December 12, 2019
BEST Shopify Facebook Ads Strategy 2019 | Targeting Tips & Tricks

BEST Shopify Facebook Ads Strategy 2019 | Targeting Tips & Tricks

– Yo, what is going on everybody? It’s your boy, Mohamed Camara, and welcome back to the channel. You already know what it is. One of the biggest things
that I see going on right now, is people just don’t know
how to target on Facebook. And it’s not really your fault, because you don’t know
what you don’t know. So if you go onto Facebook and you assume that all the audiences that you picked are the right audiences, well
there’s a high likelihood that you’re wrong, okay? It’s usually never the
audience that you think it is. But in this video I’m gonna
show you six different ways that you could go about
targeting people on Facebook and in your ad sets, so that
you get better performance, you get high quality data coming through. And you are in a less competitive market. So your CPMS are gonna be low, because there’s less competition
in some of these audiences that I’m gonna talk to you about. So let’s get right into it,
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any questions you have. Or if you just wanna kick it and talk. In that last video I
did talk about six steps that you can take as a complete beginner to go from zero to generating
your first couple five digits or five figures in sales
with your online store. But in order to get there we have to be really really
good at Facebook ads. So let me breakdown
these type of audiences, and these ways of targeting
that’s really helped me increase my profitability
when it comes to my ad sets. And the very first way is magazines. And what I mean by this is let’s say you are targeting a baby product, you wanna target magazines
that parents will read while they’re going through a pregnancy. And it’s honestly a lot more powerful than just targeting baby
or just targeting products, you guys can’t be that broad. When you’re that broad it does two things, it doesn’t let Facebook
know what you actually want and who you actually want. You’re in a competitive
state because everybody else is targeting so broad. And you just don’t wanna be
in the rookie battlefield, it’s too competitive and
that’s where everybody gets slayed anyways. So you gotta step your game up, you gotta be in the top 1% of marketers. And to think like the top 1% of marketers, you have to think of
audiences like this, right? You have to find other ways
to get to the same customer without taking the same path to get there. Because this path is too risky,
you have to go around it. So magazines is a great
way to target anybody. What I would do, is just
do a simple Google search of top 10, put in your niche, whether it’s a dog product,
whether it’s a tech product. You could just say, top
10 whatever magazines, and you’ll see the top magazines that people actually engage with, and more than likely, you’ll
be able to get some of them in your Facebook ads when
it comes to targeting. So that’s a really good
way to go about it. Of course, the second
way you can go about it is competitor’s stores. So you can do brand stores who are competitors of your product, specifically, I can’t really
think of an example right now, but let’s say you were
doing like a makeup product, you could probably target Kylie Cosmetics, you could probably target MAC, you could probably target Naked, right? And then you can narrow them by people who like makeup magazines. So you’re getting really really targeted. And you’re not taking the same approach as all the other dropshippers out there. This is gonna have better
performance for your ad sets, and it’s gonna be less
competitive like I said. Now, of course the third
way that you could go about targeting people on Facebook
ads is through their behavior. So Facebook has a breakdown
of everybody’s behavior when it comes to online
shoppers, engaged shoppers, people who are in a certain location for a certain amount of time. People who are relatives of somebody who’s about to have a
birthday coming up soon. You can get really really
creative with these, but these are gonna be,
because they’re so specific, they’re gonna be a lot
competitive to market in. So unless you have a
really really good product, I wouldn’t go for behaviors directly. And a common question people ask me is, do I need to narrow by engaged audience, or narrow by online shopping? You don’t really need to do that, because when you setup your ad sets to have the conversion
pixels set to purchase, Facebook is automatically
looking for engaged shoppers and engaged buyers, that’s
why you always see your CPMs the same when you use engaged shoppers or when you’re just
using the purchase pixel, it’s pretty much the same audience, so not a big difference there. But other ways you can target behaviors, and again, you can narrow these, you can narrow all of these layers, to get better performance
out of your ad sets. The fourth way you could
target people on Facebook is to actually use their job title. So this is really nice when you can, let’s say, there’s this
one popular product, I still think it sells, but
it’s like this back strap, and it like straightens your back. But one of the common ways to
win with that product at least is to just target people
who have desk jobs and who are working administrative jobs. Who are just sitting down
at their desk all day, they usually slouch over,
so when they see this, they’re more likely to buy. And that’s just one way of
taking advantage of job titles. Facebook gives you all
the power in the world, but don’t just sit there
and type in back pain, everybody has back pain of some sort. It’s not that specific, you guys gotta get really really specific. And again get to your customer without taking the average route, because the average route is where everybody else is gonna fill. The fifth way you can go about
targeting is using locations. Target regions, and if you do this, the best way to go about
it is to actually create different ads for each region
that you’re about to target. So let’s say for the
United States for example, you wanna target people in LA, you wanna target people in
New York and people in Miami. Well you can make three different ads, they’ll be the same ad but
the first line in each ad is gonna say, hey, Los Angeles, people are loving this product. And the second ad is gonna say, hey, New York, people
are loving this product. Third ad, hey, Miami, moms
are loving this product in your area, that makes it
feel that much more tailored to them and specific. These are like, just a few ways to go about targeting on Facebook, you can get really really creative, you have all the power in your hands. And Facebook is just
returning you the data that you are putting into it, okay? So help Facebook help you
get better performing ad sets by doing a few of these
things, get really creative. Now the sixth way you could
go about finding audiences that are gonna help you
target people a lot better is by using a software, and
there’s a software I use called Connectio, okay, I’ll
leave a link down below. It’s a special discount link
if you wanna get that below, but this one is a paid software, but it is what I use
on a daily basis, okay? Connectio is able to find a
lot of these audiences for you, that competitors aren’t in. And I’ll give you a little
break down of how it works, ’cause I have my laptop right here. This is the inside of
Connectio right here. And let’s say, let’s take that
makeup product for example, and let’s just type in makeup. What you don’t wanna do is use audiences, where it’s like 100 million people. See cosmetics has 953 million people, that’s about a billion people right there, and everybody likes cosmetics. Even if they’re not an
avid user of cosmetics on a daily basis, they might
fall into this category. Now, if you start advertising there, you’re gonna have some wasted ads spent, and you’re gonna be really
upset that your ad sets aren’t performing, but it’s
really just your audience. Again, it’s not Facebook’s
fault, it’s your fault. So get Connectio if you
are really serious about finding these audiences
that are gonna help you win, because look, when you
sort it and come down here, you can find these pools of audiences that are like 4,000 people,
6,000 people right here, Makeup and Glow, 9,000 people. These are all the
interests in the audiences that other competitors aren’t targeting when it comes to Facebook ads, because Facebook just
doesn’t show it, okay? This software right here, shows you every single
audience that exists, okay? And you can go and, what I would do, is I stack a lot of 10,000
pockets of audiences, I just stack a lot of them up until it reaches about
two million, five million, 10 million people, so
that my ad sets itself has enough space to work. But stay away from
those general audiences, you will never reach 953 million people, ’cause your ad isn’t even
gonna last that long, right? This software’s really
really really helpful when it comes to finding
different audiences. And what you can do is, you can select, let’s say your favorite, all
these great audiences here to target for makeup, users,
you can select all of these. And then when you go to the
right side and you select them, you can actually show suggestions again. So similar to Facebook
it’ll show you suggestions, and it will be even
more narrow and targeted based on those audiences
that you selected. So it made suggestions
off of the 10 audiences that we selected, and it will
just continue to get better. But again, avoid using
these generic audiences, avoid setting up your ad sets to fail. It’s like, if you have a winning product that’s 80% of the work, but the
other 15 to 20% of the work, is actually matching it up
with the right audience. You could have the best
product in the world, but if you don’t know how to put it in front of the right person, you might as well just
go out in the street and then wave your
product in front of people and hope that they buy. You have to get really really creative when it comes to your
Facebook ads targeting, that’s the one most simple
way that you can see results and things change overnight
is by just changing who you’re showing it too. Now this is just a few of the strategies that I’m using to target people
in a very precise manner. This is just one of the few ways. And look, this is the
information on my YouTube, so imagine what’s in the course. This is just scratching the surface. And I’m telling you,
if you join the course, you will amongst the top 1% of
ecom entrepreneurs out there, because simply put, nobody’s
giving out information, nobody’s giving out value like
this that actually matters, it’s all just the same
recycled information, that they’re watching each other’s videos and making new videos
for clicks and stuff. So if you actually wanna learn something, subscribe, #moneyteam, like
this video, show some love, I appreciate it, I’ve been
helping the channel grow so far. But I’ll leave a link to Connectio if you’re interested in getting that. And I’ll leave a link
to join Ecom Bootcamp, if you’re ready to step your
game up and join the ballers. But in the meantime, check out
some other videos if you like and I’ll catch you in
the next video, peace. (relaxed music)

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