March 30, 2020
Brands on Amazon vs Their Website

Brands on Amazon vs Their Website

Kashif Zafar here with Andrew
Lorence from Orca Pacific. Andrew, I had a question related to when you look
at a brand on Amazon, compared to looking at their website. What are some synergies
you see between the two, and what would you recommend to brands that maybe have a strong
presence off of Amazon and they’re trying to figure
out to optimize on Amazon? We talk to a lot of
different brands about this, and one of the issues that I see is that they have a really
strong presence off the platform. They’re strong in the retail space. They have a strong website
presence and so forth, but really when it comes to Amazon, it’s not a match, and so really the things
that we’re looking at is the content, the brand store,
their advertising presence, really making sure that
they’re represented well and they have a good presence. The problem is that they’ve
spent so much investing in their other locations
and retail opportunities, but when you get onto Amazon, it’s one of the top locations
for eCommerce sales, and they’re just not
making that connection. I would really focus on making sure that their presence is matched,
both on Amazon and off.

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