April 7, 2020
Boosting Posts on Facebook is NOT worth it

Boosting Posts on Facebook is NOT worth it

Hello everyone. Jessica here,
your Facebook advertising expert. Now this week’s tip, I’m going to give you some tough
love boosting Facebook posts. Again, to get you nowhere. If you’re a serial booster and yet click
in that little boost button like you’re playing on the pokies, you might as well be throwing
your money down the toilet. You see, when you click the boost button and you
get a few more likes and comments on your posts, you feel good about it, but that’s not really going
to grow your business. There is a secret formula to success on
Facebook and I’m going to share it with you today. Put simply
when you create engaging, relevant content, paired up with Facebook ads done correctly
and give yourself time and remain consistent, what you end up with is
an engaged audience. Now, what an engaged audience is is a group
of people that are starting to become familiar with your
business and your brand. They’re getting to know you,
they’re starting to like you, and eventually they’ll begin to trust you. Take for example myself, why do I come on video every
week and tell you all my secrets? Quite simply, I want you to
like me. I want you to know me, and eventually I want you to trust me. So when you are ready to advertise
on Facebook, that was my dog meg. When you are ready to
advertise on Facebook and you
want to learn how to do it, guess who you’re going to call.
I’m hoping it’s going to be me. When you have a highly engaged
audience that know, like, and trust your business, that’s how
you’re going to get more inquiries. If you feel a little overwhelmed
and you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend you download my book
mistakes local businesses make and how to avoid them. It’s going to give you a great starting
point on how to strategize and how to grow that know like trust factor.
Until next week, everyone.

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