April 3, 2020
Best SMMA Niches of 2020

Best SMMA Niches of 2020

in today’s video we’re gonna cover the
hottest SMMA niches for your business in 2020 and beyond so stay tuned we got
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marketing agency course so what exactly is a niche and why should you pursue a
specific niche in 2020 basically guys a niche is just narrowing down the type of
business or industry that you plan to go after with regards to what types of
clients are going to take on with your agency so for example you have the auto
industry you have attorneys you have doctors you have restaurants and
e-commerce there’s so many different industries and different niches or
niches out there however you want to pronounce it and real quick just in the
comments below how do you say is it neat so number one or do you say niche number
two I personally say niche I’d love to see what you guys say also but guys the
point of picking a niche is so that way you can become an expert within that
specific industry it’s much easier to become an expert in one industry than to
become an expert in every single industry out there and why is that well
every time you go into a specific niche you actually have to learn a lot about
how that business operates their customers what their profit margins look
like what it takes for one of their businesses to be successful what types
of marketing campaigns are working all of those different factors go into
understanding a niche and the more niches you take on the more information
you’re going to have to find out which means it’s gonna take you a lot longer
to become an expert the good thing about becoming an expert in a niche is because
you can actually get paid more money to do the same job because you were an
expert at doing it you’re gonna guarantee pretty much better results for
people in that niche so to sum it all up it makes it a lot easier to scale your
business in the beginning if you focus on one or even two niches at the very
most and then scale as your business scale so meaning if your business is
growing and you’re taking on more revenue and you have you know several
maybe 10 20 clients then it’s time where you can actually start looking into
other industries but even still you should be careful about taking on way
too many because if you find yourself in an industry or a niche that’s more
complicated and you don’t really understand it you’re probably not gonna
do that great for the client so you want to make sure that you scale slowly and
take on new niches slowly as your business grows now guys we only have
time in this video to cover a few niches we’re gonna cover about five in this
video but we actually made a list of about 10 to 15 so if you want to see the
full list make sure to click the link below in the description it’ll say blog
right next to it you can head on over there and check out the rest of our list
so one of the most popular niches I want to talk about and it’s one that’s doing
really really well with online marketing is the fitness niche this consists of
things like gyms yoga studios CrossFit places kickboxing or boxing studios all
kinds of different areas where people can basically workout so why is this
niche so profitable basically because people are very image conscious meaning
that they care about the way they look and that trend has been growing over the
last few years and not only that diet programs and the way that people eat is
also becoming a very popular trend because people are noticing that when
they eat healthier they live a more happy and healthy and comfortable life
and finally there’s a bunch of new diet programs if people are really really
conscious about the way that they eat so this combined with the desire to workout
and feel better about your life has really boosted the industry so how
should you market to fitness style businesses well a great way that I’ve
seen is going to be local SEO obviously right because a lot of these gyms are
only in a local area there are some fitness industries and products out
there that can go way larger than a local audience but a lot of the gyms and
personal trainers they’re focusing on a local audience that being said Facebook
Instagram SEO local SEO is a great way to market these businesses online and
the great thing is they have really really cool lead magnets or offers that
they can do a lot of people do free trials to the gym or a free one-time
class or some kind of offer that’s going to get the person in the gym to see if
they actually like the experience or not number two is going to be the real
estate industry so we’re talking about real estate agencies
brokers home buyers and renovators apartments or condominiums all kinds of
different ways for you to get involved in this niche so why is this so
profitable well over the last several years real estate in the entire industry
has been floating into digital marketing as a marketing practice for their
business and the reason why is because for some reason it took real estate
agencies a very long time to get on board with digital marketing obviously
they realize the importance so now they’re coming into the market and
they’re looking for agencies just like you and not only that their Commission’s
are really really good if you find an agency that’s working really well and
they’re doing it a lot of homes either buying or selling they probably have the
budget to spend several thousands each month so quick tip if you are going to
go into the real estate niche I do recommend looking for real estate teams
a real estate team is usually an established type of real estate business
and they usually have several agents working underneath one main business
owner right so in my opinion that would be the most easy and profitable way to
start building up your agency within the real estate niche so how can you market
for the real estate niche well one really great way is obviously just to
remarket listings that you have on your website any traffic that is being driven
to these types of sites you can remarket to those audiences on Facebook and
Instagram email marketing is also another great way to stay in touch with
people who are interested in buying or selling a home and having some really
great automations or drip campaigns geared towards either buyer’s or
seller’s is a great way to stay in their ear and obviously video content is king
in the real estate industry if you don’t have great video walkthroughs of homes
or images of homes for people to look at they’re probably not going to buy the
homes that you have for sale so make sure that video content and images are
taken very seriously lastly local branding here is key so
making sure that you have a consistent evergreen campaign set up where they’re
constantly blasting this real estate agents name out in the local area and
surrounding areas is gonna be super beneficial because really when it comes
down to it if someone’s looking to buy a home or sell a home and they know they
need a real estate agent to do it it’s going to come down to the agent that
they are most familiar with right so making sure that you’re really keeping
the brand out in the local area is going to be
so have you thought already about what types of niches or niche you’re going to
try to approach with your agency if so leave it in the comments below I’d love
to see what niches you guys are targeting number three is going to be
legal services or attorneys so the reason these are so profitable is pretty
apparent most of you are already very familiar that attorneys make a lot of
money now this doesn’t always necessarily apply to every single
attorney in the market so just because I say attorneys are great doesn’t mean you
should go talk to every single attorney you’re still gonna want to qualify these
businesses before you actually go in and talk to the but on average they do make
a lot more per customer than any other business out there attorneys are also
very understanding with the fact that they know how important marketing is and
especially online marketing in today’s industry and business so they are very
familiar with digital marketing and how these campaigns work and are set up they
need someone like you all you have to do and one of the easiest ways to find
customers is literally just to go on google and type in attorneys and find
the guys who are paying on ads if you can find a lawyer or an attorney that
isn’t having a great result or isn’t getting the ROI that they should be
getting from their ad campaigns so it’s going to be an easy customer for you to
pick up so I definitely recommend looking at attorneys and their ad
budgets and campaigns are usually pretty straightforward and easy to manage so
how can you market for a legal service a lot of them definitely most of them
should be focusing on two main components that’s SEO and PPC to drive a
bunch of the traffic to their site from there you just need a basic remarketing
campaign and email sequence that’ll go out to those customers and you can
pretty much run any type of attorney business with those three or three to
four strategies now you can incorporate several other things I’m not saying
that’s all it takes to make it work but if you can get that little sequence of
ads and campaigns down you can pretty much run any attorney’s office so number
four is going to be salons these are things like hair salons nail salons
boutiques and these are great businesses because they make a ton of money on
their products and services I mean think about it you want a mentor crazy you go
out and you spend like three hundred dollars on a haircut kill me if I ever
have to do that but they make a ton of money doing it so this is definitely an
industry that’s worth looking into so how can you market a salon well a great
way to do that is obviously going to be Facebook and
Instagram especially if it’s a salon that targets mostly women and that’s all
they really target Instagram is going to be a great way to remarket to those
people who are interested in using salon style services not only that PPC and
local SEO campaigns are also going to be super important for these types of
businesses because they need to show up in search engine results but guys as far
as salons are concerned they’re definitely a niche that I recommend
looking into especially if you’re newer to the industry because they are a
little bit easier to manage their online campaigns compared to some of the other
more complex industries so quick question what niche do you think will be
the most popular in the next three years go ahead and leave it in the comments
below we would love to see your thoughts and the fifth niche we’re going to talk
about in this video and then again you can go check out the rest in the blog is
going to be the e-commerce industry so these are things like online stores or
East stores web shops apps things like that are really really great and
obviously profitable industries why is this a profitable type of niche well
again if you look at the business itself ecommerce style businesses usually don’t
have high overhead meaning they don’t require an office space to run that
allows them to have a much higher profit margin meaning they can put more money
into their advertising budgets also ecommerce businesses can usually sell
just about anywhere in the world as long as shipping isn’t a factor this means
that they have the opportunity to sell to way more customers than a local style
business which doesn’t limit their business from growth as much so with
e-commerce style businesses the types of content marketing campaigns that are
really really important here are usually things like number one content marketing
does really really great it’s gonna help you show up in search engine results and
it’s going to provide valuable information to potential customers which
obviously is going to entice them to buy another style of campaign that you
should be running is definitely on Facebook and Instagram some kind of
remarketing campaign to people who are visiting important product pages sales
pages checkout pages having things to cart’ are going to be crucial and making
sure that that business is able to stay as profitable as possible so if you’re
looking for an industry or niche that you want to get into and that doesn’t
have really geographical boundaries then this is going to be an industry that’s
great for you guys that is it for today’s video I hope you enjoyed the 5
niches that we covered again if you want to see our entire list of industry
niches to look at and make sure to visit our blog which is in the description
right below this video also since you stayed till the end of today’s video I’m
going to give you access to our free social media marketing agency course all
you have to do again is to go down in the description it’ll be towards the top
you can click that and get signed up and get started today but like I said that
is it for this video I will see you guys on the next one until then cerel
entrepreneur out thanks guys ready to start living the six-figure work where
ever be your own boss lifestyle well its cereal entrepreneur Academy will teach
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marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training links in the
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