues) So, it’s Sunday. We’re back at the markets again to talk to a few people
on the stands and stuff. Have a good look around. There’s tons of people here that we know. We got businesses and stuff. And also, probably more importantly, to choose the winner of the… Who of all the teenage market stands, who’s most deserving of
having an online business. (market bustling) Same as if you were now, I’m gonna talk about my
amazing clock– nah… I’m being sold to. But if you talk about you
and your story and why you believe what you believe, and why you like this sort of stuff. It’s soft sell and that’s why it works. That’s why the vlogging stuff works. – And that’s why I wanted to do that… – Because they buy you too. As long as you’re not an ass. As long as you’re alright. Then people buy into what you think and what you’re trying to do. They’ll buy into you and it works. – Because you’re really
passionate about it. – Yeah exactly! – And you mean it. – People love people. Yeah. People love people’s passion, don’t they? And yet so many businesses
don’t show that. – See, I love to buy stuff. I stroke it every night,
don’t I? (laughing) Every night. – But when you just got your
products on the shelf… – I think that the nice thing is, is that your saying
the nicest compliments. – Compliments, yeah. – But on the shelf, you can’t always see that passion, can you? Whereas social media allows you
to get that passion through. – Yeah. – You know if you two
weren’t here talking about these products with
people looking at them, there’s not that passion
the same, is there? I know there’s passion in the product, but it’s not the same, is it? You buy into the people behind it. – Well, you’re gonna tell
us all about that aren’t ya? (laughing) And inspire us. We’ve got the product. We’ve got the know-how. We just don’t got the techie stuff. – It has nothing to do
with being techie, no. – Is it not? – No…no. – Nothing to do with being — – Techie. Not these days. – Is it not? – No. – Facebook, Instagram. – It’s just using it. It’s not — the scary thing is, I think, Obviously you guys are
trying to embrace it from what you were just
saying about doing it. So many people, go, “Nah,
I’m not doing this Facebook, “I’m not doing this,” and it
must be exactly the same as a hundred years ago people said, “this reading and writing
malarkey,” you know what I mean? And those people that get left behind. Or the the people like you’ll see go, “Oh computers aren’t for me.” And now there in a bad position. – Six months ago, we were all saying, “We don’t use facebook,”
well six months… (laughs) – She’s saying you need
Twitter, you need Instagram – Well you see it don’t
matter what you think about.. Its like Snapchat It don’t matter what your opinion… your opinion of snapchat is but if your prospective customers are on snapchat you better be on snapchat cause you know someone else will be on it. – Yeah, yeah – And that’s what it is. So it don’t matter if
you like or dislike it. – Its just be bold and believe
in what you’re doing really. – Yeah – And the passion behind it. As Anthony said its about that story If you look at Anthony’s video about how he started its about the passion behind the fact he said “Things aren’t right, I’m going to do something different, You know I wanna get it right” And that was the story. – Yeah, yeah…yeah. – …Its the same sort of thing. (Laughs) – …That’s why I’ve never done it but I’m gonna try that. I want to do a blog. – You should do videos on how you do it. – I am – Film yourself doing it. Film yourself doing it – Yeah, finding my piece. – Yeah, you’re going
sourcing your product. You’ve gotta sourced it. – Yeah. – And then like, showing
exactly how you’ve done it. Because it’ll be 1% of people who might learn from
you and start doing it, but that’s good cause
you’re inspiring them. But 99% will be like “Well I’m not doing…I’m not doing that. – Yeah. – But I’ll buy it off her. (Drum music) – How you doing? (Man laughs) – There we go I’m gonna be like, “Guess who I met on the weekend” (laughs) – I actually have…This is my website That’s the website I use with you. – Oh that’s your website! – Yeah. – Oh, nice. – How long have you been with us? – About…7 months now. – Right, how’s it going? – Its going really good we’ve got two shops with you. We’ve got one trade site and we’ve got one normal site. I do like, all the images
and stuff like that. And manage the site… – Oh, so you’ve done these images. – Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve
done all this by myself. I did all this. – So you’ve took them all? – [Man In Black] Yep, we’ve got over one thousand
five hundred products on your website..EKM. – Wow, what sort of sales
are you getting there? – Quite a bit to be honest its a very good platform it looks really professional I really like it. – Yeah it looks good that, doesn’t it? – Cause its not like Ebay its not like anywhere else. You have your own platform. – Yeah, its your brand
that you’re building. Yeah, I keep saying
this to a lot of people Cause people always go, “Well on Ebay I make a lot, Ebay is a lot easier” You see but, its Ebay’s brand. They pay millions for advertising for it. – Exactly. – And all you’re doing is helping them build their brand by selling on it. – Exactly, exactly but with EKM you make your own… You can literally promote yourself using…uhm EKM… (people talking) – Like that. – She didn’t bring a coat. So its Allison’s coat. That’s why it looks like that. (Laughs) – You look like an inflatable… – Didn’t bring coats did they? – I mean, I was here
most of the day yesterday walking around and it is amazing to see the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial stuff going on really. And especially from such
a wide spectrum of ages. And its great as well to see people that may be going through hard times and stuff maybe being made redundant or losing their jobs or whatever. And actually rather than going down the usual process of going to the job center
and everything like that… using a bit of entrepreneurial spark and actually setting a business up. And it has been really hard to choose… It has been really hard to choose (Laughs) I’ve been picking Mark’s brain… Allison’s about it but… We look too in terms of who would best benefit from having like…an online side of their business that could actually increase their business online and so the person that we’ve chosen to win is…Anis Candles. (Crowd cheers) Congratulations. – Do I have to go over there? – I don’t know (Laughs) Well done. – Thank you so much! – You could sell em
quite well online, them. Maybe Facebook marketing and stuff and social media marketing you’ll sell a lot. – I want to go to Smiggle. – You want to go to Smiggle. – Yes. (Crowd talks) (Upbeat band plays) – How do you think its been Mark? Has it been good? – I think its been really productive. – Good. – You think its been good Wayne? – Yeah, its been very
good. I’ve enjoyed it – We’ve inspired lots of people as well. Like, everyone I’ve talked to has been really optimistic and positive about…doing something they love. Yeah. – That’s good isn’t it? – Really passionate about it, as well. – Tired now? – Very tired, yeah. – Been a long weekend. – Yeah (Laughs) – Actually five days five day weekend – Yeah! – After London. – Well yeah then we were
in London on Wednesday aren’t we? – And then on Friday I got that presentaion. – Yeah, yeah. Yeah, no stop you see, in business you don’t stop. (Laughs) – And just editing this video, putting it together, and its quite interesting actually one of the points one of the things talked about in this video was about building your own brand you know we talked about you know, using social media and stuff to build your brand and to stay passionate you know, make sure you’re passionate and things about it. But also about the importance of having your own brand as opposed to just being on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, or whatever. Those marketplaces are amazing and you should be on them but you’ve always gotta remember if you’re on a marketplace its just like being on a market. Or having your products
in a big superstore or something. Its great, but you’re building their brand not yours and if that marketplace changes you could get cut out of it. If you set up a business out of making like…hammers and you get them in Amazon and Ebay, Etsy.. BNQ…everywhere. You know, you’re probably
making quite a bit of money. You’re probably doing alright. The problem is though All those four companies could just change to a different supplier of hammers. So, unless your hammer
is a branded product and you’re building that brand through social media and through your own website and you’re own marketing you’re always vulnerable. And literally, the other day Etsy… Allison’s there. Um…They’ve changed
their pricing structure So, they’ve just changed
their pricing from… I think 3.5% to 5% including shipping So, now all the people
on Etsy are up in arms. Which I don’t actually think..I
don’t think its a bad thing that Etsy have done that, as such. You know, they’re a business
at the end of the day. But what it is its a reminder that you should be building your own brand. Cause too many people Have literally built their entire business on Etsy And all their doing is
building Etsy’s brand not their own! So, if something like that changes you could be so vulnerable. So, if you are selling on these platforms make sure you build a website and have your own brand. Then build up your branding on social media and with your own website. Its vitally important. Anyway, if you enjoy watching these videos please do like, comment,
share, and subscribe. I really do appreciate it. Goodnight.

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