April 9, 2020
Best Way To Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2020

Best Way To Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2020

what’s going on everyone Attan here and
in today’s video I am going to share with you the best way to start with
affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020. I’m going to share with you how to
find offers where to find them I’m going to share with you one must-have thing
when you get started with affiliate marketing I’m gonna share with you a few
traffic strategies and a lot more there’s a lot of things we have to cover
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alright so as I said I’m gonna share with you here the best way to get
started with affiliate marketing especially if you’re a beginner of
course I’m gonna share where how to find offers one important thing as I said
also you must have this when you get started in my opinion otherwise you are
going to lose a lot of money and I’m also going to share with you a few
different strategies here regarding traffic so pay attention watch the whole
video don’t skip on anything so you don’t miss out on any important
information I’m gonna share with you here today
let’s get started okay I’m going to draw a little bit but I’m also going to show
you I need to do this to explain the formula here for you and basically this
is more or less the same strategy that I made 420 dollars in a day you can see
proof here this is my course daily list profits
I made the thirteen hundred and sixteen two and a half days I also built an
aiming list for free there I think it was a to 300 subscribers almost that I
got in there so I made of course more money later on by promoting some offers
sir so this is why I consider it is to be the best way of course it is to build
an email list and this is one of the most important things for those of you
that have been following me you probably heard this
story before but when I got started with online marketing
I heard the phrase that email marketing is dead this is dead and that is dead
so I said okay let’s get started with a facebook fanpage
I started spend thousands of dollars countless hours and one morning when I
woke up I wasn’t really happy because it was gone it was gone I couldn’t get it
back I sent I don’t know how many times I send I tried to contact Facebook
without any answer without knowing what was wrong there and that is where I
decided of course to get started with email marketing I mean everyone was
talking about the emails in the man is in the list I’m sorry the man is in the
list so I said okay it must be that it is that way and if you think about it it
is because you know the control of Facebook YouTube or whatever any other
social platform but your email list you’re in control of that one of the
most important things then is to build an email list I consider that you can do
it in any niche that you are involved in actually this should be your number one
priority to build an email list so when let’s get started here we can have a
look here on how we build an email list you saw earlier here that we have
something called an opt-in page or a squeeze page let me show you an example
of this this is my opt-in page so basically what we are doing here is we
are giving something away for free in exchange for the email address and in my
case here I have my case study I revealed to you on how to start earning
200 to 500 dollars per day and when you obtain you’re going to see that free
video now if you don’t want to record video no problem I’m going to explain to
you here real soon let’s have a look at one more squeeze page here this is on my
blog my IM tips this is an exit page actually so when you’re trying to exit
you can you’re going to save this page here wait it says you’re going to get
the free report that shows you how to make hundred and twenty six and sixty
four and build an email list of hungry subscribers for free so in this case I
actually have a free report so what I wanted to say
earlier here if you are not if you don’t want to record video if you can’t do a
case study or something like that you can actually do a report so how do you
do a report really simple you go to google and you type free PL or PL or
stands for private label rights and even if you’re going to pay it super cheap to
buy this kind of products there are thousands if not millions available
online you can see here I’m just opening up one side here let’s say free PL or
downloads and there are actually in almost all the niches you can imagine
and think about here all right so let’s say that we are going for affiliate
marketing you can see here are some cool PDF reports here that you can use now a
tip make sure you do a newie cover if you can’t do it outsource it it costs
only 5 bucks on Fiverr and make sure you rewrite it a little bit for those that
are going to read they would like to see something unique and make sure you take
that time and effort to do this because you are going to have it back later on
people are going to trust you like you and they are going to buy from you
really simple so you do a free report here or a free video if you can record
and you are going to need something called an autoresponder an autoresponder
because we want to have the emails automatically there ok it runs for
itself you don’t have to be online and answer and do that with an autoresponder
so autoresponder by number one recommendation is a weber a weber calm
this is inside my list here this is an email follow-up sequence and this is so
important to have in place also ok you do need to have because people are not
going to purchase from the first time they are going to start to read and it
what you want to do here is provide value promote offers provide value it’s
going to be like send free emails with value
is going to be hard promotion I’m going to explain later on more about this but
you knew you don’t need to have this in place because you don’t want to be 24
hours behind the computer so this runs for itself you set it up you take the
time and when you have set it up it runs for itself on autopilot ok let’s move on
here so we have the opt-in page the squeeze page we have the follow up
sequence here and of course if we are talking about traffic and we are going
to have the offer here so let’s have a look at the offer actually and I’m going
to do this for the simplicity here we are going to two networks today
the first one is Clickbank they are probably the largest regarding digital
products here no matter what niche I think you’re probably going to find
something here that you can promote the most popular niches would be wealth
health and fitness probably and but of course you can do some other things I
usually recommend like Ted’s Woodworking plan you can see that there are green
products games fiction and so on here I mean if I go for example for health and
fitness we have a lot of products here that you can promote and it totally
depends it is sorted by popularity here this is the most popular product right
now as I’m recording this video here we have the Cinderella solution has been on
for a while now but I want actually to focus today here on the niche here the
e-business and a marketing and if you have a look at this at from the top
actually you see that CB University is a great one now this is important you
don’t need to see this affiliate page because you want to see if they have
available swipes for example if they have banners it totally depends on how
you’re going to promote here ok this is the 12-minute affiliate offer this is
pretty new hasn’t been seen in my opinion it is a good bet actually
this has been around for a long time it’s a high ticket and I think you could
actually promote this later on but this to earn a sixty plus and there is
actually a recurring commissions that you can learn let’s have a look a little
bit at the details here all right look at this exactly as I said who else wants
to make monthly recurring income and up to three hundred and ninety-eight two
dollars and fifty cents per sale so this is actually when they have the upsells
if someone purchased the whole package you are going to get three hundred and
ninety eight dollars and fifty cents in commissions and of course you can see
this stands for earnings per click it’s three dollars and eighty one cents which
is really really good so this is a great offer actually now they provide you here
with a lot of material which is another benefit of course to be an affiliate
marketer you don’t have to deal with this so here they actually explain the
the upsells and the monthly recurring their hero if you want to pick some
links but we want to have the main link actually some banners and this is what
you need actually this is promo swipes email swipes you don’t have to write
email marketing for 16 days there you go sixteen swipes 16 days I will focus on
one offer at a time so I would focus actually I would do 20 swipes okay do
free for unique on your own rewrite those a little bit here also so it will
be written with your words it will help you of course and you are going to
insert them in your follow-up sequence as I had and showed you earlier here so
now you have that in place you’re going to need of course to grab the link here
what you do is really simple you’re grabbing the link here you generate the
hop link and you don’t need a tracker okay the risk click magic is probably
the number one recommendation but if you want to get started with something cheap
and free to get started just to have a quick tracking you can do it with a link
shortener like bitly you’re going to see just how many clicks you have there from
your link so it could be a good idea to get started with that otherwise if
you’re in just eight if you’re serious don’t think
about it go for clickmagick this is the number one recommendation so we have
that in place we have our swipes and we are ready to drive traffic before we get
here to the traffic I’m also going to show you here a little bit on Amazon as
I said Amazon you can promote whatever you want here I mean you can promote
let’s say for example this bag the cool thing with Amazon is they do have the
24-hour cookie which means that if I come here and purchase from you link
this pair of headphones but I also purchase this mouse here you will make a
commission from that too so I mean you can see some really weird commissions
with products that you never promoted before the Commission’s here or
everything from four of the 10% it might not sound a lot but it can be a lot
because people usually buy more than just one thing when they already here
and purchase something that you are promoting and here I mean just use your
imagination you can promote whatever you think and you like alright so you just
go ahead and sign up as an affiliate marketer for amazon.com and you can do
that as well alright let’s move on to the traffic I think if I go back here we
have the offer I share actually two platforms here one was Clickbank one was
Amazon if you can’t find anything here on these two platforms all you have to
do is just go to Google type in your niche and type affiliates page or
whatever if you know the product that you want to promote you can do that as
well just go to Google type let’s say for example red tea detox affiliate page
or something like that and you’re going to find it okay so this is a way also
that you can search but I think that you are definitely good to go here with both
Clickbank and of course Amazon here also now we are down finally to the offer
here so basically I hope that you understand here also the process and why
we need to do this I mean you could go here and send it straight to the offer
right but I spend thousands of dollars and have
only one shot here here if you do it this way you’re going to have a lot of
shots because you have your follow-up sequence in place right really simple
three-step formula this is how it works this is how all the people are doing and
why they always say that the money is in the list okay money’s in the list
because you might not get a sale here from the first time so what you need
here is to have this in place because then they are going to read your emails
they’re going to like you they’re going to trust you and then they’re going to
buy from you so there you have it let’s move on to the offers and I’m sorry
let’s move on to the traffic I actually typed offer here so let me correct that
okay let’s see here all right traffic which was ugly okay let’s move on here
now regarding traffic varies free there is paid okay
free traffic takes time time equals money that is my opinion you can of
course do it but it will take time to get started with this I’m going to share
with you both free and paid traffic strategy here I’m actually going to
share two or three free traffic strategies and sites that you can get
started with basically you can do let’s say for example that you’re getting
you’re going to get started here with blogspot or blogger com if you good at
writing you can actually get started to right here for free
this is owned by Google Google loves Google so you can have a good chance
that you’re going to get ranked high what you can do is do a review of the
course or whatever it is you’re going to promote here otherwise write articles in
overall let’s say for example that you’re writing about weight loss and so
on and of course you can move on there insert your affiliate links and tell
them that it is my number one recommendation
datian now keep in mind you are doing pre-selling here okay you don’t have to
sell the product make sure your pre sell all you want them is to go to the sales
page because these kind of offers like you saw earlier here they have spent
thousands of dollars in copywriting the video sales letter they know what
converts so that is also another benefit of course with affiliate marketing here
there is also another opportunity you can do it on wordpress.com this is the
free version in my opinion I would prefer to do it on my own self hosted
blog like I have here for example my IM tips this is my blog I post all my
articles and videos and everything here my reviews resources so I would prefer
this but it can I understand if you want to get started for free I totally
understand this but this is what you should do actually as soon as possible
now free traffic strategies we have also Pinterest has been very very popular
lately works in particularly let’s say for example keto weight-loss and stuff
like that works really well can work of course for make money online also so it
works like a search engine more or less on Pinterest people come here they
search for it and I’m not going to go into detail because it’s going to take
too long time here to do this so when you have this in place it will take some
time as I said you will need to post often but you are going to definitely
get something ranked err and you’re going to start to see some sales now
what I would prefer to do in the beginning especially with the make money
online offer I would actually go for solo ads here you die my is the number
one platform and I have I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier I probably
haven’t basically when I wanted to learn all the ins and outs with the email
marketing actually became a solo ad vendor I’m still involved I don’t sell
to the public and sell only to a few vendors but
the ins and outs about solo ads and it can work definitely if you know how to
do it right alright so basically more or less you’re
going to do it right if you do it this way I’m showed you here earlier you do
need to have a squeeze page and opt-in page and one very important tip is that
people come here I always get to remember of these people if they had
like high ticket offers like two thousand five thousand ten thousand
dollars offers and then they purchased 50 clicks okay so they wanted to get
rich I mean it’s better to go play to the lottery or something like that you
probably have more chance to win to be honest because if you expect to make a
couple of thousands with only 50 clicks then you would you’re totally lost okay
so forget about it you need to purchase a lot of clicks you need to purchase you
need to test to see what works you should at least get stored in my opinion
with 300 clicks in one purchase okay because it’s totally wrong to just buy
50 or 100 clicks and say that was it good buy and you might have to buy again
I mean people just don’t wait every single day and say Oh what do we have
here today oh let’s buy let’s buy let’s buy it
doesn’t work that way okay there are people who watch that email list but
they don’t want to purchase something today they might purchase them the next
day so that is fine so important to buy a bigger amount so go for at least 300
clicks in my opinion now what you can do here is you go to the section where it
says find sellers I just typed here you can search here for any price category I
think 60 cents is very good in my opinion I leave it to any niche and you
can sort here by sales this is also very important because if they have sales it
means that they have buyers in the list really simple all right I’m going to
stay here with 60 cents and 30% now a team is a good friend I know him you see
a past I have purchased in the past from him I got tons of sales I know the
traffic is delivering so I can vote for him one
percent Daniel for example is also another safe bet here Jorge I know this
guy also but you need to aim to start to search for God sales here don’t go too
high but because it doesn’t mean that if if I go for example 40% sales I mean if
I only have 100 salt only 100 people here and I got a lot of sales I’m going
to get 40% so it’s totally wrong in my opinion to search this way go for 30 and
upwards I mean look at him for example he has 1300 reviews he has more sales
than anyone else here all right it’s Daniel only who has more sales 3000
but he has 2,000 sales here okay so make sure you sort by this way and of course
you need to have sales involved there when you find the buyer you are just
opening up here so basically 100 visitors we want to go for 300 clicks
and you can sort here if you want prime filter only top-tier top-tier means that
we have the top 5 countries from USA UK Canada Australia New Zealand and there
is also Singapore actually so you can say that you want this if you want only
mobile we don’t want only mobile and you need to have a swipe in place here I
just typed this for my squeeze page this guy offers a free case study where he
shows you exactly how he made four hundred and twenty dollars in less than
24 hours best of all no prior experience is
needed to start with this so basically you can see it will cost me one hundred
and eighty dollars and you’re just adding it to the court and you are ready
to go if you want you can send a message connect with him also could be a good
way to do that so there you have it and now all you have to do is just sit and
wait to have the clicks delivered there hopefully you’re going to get some sales
in the beginning but you’re also going to have to rely on the follow-up
sequence because here is where you’re going to get some sales even if you
don’t make any sales like let’s say you have sent ten don’t get disappointed
here okay I’ve actually people lost being on my list for like two or three
years and they approaches later on so don’t
get disappointed okay this is the number one the highest priority if there’s one
thing you should take away from here is build at least build an email list so
there you have it on how to get started with affiliate marketing as a beginner
in 2020 now I do have my number one
recommendation right here below it is exactly about this and a lot more it’s
about how to get started to make a full time passive income online build a
sustainable online business so I highly recommend you to have a closer look at
that when we finished here of course you find it right here below the description
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end screen here right now that’s it for today thanks a lot for watching and I’ll
see you in the next one

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