April 6, 2020
BEST SHOPIFY PAYMENT GATEWAY ALTERNATIVES to Shopify Payments & Paypal | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

BEST SHOPIFY PAYMENT GATEWAY ALTERNATIVES to Shopify Payments & Paypal | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

Shopify Payment Gateway Alternatives:In this video we’re gonna talk about the best Alternatives to Shopify payments and PayPal, which I know people have been having huge horror stories Especially with money being held we ourselves have about 12 grand just held there for more than a year Some people I’ve heard have half a million dollars held from PayPal or Shopify payments huge issues with her So I’m going to show you what other Processors you can use depending on your country and volume that you’re transacting with your Shopify store Let’s find out. Hey Im Rafael Cintron from Rafael Cintron Review here by the end of this video you’re going to know the best alternative payment methods to Shopify payments powered by stripe and PayPal and which payment methods you can use to connect to your Shopify store and scale up your sales as Much as you like if you want to be successful at Shopify I want to remind you that I’m giving away a full optimized Shopify store in the next two to three weeks a special giveaway If you want to be part of it and potentially with a fully built Shopify store comment automate Automate automate would teach people how to automate their Shopify business and make sure to subscribe Hit that notification about and the like button and I’ll pick a winner in the next couple of weeks And last thing if you want to work directly with me and my team to take your Shopify store to the next level in 2020 and beyond make sure to schedule a free one-on-one Strategy call with me or my team to see how we can help your business and build a strategy that you need if you’re interested in that stay until the end of the video to find out if you have A Shopify store and you’re from the US Canada or any of these? Countries you can set up Shopify payments or if you’re from one of these countries you can set up stripe through Shopify so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to Settings and then payment providers in the beginning once you start your first Shopify store Let’s say you want to get to five to ten thousand per month in sales I would suggest starting with Shopify payments computer one of the countries that takes it or stripe connected directly to your payment provider here on Shopify and Doing PayPal. I hate PayPal. It’s not a good processor at all But in the beginning it does help and it does help to get more conversions and start getting some sales We did this test ourselves where we took one of our stores we Removed the PayPal and it did not affect the conversion rate that much but some people were turned off by the fact that they couldn’t pay by PayPal So for a complete beginner somebody that’s just starting to get sales PayPal does help once you get to the point we were making 10 grand 15 grand in revenue Forget about PayPal delete it from your store only take from Shopify payments and other solutions that we’re going to talk right now One important note if you are from one of the countries, especially the US and Canada that you can take Shopify payments Do not fake and address from another country like France I saw this in another video where some people go and take fake address or address in France fake address France and they’ll go to to Google and they’ll just do fake address generator and they’ll go like that and put this here and They’ll go to the settings there are killings and then go to general and they’ll put in that information of that address in the general settings of the store Basically telling Shopify that their store is based in France and then going into the settings of the payment providers and changing in front Shopify payments just strike. Don’t do this stripe isn’t stupid. They ask for verification that you actually live there They ask for business verification and if you can’t provide that there is no point in having the stripe account So don’t do that actually be legitimate If you do want to get an address in France So you can be able to do stripe through your Shopify store. You can get a virtual office in France That’s the only way that we’ll recommend it is get a legitimate virtual office address and then input that in your Shopify store So you can set up straight through that that being said like I said in the beginning definitely Shopify payments and PayPal are the two best that I recommend you do once you get to the point where around ten grand in revenue removed PayPal entirely just deactivated from your Shopify store and just take Shopify payments or strike and Then you’re going to start looking for other solutions that can replace Shopify payments and Shopify if you’re from a country that Shopify payments or strength doesn’t allow you to take payments That’s also gonna help a lot the ones that I recommend Personally are first of all ami ami is a huge processor amazing vessel one that I use for all my businesses I process all my transactions through this and what they basically do is they allow you to connect to a merchant account in this case a merchant account that I have is Provided by signature court services which like you can see here is an Inc 5000 company But they basically provide All of the transactions or all the processing that I need for my business if I get a charge back that’s completely cool They’ll take care of it and they allow you to scale your business without having to worry about hold. They don’t hold my money They only do a reserve or a service basically They just take a particular amount of your transactions in the beginning until you have let’s say like twelve thousand dollars in my case I have twelve thousand dollars in reserves. Once that reserve is a twelve thousand dollars, which it is already They don’t hold any of my money no matter what. Maybe there’s a charge back. There are a lot of refunds It doesn’t matter the or hold my money. They let me scale. They let me translate that money as much as I decide It’s really hard to apply to signature card, so I might not suggest it to you but what you can do is connect with my private contact that got me the account at Signature cart their name is gateway funnel pros, and you can see here if you click the link in the description It’s probably the third or fourth link. She’s gonna say gateway funnel throws payment You’re gonna be invited to this little survey here Rafa’s inviting you to a better payment processor start you’re going to fill in your information You’re gonna be connected to my guy Alex, which is this guy right here as you can see He’s been helping me with increasing the volume of the account in the beginning Once you have a payment processor, which in this case is EMI and the merchant bank account Which is basically the person that processes all of your payments in my case signature cart, that is the structure to it so Alex helps you get nmi nmi connects you to a merchant account and then you can process payments through the merchant account and Nmi, it’s kind of complicated, but it’s very very useful. So what it essentially works is you start with a low volume let’s say that’s 20k and then after 22 per month after you hit that consistently then you can scale to 50k per month, then you can scale to 80k per month. You can see here. Alex extended that for us to 80k per month We were initially at 50k and then before that 30k before that 10k and so on so in the beginning you’re gonna have a limit Hit that limit then increase it hit that limit then increase it and so on I think it’s really the best best way to do it because it’s as I read contact just to be transparent with you that is A partner link, but I honestly think is the best way and I’m trying to be honest in my videos This is really the best way to process payments is having a direct contact give you a payment processor and then a merchant account So you don’t have to worry about anything that would then replace Shopify payments and strike and then you can just process payment through that Connected to your Shopify store and it’s super super easy other amazing processors that are out there also Authorized.net I haven’t used them myself, but I have partners and friends that have used them and they’re really good You need to apply it to them and have it’s a pretty strict approval process You need to email back and forth put a bunch of documents Make sure you have a legal business name Doing business as and also an LLC if you’re from the US you need to have your business incorporated in order to work with authorize net and most of these processors So that’s why I said you start off with Shopify PayPal then incorporate your business and then start applying to these That will processors that can get you to let’s say 100,000 per month another processor If you are from a country that does not accept Shopify payments or stripe Which I know a lot of you are is To check out comm to check out the actual Interface and when a customer tries to purchase from you is terrible and it just looks terrible But it’s just a great way to get payments if you don’t have any other option So if it’s stripe isn’t an option chalk fly payments isn’t an option and then PayPal Isn’t an option then you go to to checkout and you start making sales like I said Once you start making money Everything gets easier you can get for example a bank account in the US and then apply through a payment processor like that but in the beginning to Checkout. I mean it’s just a great way to do it You can go to checkout calm and set up your account. Pretty easy to get approval usually takes five to seven days But like I said the interface, it’s just pretty pretty bad So if you can’t do Shopify payments if you can do stripe is you’re from a country that they just don’t like e-commerce and you have PayPal what I would suggest to start with Pepa get to around 5,000 10,000 per month and then worry about getting a better processor Yes, you will have some issues you could have some problems But at least you can get you started you can get some sales and then scale up if you are In a country that takes stripe TechShop fi payments and you’re from the US, Canada, Australia UK or a country that has these payment processors available do not use PayPal to scale It is very very dangerous. When you scale with PayPal. First of all, your accounting get held I’ve heard of people to have and $100,000 held for more than a year. And that’s money that you can’t use in your business. That’s a lot of money That’s just sitting there and you’re waiting for that money to just go into your bank and hold so, please do not use PayPal to scale and also you don’t own your account at PayPal or at stripe or a chopper five payments you don’t own your account whenever they want to ban you that you just say hey You’re banned and you can’t process transactions anymore with nmi with these processors with Authorize.net and this one as well easy pay direct you can sign up the link below as well for this one I do not get this is not a referral link or anything is just a link So if you want to go sign up they do take payments for Shopify stores Click photos every type of business that you want and they’re essentially the same thing They connect you to a merchant account like signature court services. There’s a bunch of these merchant account companies. So it’s not just signature There’s a bunch of them. They can finally the best one connect to and then you can start processing payments through there So you have easy pic direct you have n mi n mi connects you to a merchant the same thing that that easy pays us authorize.net if you’re really screwed you can use to check out and then that’s pretty much it you can use a virtual office in France or something to make stripe instead of Shopify payments But I would suggest Shopify payments stripe PayPal scales 10k per month get a better processor scale with that processor Do not scale with PayPal constraint now that you know all that if you want me Directly to help you scale your Shopify store this year and beyond Make sure to schedule a strategy session with the second link down in the description It’s complete for free session But please apply only if you are serious And are ready to invest in your business people that get results I get the best results usually have some money available to invest they make that investment and then they triple that quadruple that and start making 10k buns 50k months just like these students right here this one and this one when their first weeks start already making a lot of money in their Shopify store starting from scratch and Growing and growing. So make sure to schedule a strategy session with me or my team I am taking calls myself, so you can talk to me directly and we can help your business grow And if you already have a Shopify store or want to learn the best Facebook ad Strategy to grow it and be profitable this year and just scale it up to a ten thousand even a hundred thousand per month Check out the video right here six-figure basic ad strategy first Shopify the updated version So make sure to click right there and this strategy is getting students insane result for sure to comment automate for a free giveaway Subscribe hit that notification out that like button and I will see you in the next video

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