April 5, 2020
Bing Ads Doesn’t Work? AWESOME Trick To Improve Traffic Quality!

Bing Ads Doesn’t Work? AWESOME Trick To Improve Traffic Quality!

People often laugh at
Microsoft Bing and Bing Ads because they think Bing is a waste of time
and it’s all about Google. Well, to some degree, you’re probably right, but ultimately, Bing can be a great resource
to top up your Google search traffic to bring you more volume and
more convergence for your business. It’s still important
to learn and utilize Bing. However, there’ve been a number
of people complaining at Bing for having low-quality traffic
or worse quality traffic than Google. Sometimes, that can be the case, but there’s a couple of really
key reasons as to why that is. I’m going to show you two things
you need to do within your Bing account to make sure you’re serving
ads in the right places getting the right
kind of search traffic as well. I’m going to jump into Bing and show you guys
directly sharing my screen coming up. Hi, guys. What I’m going to show you
now is actually how to make sure you’re getting the best quality
traffic when you use Bing Ads. Now, as you guys know, Bing Ads
is a good source for additional traffic, but there are problems
in terms of the default settings when generating traffic on Bing Ads
and you’re actually opted-in to some networks that aren’t
very good for your convergence. Let me walk you through
how to find out if you’re opted-in what to do about it as well
if you’ve been running campaigns before. The first thing you need to do is check out
what’s called the web publisher reports. In order to do that,
I’m going to go over to reports. Now, I’m in reports.
I’m going to go look at the left-hand side menu, go through to the website URL or the web
publisher reports as it was formerly known. In here, you can generate a report that shows
you where your ads have been showing. You’d like to think,
“If I’ve done a search campaign, my ads are just going to show
on Bing and Yahoo only?” Not the case, your ads are actually liable to show across a number of search engines that’s the default opt-in setting on Bing Ads. What I’m going to do is
I’m going to run the report for all time just so you can
see exactly what I mean. I’m going to click on run
as opposed to download because I just want to show
you guys in Bing Ads. I’ve hit run.
That report will start to generate. Shortly, you’ll be able to see. Here we have it.
Now, all of a sudden, you can see at the very top, you have Bing
and Yahoo search properties only. Great, fantastic, that’s exactly what
you want your campaigns to run on. Now, as you start looking through, you’ll start
to see some of the search engines here; search.com, appcrawlr.com, easysearch.org.uk, DuckDuckGo, Gumtree. There a number of search
engines here in this list that you don’t necessarily
want to be showing on. In fact, most of them are pretty much spammy,
they’re not very relevant to direct search, if you’re expecting the same results
you get from Google Ads, then, this is not what you want. You don’t want to be showing on
half of these search engines, if not, none of these search engines
you don’t want to show on. Now, of course, if you’re getting good results
out of some of these search engines, I’m not going to say not to use them. If you want to use them because you’re getting
results, then, for sure, use them. The question is, how can you block specific
search engines from showing on Bing? Let me show you. All you need to do is go into campaign settings.
I’m going to go back to campaigns. Now, I’m back in campaigns, what I’m going to do
is I’m going to select this campaign and go through to settings. When you’re in the campaign settings, all you need to do is go right to the bottom you’ll see an option called
advanced campaign settings. If you haven’t changed any advanced settings,
then, it will look like this, and you have to open up this drop down. What you’re going to do next is go through,
which is something I’ve already done, that’s go through to exclusions
and go to website. What you can do is you can drop in
all of the URLs of all the search engines that aren’t performing for you in this list. You can add them in,
and when you add those URLs for all of those underperforming
or spammy search engines, as you can see I’ve done here, then, what happens is Bing
will exclude them from their campaigns. If you are getting traffic or good traffic
from some of these third-part search engines, which are part of the Bing network, then, you can exclude them here
and keep the once you want. However, if you’ve realized that
all of the Bingnetwork isn’t what you want you want to make sure you want to just
stick with purely search on Bing and search on Yahoo, then,
there’s a way around that as well. A lot of the time you might
want to make sure that– Because Bing add a lot of new
search engines to this list as well, what you’ll find is
they’ll add new search engines in, then, you would never know about it,
but because you’re opted-in into your settings, it’d be added to new search engines
when they add them to their network, then, that becomes a big problem. What we’re going to do is,
we are going to go ahead and block all search engines but Bing. In order to stop all the kinds of new
Bing network traffic and just to focus on the Bing and Yahoo network
only as opposed to partner traffic, all you need to do is select an ad group.
I’m going to select an ad group. Now, within the ad group settings, because you have to do this at ad
group level, you scroll to the bottom you make sure you select
the ad distribution settings. You’ll see an option will pop up,
you can see all the different types of options. You can see the default would
probably be all search networks, I’ve actually gone ahead and changed
this already for this particular campaign, but you’ve got to make sure
if you want only Bing and Yahoo traffic to make sure you have Bing, AOL,
and Yahoo Search only, owned and operated, this will make sure that you get
purely Bing and Yahoo search only. All of those terrible websites
you saw with the spammy looking URLs you won’t ever get opted-in
to those kinds of websites ever again. This is a great thing to do to make sure
that you can stop all of this from occurring. Finally, there’s one thing you need to look at,
and it’s around audience ads on Bing. Automatically, similar to what Google
used to do with the search with display select nonsense they used to do, where they used to opt you
in to the display network by default, making you spend more money obviously, getting worse quality traffic,
at the same time Bing do a similar thing as well. We’re going to back into campaign settings
as opposed to ad group settings now. We’re going to go ahead and do that.
Now, we’re in campaign settings. If you go right to the bottom,
you will see something called audience ads. I’m going to click this and you’ll see
there’s an audience ad bid adjustment. I’ve actually gone ahead already
and decreased this buy 100%. This essentially opted me out
of the Bing display network or whatever Bing uses to display
ads around the Internet that aren’t necessarily around search. What you’ll notice is as soon as
you decrease this by 100%, you’ll click-through rate
will go through the roof because you’re not advertising
on display ads anymore, you’re purely targeting search only,
so all of the bad targeting, all of the bad search clicks
you’re going to get, all of the budget you could potentially
waste will be stopped by doing this. Now, some people might think,
“I want to show in display ads as well, which might be valuable for my business,” but 9 times out of 10,
you don’t want the setting enabled. In order to stop showing in these areas, you need to make sure you decrease
the bids by 100% like I’ve done here. By going into this option,
you now make yourself purely on Bing search. All of the things I’ve shown you now mean that
in the same way you’d advertise on Google, purely on Google for search, you’ve now set Bing up to advertise
purely on Bing and Yahoo Search. You might notice your volumes
might drop down in your campaigns in terms of clicks and impressions, but you’re not going to miss those clicks
anyway because they were low quality and you are wasting your budget. This should help you really maximize Bing
make sure you’re showing in the right places. Thank you for watching this video. If you liked it, please a like below. Let me know in the comments
if you plan to use Bing. Now, you have more hope that you could
potentially get better quality traffic. More important than that,
don’t forget to subscribe. Check the other content on my channel. I’ve also linked up in the description
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that to plan your campaigns. More important than that,
watch more videos on my channel. I’ll see you guys on my next video.

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