March 30, 2020
Best Way To Make Money Online $300+ Per Day In 2019 (No Money Needed)

Best Way To Make Money Online $300+ Per Day In 2019 (No Money Needed)

what’s going on guys welcome back to
another video in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to make money online with
zero dollars you don’t need any money to do this and this is perfect for
beginners and the best thing about this method guys is there’s unlimited
opportunities to make money with this method and we’re gonna be tapping into a
huge market with these millions of people and you can go and make money
doing this particular method and I’m making over three hundred dollars per
day doing this exact myth and I’m gonna show you how to do this step by step and
the best part like I mentioned you don’t need any money to do this and it’s
actually quite easy to do once you understand the concept and understand
how this all works and I’m doing this right now today I’ll show you exactly
how to get this done so make sure you smash that like button guys tap their
notifications they’ll remember to subscribe to know my next video comes
out and will jump in and I’ll show you exactly what I’m talking about so what
we’re going to be doing guys is we’re going to be tapping into something
that’s major huge massive and there’s a lot of people in this industry now we’re
not talking about starting blogs but I want you to read these steps before we
get into this method how many blogs are online there are over
500 million blogs online there are four point four million blog posts that are
posted daily online and over 400 million people read blogs every single month
that’s incredible so what I’m gonna teach you in this video guys is how to
go out and get a piece of this pie a piece of the action you can get just a
little bit of this and you can make very good money doing this method and here
are some earnings guys of me doing over 300 dollars per day with this
getting a hundred and ten dollars in commissions 110 110 110 every single day
I’m getting these commissions now what I’m talking about in this method guys is
something that’s really easy to do what we’re going to be doing is going out and
providing value to people and we get an affiliate Commission so one thing that
everybody needs when they start a blog is hosting they need to host their blog
somewhere and what we do guys as we go out and we go to these hosting companies
and we can actually sign up as an affiliate and we can go
and make money doing this by recommending these products to people
now guys you don’t have to show your face or anything like that
I’ll show you how to do it properly but I’ve actually gone out and done this and
I’ve ranked some YouTube videos and got traffic from YouTube and that’s one of
the main traffic sources I’m using to go out and get these Commission’s so what I
do guys is I signed up to Bluehost where I get $65 per sign up don’t you’ll see
that I’m actually at 110 that’s because I bring a lot of volume to Bluehost and
I bring them a lot of customers so the more you bring to them the higher your
Commission gets overtime gain so what’s the best way to go out and actually do
this and utilize this and actually go out and make money well first what you
want to do guys is sign up to 3 hosting platforms I recommend Bluehost
SiteGround calm and iPage calm and I’ll explain to you why you want to do this
in a second the next thing you want to do guys is you want to go and create
YouTube videos that have value and you don’t have to show your face guys or
anything like that alright we’re gonna go and create our videos based on these
particular topics but we’ll get back into this in a second and I’ll kind of
explain to you how this all works but what I do want to kind of show you is a
video here this person doesn’t show their face at all but they are
recommending hosting platforms to people that want to start a blog remember guys
if there’s more than 500 million blogs online right now there’s probably a lot
more and you know and there’s millions of posts getting posted daily there are
literally millions of people online right now that are looking to start a
blog so what you want to do guys is do videos based on keywords and they always
tell people to do this how-to and best keywords so the first one goes will be
how to create a website how to create a blog how to start blogging how to
install WordPress and there’s an unlimited amount of keywords you can go
for then we have things like best hosting for blogging best hosting for
WordPress best hosting 2019 best places to host website if you ever wanted to
start a blog or a website I guarantee you have probably put
these search terms into Google or YouTube yourself even I’ve done it when
I’ve been looking for the best hosting deals on line so what you want to do
guys is go out and create videos and these for these particular keywords now
you don’t have to show your face guys that’s the thing like this video here
the guy doesn’t show his face he’s literally just comparing hosting
platforms so that’s why I recommend you go and sign up to at least three hosting
platforms and start to compare them against each other and that’s pretty
much one of the best ways you can do this which is what this guy has done
digital millionaire and then we can go here we’ve got best WordPress hosting if
we search that guy’s there’s literally videos here one hundred sixty nine
thousand two thousand there’s all of these videos guys where people are
comparing hosting platforms then we have videos are videos how to start a website
and this one has four point 1 million views now you might be asking yourself
but Franklin how can how can I compete with all these people how can I go and
make money doing this well that’s a good question and I am actually get asked
this question all the time you know I don’t have to describe as guys none of
us had subscribers when we started you need to just keep building content and
if and if you don’t put and work then how do you expect to get results but
what I do want to kind of explain to us how YouTube works this video that’s
getting 4.1 million views we can feed off that video because when people go
and watch this video our video might show up in the right side column or
somewhere getting suggested by this video and we will start to get a little
trickle of views from these bigger videos guys that’s what I mainly go for
and I do my content just because we are a small Channel when you’re starting now
0 subscribers doesn’t mean you can go out there and not build in fact my
partner she built a channel from 0 to 500 hundred subscribers in about a month
by using this strategy by going and feeding off other websites and that’s
what I recommend you do is just go and do videos based on how to start a
website how to start a blog how to install WordPress all that sort of stuff
and then you can be like this guy here who actually built out a check
based on WordPress hosting and stuff like that
then you can build this business online promoting these hosting platforms
because everybody needs websites guys I have probably 30 or 40 of websites
myself I have to pay people to host those websites who someone knows well
get a commission from me and you’ve gotta remember that there’s millions of
people every single month starting blogs online and actually hosting is one of
the most lucrative ways to make money online you go and get a commission by
promoting those products so how much can you actually make from the skies this is
go to that a little bit so it all really starts to add up quite quickly so with
Bluehost you can get $65 per sign up with SiteGround you get $50 per sign up
with a page you can get $65 per signup or $150 if they upgrade to the next
level so if you’re going out there and you’re doing videos comparing these
three platforms or more platforms and even videos on how to create a blog how
to create a website how to start WordPress and stuff like that it soon
starts to add up guys and you’ll and you’ll it’ll be really slow to start and
then you’ll be like oh I got 65 bucks I got 50 bucks and it really starts to
build and snow put on snowball and snowball with the more content you put
out like what these guys have done well this guy especially website learners
he’s obviously that’s gone out there guys and started to build this amazing
channel well look at this it doesn’t even have that many videos but I
guarantee you he’s probably making deep six figures per you know I’ll be
surprised he’s probably making a half a million dollars per year because I do
know that these these videos do very well in this particular need now that’s
one traffic source guys you can leverage and that’s YouTube it’s completely free
you don’t need to show your face on the videos but there’s actually another
place where you can use free traffic to your advantage and you can go out and
get people to view your videos and stuff like that so once you’ve kind of signed
up guys like here’s an example the stuff that I’ve done here you can see them
getting the Commission’s once you’ve signed up and you and you go and create
content based on these keywords and you go and put your YouTube videos out you
can actually go and give your videos boost by going to a website called pure
calm okay and on this website guys people asked him asking questions and
you can offer an answer if it helps them in return and gives them value and then
they might go and sign up via your link so here’s an example if I go to Kuro
calm and I put an best web hosting ok and I click I click it what’s the best
web hosting to use which is the best and reasonable web hosting what’s the best
web hosting these are people who are asking questions guys based on web
hosting so you can answer this question and you can don’t put your affiliate
link in now you can answer this question and link back to the video that you just
made on YouTube ok and guys I do this all the time if we go to my profile
you’ll see that I do this all the time i link back to my videos i go out and
provide people a value and then when people go and click the link in the
description i get commissions ok so you can use Kuro calm to go out there and
answer questions based on web hosting and go and link to your video and then
people can go into the description and click the affiliate links now how do you
sign up as an affiliate guys that’s really simple go back to whatever
Bluehost SiteGround and just scroll to the bottom guys and
click Affiliate 99% of websites will have an affiliate link at the bottom and
that’s how you sign up to be an affiliate guys and go out and promote
these particular products so you can go and make money on line now if you want
to know more strategies guys on how to make money online I will leave some
videos up on the screen click those videos or the playlist and it is
completely free training showing you how to start an affiliate marketing business
online from scratch and don’t forget to subscribe
tap that notification about guys drop a like on this video if it helped you
understand how to make money and I’ll see you on the next video

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