January 18, 2020
Beware Of Fake GURU YouTube Videos – They Are Not What You Think

Beware Of Fake GURU YouTube Videos – They Are Not What You Think

– Is Guru name a scam? Is Peng Joon a scam? Is Tony Robbins a scam? Is Robert Kiyosaki a scam? Is Dan Lok a scam? Is Kevin David a scam? The truth about these people revealed. (upbeat music) Hey, this’ Peng Joon here and one of the things
that I’ve been noticing that’s really rampant in the online world over the last decade pretty much, is marketers riding on
other people’s names and using these kind of call outs, as though there’s some
sort of expose saying, “Is marketer’s name or is author’s name “or is thought leader’s name a scam?” The truth about product name or truth about person name revealed. And this is literally
something that’s gone on in the internet marketing community for a really long time. It’s sometimes known
as negative advertising and it is a great clickbait and I felt like I needed
to break my silence and share with you my opinion and my take on this, after seeing just so many
marketers being attacked. Some of them being really unfair. And I wanted to share with you how to think about this. Now, one thing before I begin talking about
all these different people, is I wanna mention something that I heard from Tony Robbins close to a decade ago. And he said, “When it comes to building significance, “which is something “that every human being wants to do.” Everybody wants to be significant. Everybody wants to be recognized. There’s really just two ways of doing it. He said, “In order to build “the tallest building in the city, “you can either number one, “tear everyone else down, or number two, “actually build this tallest building.” Now online marketing and
doing these ads, videos, promos, and these type of clickbaits, there’s really just these
two ways to as well. Number one is, you could actually create
videos and create content that actually gives value to other people, or number two, you could
get that significance and the hits and the likes and engagement, by tearing everybody else down. Now, number two unfortunately, is an extremely effective
marketing method. Because it’s really based on fear, it’s based on provoking others, it’s based on controversy, people love drama, people love gossip, and that’s why it’s extremely effective. And in fact, in the world of affiliate marketing, it’s been used for such a long time. If you look at any marketer out there, including my name. Is Peng Joon a scam? The truth about product name revealed. Tons of them have been doing
this for such a long time and there’s just so many videos for every single market out there. And usually, there’s always
just these two outcomes, right. Most of the time it’s, we reveal this person’s product, is it a scam? Before you buy anything else, watch this or read this article to find out more. And people will naturally
want to click on that because they’re about to
buy this person’s name and this marketer is
bidding on this terminology. So natural they hijack this terminology and now people want this unbiased review. And usually what happens is, we took a look at this product name, and we found out that number one, it’s the real deal. So buy this from us where we give you these different bonuses, or the second one will be, we looked at it and it’s
really not that great. We give it a four out of 10. Buy this other product instead. And either way, it’s
worth an affiliate link. The person will get paid, whether you buy from this person or not, or this other person. So one thing I’ve been noticing that’s really rampant right now is YouTube channels from other people where they built their entire audience, just knocking others down. Other people who’s making
10 x more income than them and there’s just tons
of channels like that. I’m just not gonna name any of them. And I feel that what’s happening right now is that they are rallying all these different people together. Angry, broke people in most instances. And the way I’d like you
to think about this is, in whatever industry, whether it’s fitness, whether it’s money, whether it’s investing, I always believe in this 1% rule. Which is basically this, I believe that if you
are really, really good at what you do, you’ll have
a minimum of 1% of people not liking you, not agreeing with you, who’ll criticize you, who’ll doubt you, who’ll hate on you. Now this number is going
to be a whole lot higher, especially if your market or your niche has anything
to do with money or wealth, that kind of stuff, or
personal development. Now, if you were to take a
look at any thought leader that you respect, or
that is big out there, whether it’s Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, or whoever. Just think about the name
and if you went online, and you typed in person name scam. I guarantee you, you will have crazy amount
of results, including myself. And the reason for that is
because of this 1% rule. Why, ’cause these people have
helped millions of people. And no matter how good you are, you will have that 1% who will disagree with you and will hate on you. For whatever reason. They might not like the way you look, might not like your accent, might not like the way you talk, might not like the way you dress, might not like you for your beliefs, might not like you for skin color, might not like you for religion, might not like you for no reason at all. And this is why most people will just stay in the comfort zone and not want to do anything. Haters is confirmation of greatness. This 1% of is person name a scam? Is a great clickbait. In fact, let’s do an experiment. Let’s go to my laptop instead, okay. I’m gonna go on Google, I’m going to type in Mother Teresa scam. First result out of four million. Number one is an entire
article on Mother Teresa that’s on Wikipedia. And probably most people would say like, Mother Teresa is a saint. She dedicated her entire life, like literally just helping people. And you can see like, there’s a whole Wikipedia article, criticizing Mother Teresa. A whole New York Times article criticizing Mother Teresa. You have a Medium article saying that Mother Teresa is a fraud. Whoever, okay. Let’s take a look at, you know what, let’s type in Jesus. Now this is probably
gonna offend some of you, but I’m doing this to prove a point. 16.7 million search results. We’ll obviously find a
lot of different things that people gonna say, whether it’s a hoax, whether it’s a scam, and if you take a look
at the different results for anything really, here’s the thing, if you take a look at any person, or being, or entity that
has achieved greatness, that has reached millions of people, I guarantee you, there’s somebody at least 1%, again if you’re doing a good job, calling it a scam. And here’s the thing, if you wanna think about
this concept for a second, many of these people who are
doing these YouTube videos, who are calling these
other marketers a scammer, they’re labeling themselves, as a person who’s out there
to look for the truth. And I respect that. I mean sure, we deserve to know the truth. But wouldn’t you at the same time agree that no matter how good you are, you will have at least again, that 1% of people, who will buy something, a product, program, service, with a different set of expectations, thinking that they’re
going to be rich overnight, and that 1% who didn’t do anything will end up having no results? Whatever it might be. And here’s what these people who are doing these exposes are doing. They’re totally ignoring all of the other positive comments, and they’re looking at that 1%. Now, what is an acceptable percentage that makes it a scam? Is 1% of failure considered scam? What about 10%, is this considered a scam? Like 10% of people who do
it, don’t get any results? What if it was 30% or 50%? At what number would it
be considered a scam? 50% is high. If half of the people don’t get results, yeah, that’s kind of misleading, okay. But here’s what I would like
you to take a look at next. Traditional school and
college and university. How many percent of
people that go to school and go to college, do you think ends up
being successful in life? In fact, does it even
guarantee them a job? Not at all. But yet, that’s seen as
a norm by most people. Right now, for a person that goes that spends five, six figures, and it’s definitely six figures, if you’re thinking about Ivy League and the top colleges out there. But this is what most people will pay to get to that dream
college or university. So what do you think
would be the success rate of a person that becomes successful and goes through this system
that society has made normal to go to that university
and become successful? I would say, and I’m totally pulling the
number out of my ass here, maybe three to 5% and that’s being generous. But let’s say it was 5%. What do you think this number is? Let me know in the comments below. Now, whatever number you think it is, to me, this is a scam. And there’s not enough
people calling this up. But just think about this for a second. So paying six figures to go to school and get a good degree, in hopes to get a good job, is being this normal and that sane, but if you spent $97 or $1,000 or $2,000 to buy a course on specialized knowledge, oh, but if you spend
$2,000 of course that, that’s stupid, that’s a scam. You spent $2,000 trying to be
good at this one skill set, and you didn’t get the results you want, but spending six figures to do this, This is normal and that’s sanity. And here’s the thing that saddens me. Once a while people ask me saying, “Peng Joon, are you
teaching get rich quick?” And sometimes like I have
trouble answering that question. ‘Cause it’s like a trick question. It’s like number one, I know that social media and Facebook ads and building online
business and sales processes isn’t get rich slow. So somehow society has made it so that get rich quick is a bad thing. But this thing over here, this is normal. The point I’m trying to make is this, the question I want
you to ask yourself is, are you working on building
the tallest building? Or are you trying to
build the tallest building by tearing somebody else down? And other people down? And all these other houses down? I would like to share with
you my favorite quote, of all time, okay. I’d like to read it over to you. And basically this quote: It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out
how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds
could have done them better, the credit belongs to who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs. Who comes short again and again, because there is no effort
without error, and shortcoming. But who does this and actually strive to do the deeds, who actually knows great enthusiasms. The great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be, with those cold and timid souls, who neither know victory nor defeat. Now think about that for a second. The question I’d like you ask yourself is, have you been in the arena, or have you been a spectator? ’cause most people are going to be spectators
their entire life. And if you are going to be in the arena, I wanna prepare you for this. That in the journey of
pursuit of greatness, there will be that 1%. The 1% who’ll try to tear you down, who will try to ride on your popularity, who’ll try to hijack the keywords which is your name of your products, to ride on your success
at the expense of you, and for those of you that’s
putting out those videos, it is easy to tear other people down, But it’s gonna be way harder to build something up of your own. To those of you who are
watching those videos, the question I’d like
you to ask yourself is, how does this actually serve you? I see so many people, just utilizing this thing
that’s in their pockets and being on social
media, consuming content that’s purely just a distraction. I know people that use this, to just look at politics the entire day. And all they do is look at politics and read up on politics and share their thoughts and opinions and try to persuade and
change somebody else’s belief. Their friends and families probably not even reading
the post in the first place. And they’re consumed by things that they cannot change. So are you just obsessed
by watching these videos? It’s great to know the truth but at the same time, does watching these videos
every single day serve you? Being in the arena, that’s scary. Chances are you’re gonna feel alone. Chances are, there’s going
to be tons of criticism, there’s gonna be tons of haters, people booing at you, and this is why most
people never even begin or even if they begin, they quit after a couple
of weeks or months, why? Because social media can be very brutal. People will say things to you that they will never say
in front of your face when you’re with your family. But somehow behind the keyboard, they become warriors. The haters that you’ll get in
the journey of you doing this, they are never doing better than you. To understand that the reason
why they’re hating on you is because of some could have been, should have been, or would have been. There’s something they see in you, that they feel, that could have been them, that should have been them. And it is just a reflection on them. Look, if somebody watches your stuff for 15 minutes and 30 minutes and they have something to hate on you, that’s just the way it is. And if you can deploy empathy and know that it’s not personal, that’s how you can become invincible while you are in the arena. The question you gotta ask yourself is, can you be brave enough not to allow somebody
else’s opinion of you to define who you are and
what you’re capable of? One of my first viewed videos on YouTube, was somebody saying, “Peng Joon, you’ll never be
able to speak internationally “with that Ching Chong accent.” True story. Having comments that said, you know, “Peng Joon, who’s gonna listen to you “when you haven’t even
gone through puberty yet?” I get a lot of these hilarious comments. I just laugh it off, why? Because it’s not personal. It’s just somebody else’s lens and reflection on how it looks on them. Hey, this is Peng Joon
here, and the question is, have you been the spectator or have you been actually
playing this game of life? Let me know in the comments below, what your biggest takeaway is. And as always, if you liked this video, click on the Subscribe button, it helps a channel out a little bit and I’ll see you in future videos. (upbeat music)

7 thoughts on “Beware Of Fake GURU YouTube Videos – They Are Not What You Think

  1. I agree for the most part Peng but I’m sorry Kevin David is a scam. He is like a comic that steals jokes. I’ve seen him verbatim rip Tai Lopez, Dan and Billy Gene. Don’t be the police officer that protects one of his own even though they are obviously corrupt. https://twitter.com/coffeebreak_yt/status/1193936304528072706?s=21

  2. Now that you bring it up I would like to offer my personal honest review – I saw Peng Joon at an event that I paid to get access to and the only thing that I got out of it was a bunch of regurgitated info and a PITCH to buy more stuff from them and to join affiliate programs where they will benefit such as clickfunnels… I WOULD BE VERY CAREFUL.. sorry Peng Joon I know you are not going to like it but I was very disappointed in you…IS IT A SCAM I would be very very careful, but everyone must make up their own mind – that was the last money I spent on something that is not going to take me anywhere I realised the only winner was Peng Joon and his fellow presenters at this event.

  3. . If the title of a person video says “ Make $300 in A Hour”, then people expect to make $300 dollars in a hour using whatever method they’re being showed to use. If they don’t make $300 in a hour using that method, then of course they’re going to say that person is a scammer because that’s somewhat, False Advertisement!!! A lot of them are deceiving people so they can get views and subscribers on YouTube which helps them get that YouTube check, and so they can get paid if people buy their courses. Some of them need to stop misleading people with methods they know doesn’t work anymore. If they would actually help people then those same people will buy their courses.

  4. Love it love it love it. I love your videos man and your though process and I got to tell you there are lots of recycled content out there but your content is unique, interesting and actually useful.

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