April 2, 2020
Birla Family Business Empire | How big is Birla Group? | Aditya Birla Group

Birla Family Business Empire | How big is Birla Group? | Aditya Birla Group

Hello and Welcome to TFC, I am Navin. This time we will start our journey on a camel,
riding along in the hot desert of Rajasthan. We have now reached this house, called as
‘Birla Haveli’ This is the house where it all began, A journey
of one of Asia’s richest business families. The Birla’s
The business empire was started by a small cotton trader, Shiv Narayan Birla way back
in 1860’s Now the Birla Group has transformed into multiple
companies located in over 35 countries, and together has more employees than multinational
comapnies like Apple, Johnson and Johnson or Airbus
Let’s take a Journey across the world and see the massive business empire of Birla family’s
biggest company the Aditya Birla group We will start our journey from North America
In Canada, the group owns pulp mills in Ontario and New Brunswick. In New Brunswick the Birla group is also the
largest employer of the region. Aditya Birla group is also world’s biggest
manufacturer of Carbon Black, a material used in tires and inks. And owns Carbon Black manufacturing plants
located in Ontario, Canada and in US they own manufacturing units in Kansas, Louisiana
and a technology center in Georgia The group owns aluminium rolling company Novelis
located in Atlanta, Georgia And operates one of the world’s largest
aluminum can recycling plant in Kentucky and also operates another plant in West Virginia
Aditya Birla group has also recently purchased Ohio based aluminium company Aleris for $2.6
Billion, that operates 9 manufacturing plants all around America. Now Aditya Birla group has become World’s
second largest aluminium company And employees over 12,000 people just in North
America, Two times more than how many people Johnson
& Johnson employs in India Now lets travel to South America and reach
the football crazy nation, Brazil Here Birla’s own carbon manufacturing plant
in Bahia and São Paulo. They also own aluminium plants in Utinga and
a large integrated recycling facility in São Paulo. From South America lets travel to Africa
Birla Group operates a Carbon Black manufacturing plant in Alexandria, Egypt
And in Cameroon the Company plans to jointly build a $6 billion bauxite mining and refinery
project Moving to Europe we will travel to the land
of the midnight sun, Sweden Here Aditya Birla group owns a massive bio-refinery
factory It also operates Carbon Black manufacturing
plants in Spain, Italy and Hungary The group also operates alluminium factories
in U.K, Germany and Belgium After visiting four continents we will reach
Asia and will land in the picturisque Philippines Here the group owns the largest textile mill
of Philippines and also operates a chemicals factory located south of Manila
Moving to Thailand, the group owns Thai Acrylic Fibre the world’s 5th largest acrylic fibre
manufacturer And a listed company Thai Rayon
Moreoever in Thailand, the group also owns 5 chemical manufacturing factories and one
hydrogen peroxide manufacturing unit Moving ahead, the group owns pulp and plantation
interests in Laos, A commodity trading company in Singapore,
In Indonesia the group conducts limestone exploration and also operates a textile factory
which is world’s largest producer of Viscose rayon spun yarn Moroever, the Company owns Carbon black factory
in Thailand, Korea and China And alluminium plants in Vietnam, Korea and
China. As we have reached China, lets travel to city
of Jining Here Aditya Birla group recently inaugurated
a greenfield Carbon Black plant The group also operates a viscose fibre manufacturing
plant in central China And also operates three alluminium plants
in the region Moving to UAE the company owns Dubai based
Star Cement company, which operates cement plants in UAE, Bahrain and Bangladesh The
group also operates limestone mines in UEA Aditya Birla Group also operates a cement
company in Srilanka Moreover the group’s clothing brand Louis
Philippe is also gaining popularity in Middle east, Nepal and Sri Lanka After our world tour we have finally reached
India Here Aditya Birla group jointly owns India’s
largest and world’s second largest mobile telecommunications network Vodafone Idea
It also owns UltraTech Cement, the largest manufacturer of cement in India
and also operates India’s largest fashion company that sells 3 garments every second
The group owns clothing retail chain Pantaloons and popular brands such as Louis Philippe,
Allen Solly, Peter England and operates 4000+ department stores and 2,500
brand outlets across the country The group also own Hindalco, the world’s largest
aluminum rolling company A mega Greenfield Copper Smelting complex,
A 75-MW Windmill Project, India’s largest iron ore mining company
India’s largest private sector fertiliser company
The group also operates Chemical plants, digital bank, ecommerce sites, one of the largest
mutual fund and insurance company. Moreover, the other memebers of Birla family
own one of India’s largest newspaper, Hindustan Times, India’s largest ceiling fans and home
appliances manufacturing company, Orient Electric. Century Textile, one of the oldest textile
mills in India. They also own the famous automobile company
Hindustan Motors. Hindustan Motors once was India’s largest
car manufacturer and used to manufacture one of highest selling car in India called Ambassador. Birla family has not only founded massive
companies, they have also build various institutions and landmarks that include,
Libraries, Planetariums, University, Technology and Science institutes, Research institues,
Textitle institutes, ‘Birla House’ or ‘Gandhi Smriti’, and Over 15 temples that include
Delhi’s landmark Laxminarayan Temple. The family operates 20 hospitals and conducts
5,000 free medical camps every year in rural India. The Birla family also runs over 56 schools
and provides free education to over 20,000 childrens every year. To end it all, i can only say that from this
rustic house in a small town the Birla Family has certainly created a massive Business Empire.

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