April 1, 2020
Better Ecwid eCommerce Horizontal Categories | Example in WIX

Better Ecwid eCommerce Horizontal Categories | Example in WIX

Ok so I am going to do a quick video on
how to add horizontal categories to your Ecwid store. This is a question that I had from one of
my clients at one point and it might be useful for you if you want to change the way your
categories are displayed in Wix. So we are going to go back into our Wix account
and head over to our store page that has Ecwid installed on it. So what you are going to do is click on Settings
>Design and you are going to scroll down, all the way down to advanced settings. This is where you can add your HTML. The HTML that we added here is from Ecwid’s
support site, it is the code for the horizontal categories. Scroll down in your control panel and grab
your store ID. Copy and paste it right here and Ecwid automatically
edits the code for us. We are just going to copy this and then paste
it to our advanced settings area in Wix. If you click next to it, the categories will
appear at the bottom of the page. Now that was the issue that my client was
having, they were kind of frustrated with it being at the bottom of the page, it doesn’t
seem logical, they wanted to get rid of the category pictures and the text for the categories
and just wanted to display this kind of menu at the top of the page. So what we are going to do is go grab the
code that I prepared for my client and then go to your Ecwid backend (for this part of
the code) and go to Settings>Design>Create CSS theme and just edit the theme you currently
have. If you need to create a new theme just click
on New Theme. Name it, paste the code I have given you and
Activate it. Now what this does, it is going to hide the
subcategories and subcategories. Hit Save, and then Publish
and you will see that the categories are now shown at the top of the page with a drop down
and that they are nicely padded like they should be. So that is it, it is as easy as that, the
code is prepared for you, all you have to do is copy-paste everything and you will have
this nice setup.

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