March 29, 2020
Bluehost Review – ALL PROS & CONS Revealed! (Other Reviews Won’t Tell You These!)

Bluehost Review – ALL PROS & CONS Revealed! (Other Reviews Won’t Tell You These!)

hi guys in this Bluehost review I’ll
walk you through the pros the cons ya present plans upsell up time customer
support and every other thing you will need to know so you can make an informed decision on whether you should or should not use bluehost as your
preferred web hosting platform so let’s get started with the pros guys
now the first thing that I would love to mention as a pro that comes with
Bluehost is the fact that they have the best of uptime with a track record of
99.99% in a period of one year now up time is one of the most important
aspects when choosing a web hosting now this is because if you choose a web
hosting company with a bad uptime your website will at some point go down and
if your site is down your users cannot access your website so consistently good
uptime should be one of the top priorities now after if you intend to I
post my benchmark for get up time is 99.94% guy now might seem pretty high or
it’s actually even slightly below average that does not match the
calculator are you quickly see that it translates to at least when you six
minutes of downtime each month now just that’s just over five hours
without a cause of the you guys so ideally we don’t want to see anything
less than that now the good news is abuse is this surpasses this benchmark
comfortably keeping your site live for 99.9% of the time guys
now the second thing that I would love to mention as a crew that comes with new
hosts would be the fact that it has a load speed of 406 milliseconds guys and
this is very very very important for your website because a recent report
from Google last year found that the vast majority of web mobile web sites
are way too slow now that’s a problem for two major reasons reason one being
the go-go’s mobile fest index and it I’ll leave it or hide your site’s your
sites rather in user searches based on its loading speed and studies have shown
that slow websites almost translates into lower sales guys
so after up time your host page loading time are the second most important theme
that can literally make or break your site success now the number three theme
that I would like to mention as approved that constantly host:we
the fact that he has a very low introductory price outlook into blue was
full present and glancing just a moment guys however if you were to go check out
the stallion prices right now and Bluehost you will notice the lowest
advertised price is seven point nine nine dollars per month for that price we
are getting pretty much everything you need for a single website that includes
a 50 gigabyte SSD storage or metal bandwidth with free SSL certificates and
so much more guys so you will be getting a pretty good value for the price plus
they are consistent uptime and of course page loading speed – the good news is
that if you decide to Bible hosts and click through the link that I put in the
description below this video you will get 60% discount which takes the
stallion price down even further to 3.75 dollars
come on so if you are naming all the pros and cons and you still decide to
use Bluehost just click on the first link in the description of this video to
get a 60% discount that I just talked about now the first thing that I would
love to mention as they prove that constantly works is the fact that it has
very good security options now even though Bluehost is one of the
cheaper options on the market I am pleased to see that they don’t call too
many corners or skimp on critical features like security we all know how
important security is for a website now boobers provides a lot of new security
options by default including free SSL certificate for each plan that we
mentioned earlier all plans also include a domain privacy feature that will keep
the personal information you use to sign up for a domain private now why is this
important it’s important because it prevents hackers from finding and using
these personal details for phishing schemes to trick you or others into
handing over sensitive information now Bluehost has what we call site lock
and it’s included to help prevent malware attacks which are unfortunately
fairly common on WordPress websites now code guard is another form of
protection which also provides daily backups so you can roll back previous
versions of a site if it does get hot Postini from goggle is the final
security to what nothing it provides spam protection for your
email so anything suspicious is prevented from getting into your inbox
dusty please save us all together this a very decent security package to keep
your site safe and sound so v blo that I seen Bluehost is the fact that it has so
many integrations apps and e-commerce features beyond that beyond these little
security features Google’s also provides access to a huge number of different
apps and integration so you can use the most popular services on the web now for
example the happy domain manager if you’d rather just purchase and manage
multiple domains to them you can set daily weekly or monthly backups just in
case you can also install WordPress with just a single single click now more on
that in the next session – I’m gonna check you can also install other popular
content management systems that apply CMS like a polymer or an e-commerce shop
and so much more – plus pupils will live on include access to content delivery
network where on a CDN is per host your images and large files taking that walk
of your server to deliver them faster to users around the world and keep your
site to peak at the same time you know number 6 food that comes with Bluehost
is the fact that it is the hosting platform that is recommended by
WordPress itself the the even are the only officially recommended tree hosting
platform to use with the WordPress site now of course you can use almost any web
hosting provider to create a WordPress website but the fact that Bluehost is
one of the few officially recognized partners it’s encouraging guys now
number 7 thing that I would consider improve the console Bluehost is the fact
that it’s very easy to use beginners yes some of the web posts that
I’ve seen are best only for advanced users look at web for instance it’s
great if you know what you’re doing but they lack the user user-friendly
interface for non-technical people so if you’re a beginner you’d have a tough
time actually getting your site life but that’s not we blue hole the layouts of
duos control panel also known as cPanel makes everything almost very easily
blows you just need to point and click in most cases glucose also has features
for advanced users what beginners too can easily install and start websites
needs workers now the number exported out that I found with Bluehost is in
respect to the fact that they offer you a be 30-day money-back guarantee the
fact that they offer you a money-back guarantee gives you time to try out a
new hosted services you know this way you can actually catch up the commands
by yourself right and then still actual refund if you are not completely
satisfied right now we have a few words of caution do the ninth and final
product Concha Bluehost is in respect to their customers suppose we both of us
everything from a knowledge base to live chat email to get support and even for
support see I have used the live chat if I made it for making this video and had
a guy does name Chad from Bluehost connect between two minutes there was
slight delays between each reply but overall the guy was extremely friendly
and offer direct answers to each question that I had right so it was a
palace act very painless experience which is exactly what you want out of a
post customer support it’s also important for you to know that Bluehost
gives you a free domain for the first one year so now so now that you know all
the proof let’s now get the response that comes to
after all Buddha has good websites right so the first thing that I would like to
mention as a coin that function a post is the fact that it has higher annual
reads now this is actually common web custom introduced in industry the best
way to get the lowest possible price for Christine is to use the link that I put
in the description of this video below you know you prepare for one two or even
three years up front another thing to consider is the higher in your rates
after your introductory period has expired
in this case preparing for a full three a at three point nine five dollars which
is what you get from the discounted name that I put in the description is a very
good deal guys it’s a very good deal because she’ll lock him in that low rate
for as long as possible no you are locked in and downloaded fast
not as possible however at the end of that time the rates we jump back up to
the normal rate which is $7.99 dollars per month on the most basic plan now the
second thing that I would like to mention a second Aakansha Bluehost is
the fact that that decides my crush are not free
you see most web hosts I have reviewed will move your existing website over to
their service for free now the seeds as a friendly service that helps make new
customers happy so they will waive any fees but that is not the case with
Bluehost unfortunately Bluehost doesn’t do free migrations guys they have
one-time fee of one forty nine point nine and dollars that includes the
migration of up to five website eighty-five website twenty mail account
and the annual database file for these sides well the thing is that when new
host is migrating your site for you it will be quick and seamless so you won’t
experience any delays or downtime guys it’s done almost immediately but we
taught our web hosting platform they will do it for free when I end up
wasting your time you know your site goes down for a little while now that we
now that we have looked at the pros and cons let’s now take a look at everything
that you need to know about your present plan
now Blue Hose busy plan will cost you $7.99 or 395 dollars you know 3.9 $5 we
discounted link in this graph this video then the plus plan starts at ten point
nine nine per month and the choice plans that also costs ten point nine nine per
month and they would give you access to unlimited website SSD storage and
bandwidth they also allow you to manage on limited domains pack domains and
subdomains on this place also now the pro plan starts at twenty three point
nine nine dollars per month with all these features and high performance from
the servers and of course with the link in description below you will still get
sixty percent of the plus plan now the choice plan and the pro plan okay
it just ran the pro plan as well he gets the percent on all of them off on all of
them in addition Blue Hose as all the major web hosting types including VPS
cloud dedicated data centers so to wrap this review do I remind you I recommend
Bluehost about Leah’s I really do recommend Bluehost because he has ranked
at the top of boot soft I am loading times for years now in addition they
offer strong security support a money-back guarantee and plenty of user
friendly apps all for one of the lowest rates in the industry which is just
three point ninety five dollars per month if you go to the discount link
that I put in description box below now they are not perfect though when you are
reads will increase after introductory pricing and also the charge extra for
side migrations which other who is true in for free in Oporto burrow Bluehost
deliver strong performance and good value guys so if you found my Bluehost
review video helpful informative please give this video a like drop a comment in
the comment section and also don’t forget to use the first link that I put
in the description to get a 60 percent off the normal Bluehost
pricing thanks guys for watching this video
goodbye and have a nice day until I see my next video guys you

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