March 29, 2020
BiznessApps Review – Worth your time?

BiznessApps Review – Worth your time?

Hey, I’m Steve from AppToolTester and welcome
to our Bizness Apps app maker review. With a focus on quality and ease, Bizness
Apps has become one of the fastest growing app makers in the world. They offer niche features and templates covering
almost all the types of app categories you can think of. So let’s have a look and see if they really
are top dog in the app maker world. Pricing with Bizness Apps works in a similar
way to others, in that you have two tiers that can be billed annually or month-to-month. The major difference I noticed with Bizness
Apps is that their ‘Mobile Website’ plan, which only allows you to create a web, or
HTML app, is pretty pricey when compared to other app makers. For example, with GoodBarber you can create
a native app for almost half the price. After you sign up, you get to decide which
industry you want to create an app for. There are quite a few to choose from, and
each one has three template options. You can change your mind once you get to the
starter sets, and see all the designs then too, so don’t think about it too hard. Once you’ve decided on a layout, you get
to the design dashboard. The design section is relatively standard,
and easy to navigate. There is a mini preview available on the side
that helps highlight the sections you’re changing. A nice feature that they have is the animated
image slider, which makes sense if you want to feature images for perhaps a restaurant
or real estate business. You can even link these images to other features
within your app. They do have a recommended size, but I noticed
that even when following this, the image was still bigger than the entire phone screen. So it might take some playing around to get
it looking as good as the template images. Clicking on build in the left hand menu will
take you to the adding features section. This sidebar can be minimized too, which gives
you a bit more space in the section, so you can also see the pop-out previewer. It’s simple to add extra features, and once
you have, you can edit each one independently. They all have their own design, in line with
the template or colour scheme you’ve already decided upon. But if you want a section to look completely
different, then you can also find the custom design section within every feature. The previewer slash simulator on the side
needs to be reloaded each time you want to use it. You can also choose different viewing options. Most functions work well, and it can be a
good way to note anything that looks strange. You can also use their downloadable app viewer
to preview it on your own device. This has issues of its own, though, so you
may want to stick with the online version. As mentioned earlier, Bizness Apps has a few
niche features, some useful, and others perhaps not so much. The real estate feature is quite good if you’re
in this line of work, allowing you to create maps and listings of all your properties. They also have a mortgage calculator tool
which would also make sense for this type of app. Another feature is the Sports Stat tab, this
is basically a counter that can be used for anything from counting laps to keeping track
of goals at a game. Bizness Apps does well with its support, offering
many step-by-step articles from designing your app, to publishing. If video is more your style, they also have
a Vimeo channel with over 100 tutorials, demos and webinars. And on top of that, their contact channels
are all fast and friendly. Bizness Apps definitely suits some industries
more than others due to their niche features, mentioned earlier, and ability to add feature
images to the home page. This extends to Ecommerce apps too, as the
options for online stores are a highlight. They allow integration with Shopify and Magento,
you can create menus or catalogues of your items with prices, and also allow users to
checkout within the app using a number of payment options. They also have a variety of loyalty features. Support, as mentioned earlier, is another
plus, with their varied information channels, including constantly updated FAQs Although they cover many types of industries
with their templates, it can still be tough to create something that looks completely
polished using their system. It’s the small details that make the difference,
and a lot of app makers are in the same boat when it comes to dropping the ball on these. It would also be nice to see a way to change
your template without starting from scratch. Even with its niche features, the cost of
Bizness Apps seems steep when compared to other app makers, especially for its basic
web app plan. Overall, Bizness Apps is an easy to use app
maker that could be right for you depending on your type of business. If you don’t mind paying a little extra,
you do get pretty much all the features you need on their mobile app tier, and taking
in to account its ecommerce features, they’d be one of my top picks for most types of app
stores. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our video. If you have any questions or suggestions,
please leave us a comment. Thanks for watching!

7 thoughts on “BiznessApps Review – Worth your time?

  1. Great work. I found all your reviews useful and they really are helping making a decision on which mobile App to use.

  2. What about the reseller program with an anually paid fee of 2500$. Are there better/cheaper ones? tkleinnatgmail Thanks for your help

  3. Hi guys, do you have any update the BizApps pricing structure. I have been w/them for a while now and everything has changed with regard to pricing and It does not favor the reseller. Please let me know what or if you know anything about this or have any vids on the changing app reseller market.

  4. Times Have Changed

    Having been with Bizness Apps for a long time, there have been lots of changes. Some good some not so good, but the platform usually preformed well and they were always adding new features to build a better system.

    But, now that there are new owners.

    Just prior to the sale, the system was having a good amount of bugs. The new owners say that they have fixed a lot of bugs, but, the system still has its fair share of bugs and glitches. As I write this it has been 4 or 5 month since the takeover and there are no improvements, just pricing changes for the resellers.

    After the takeover, the resellers programs were all changed giving us far less for more money. Which has effected a lot of resellers profits. AND, they are demanding everyone signs a contract guaranteeing paying them for at least 1 year.

    BEWARE AND REMEMBER – They control the apps source code. Which means they control your clients app and your business. You cannot just move it and if you don't comply or pay, the apps are shut down leaving you to deal with your clients.

    So in order to keep the existing business you built, you pay more, get less and are under contract.

    Side Note: All the other platforms we have now looked at for app building offer more for resellers and no contracts.

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