April 7, 2020

13 thoughts on “‘Bike Not Included’: Ryan Reynolds Hires Woman From Peloton Ad For Gin Label

  1. America demands to deal with the traitor. All are equal before the law!
    Biden Jr.'s betrayal was a heavy blow to America.
    The most secret documents of the White House of the time of Obama could be transferred to China.
    The most secret documents went from Hilary Clinton's home server directly to China. It was a stab in the back to the entire American people. The most secret documents, the most top secret.
    Trump is desperately trying to save the situation, it's a battle against time.

    Trump now needs time, he needs a second term to rectify the heavy betrayal of the Obama administration.
    Brennan must testify in the Senate about the whole story.
    Americans feel betrayed and deceived by Nobel laureate Mr. Obama

  2. Considering that my dear brother died of alcoholism… I would rather that people encouraged healthy living ..
    Be well everyone and remember ….One is too many and a thousand is never enough!!
    God bless you all

  3. Okay, so the original ad could be construed as sexist as the husband buys his wife a bike. But that`s literally all that happens. Maybe she had asked for said bike, maybe he knows that she likes fitness, maybe she`s training for a bike race but can`t do her training as she`s a company president without the necessary time. However, the one interpretation which everybody seems to have gone for is that he bought it because he`s a manipulative controlling wife-beater, and thinks she needs to lose weight. Why automatically go for that one negative interpretation out of all the others given the scant information about their relationship we get to see. And then in this ad, at 0:25 we get `you`re safe here`. This further suggests that she isn`t safe around her husband and has actually split up from him, which is consolidated with `to new beginnings` (0:28). We wouldn`t get this with any other ad had the story been the same but the participants in it been different. The irony is that the same people who deride the original ad are probably the same ones who deride ads for reinforcing gender stereotypes. This simply reinforces the stereotype that men are controlling and dangerous. The second irony here is that the same people who complain about stereotyping will also talk about intersectionality which basically means `don't tar everyone with the same brush as we all have different experiences and access to power`. I don`t see the same notion of intersectionality being extended to the guy in the ad with regard to his motives. Can we stop automatically assuming that we can read minds and know more than the information we have access to?
    A final point, has nobody noticed that we don't even get to see said husband for more than a few seconds on screen, and it`s usually just the back of his head? How did we end up gleaning so much information about him from so little.

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