April 6, 2020
BigCommerce on WordPress, is it a Good Idea – WP The Podcast EP 529

BigCommerce on WordPress, is it a Good Idea – WP The Podcast EP 529

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Blackman and Tim strife ler hey everybody welcome to another episode
of WP the podcast brought to you by WP gears I’m David Blackman and I’m Tim
straggler today we’re going to talk about BigCommerce it’s an e-commerce
solution and we’re going to talk about having it on your WordPress website is
it a good idea obviously WooCommerce is owned by automatic the same company that
owns WordPress WooCommerce is the number one ecommerce platform in the world and
you may be thinking big commerce is a thing it looks really good
should I put it on my WordPress website because there is some there are some
differences there with big commerce and WooCommerce and we just kind of wanted
to touch on what we thought you know might might work for you if you’re
interested in big commerce some of the pros and cons and stuff so Tim get us
kicked off yeah so big commerce you might not have heard of it before but it
is a hosted ecommerce solution similar to Shopify where it’s on their own
servers it’s their own closed system their own proprietary system it’s not
built on WordPress or anything like that however big commerce has been promoting
recently their new WordPress integration and so what that is is basically you
sign up for a big commerce account you add your products on there and then you
install the WordPress plug-in and the wordpress plugin will basically bring
the e-commerce functionality and the products that you’ve added on big
commerce into your WordPress installation and so it’s essentially
it’s a little more complicated but it’s basically an iframed
shopping experience inside of your existing WordPress website and so it
basically lets you have your WordPress website but then use big commerce for
the heavy lifting of the the transactions and all that so I’m gonna
talk a lot even talk about kind of why you might do this and what kind of what
the benefit is and then we’ll go from there
yeah so when you have big big commerce and their own hosted solutions you kind
of get the best of the both the best of both both worlds Tim I can’t talk this
morning I apologize for that let me say that
again the best of both worlds there we go
you know you get to outsource the resource-intensive e-commerce
transaction to big commerce servers while keeping them on your website so
will commerce is a very resource-intensive platform you’re
hosting it on your own host that means that you have to be able to manage that
you’ve got to optimize it all of your payment gateways and everything
everything is running through your servers there are some you know legal
implications as well as far as whether or not your store and
credit card data now if you’re going with something like PayPal or stripe you
don’t have to worry about this but if you have your own merchant account on
WooCommerce you have to be PCI compliant and there are some pretty strict laws
that you have to be aware of when you run an e-commerce platform because
you’ve got customers very you know sensitive information that you’ve got to
protect those hackers out there that would love to have this information so
one of the benefits of big commerce for example is they handle all of that you
know they’ve got the resources no matter how big your ecommerce store is no
matter how much traffic you get they’re going to set it up and optimize it for
you they’re gonna handle all of the legal PCI compliance issues that maybe
you need to cover whereas with WooCommerce you’re
responsible for it all unless you’re using something like a PayPal or stripe
or Square or something like that that handles all of the the transactions are
handled on their servers and stuff so there’s a lot more that we could dive
into and and go really really deep down rabbit holes with this but I think the
most important thing is the resources is it gonna you know slow your website down
our customer is going to have a a great user experience and you know protecting
users data is hugely important yeah definitely I
there was someone in one of the Divi Facebook groups recently that
talked about Divi and WooCommerce that they could handle a large store and so I
chimed in and said you know it’s not really divvy or WooCommerce to have to
worry about its your hosting you need to have a host that can handle a large
database if you have lots of products and be able to handle all the traffic
and can handle a lot of concurrent transactions which is basically
transactions happening at the same time normally on a wordpress install when
someone visits a page they’re seeing a cached version of the page we talked a
lot about WordPress caching in previous episodes so I’m not going to dive into
what that is but with a transaction that’s happening through WooCommerce or
another WordPress plugin it’s not being able to serve a cached version it needs
to that has to be uncashed for that transaction to happen it has to hit your
database and do other things and so you need really good hosting so if you’re
someone that okay you you’re using WordPress we love WordPress but you want
to sell products but you don’t really want to have to worry about scaling in
terms of the e-commerce side of things you want just to let someone else handle
it then the big commerce WordPress integration might be a good fit for you
because you can add your products there bring them in through their WordPress
integration but let the transaction happen you’re basically outsourcing that
resource intensive transaction process that normally you would need really good
hosting for absolutely well I think we’ve covered it pretty much so Tim what
is our conclusion bigcommerce on WordPress is it a good idea I think it’s
a good idea if you’re someone that doesn’t want to worry about the all the
hosting implications that come with a high-traffic e-commerce site I totally
agree and if you you know have your own in-house staff and team that can handle
the hosting side of things in the security and everything that we’ve kind
of briefly mentioned then you know let’s go with WooCommerce and that way you’re
you’re not paying you know a company like big commerce on a monthly basis to
use their platform and stuff all right tomorrow we’ve got another great topic
should you use popups on your website Tim until tomorrow we’ll see you then
take care bye bye we’ve come to the end of today’s episode
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