March 28, 2020
Best Products to Sell – Women’s Fashion Ecommerce Store

Best Products to Sell – Women’s Fashion Ecommerce Store

Hi, it’sAndrew with Oberlo,
and in this video we’re going to share 10 of the top trending women’s clothing products
to sell in 2018. And, we’ve got good news. Our research found that Women’s Clothing
and Accessories was the top performing niche for dropshippers in both 2016 and 2017 — and,
it’s still leading the pack in 2018. So, let’s jump in. First up? Beach kimonos and shawls were a big hit last
summer, and the trend is poised to keep growing this year. And, it’s not difficult to understand why. They’re comfortable, stylish, and help to
protect wearers from the sun — a must-have for all fashionable beach-goers. Now, one downside to selling clothes online
is sizing. Every customer hates ordering something online,
only to try it on and find it doesn’t fit. But, that’s what’s so great about this
product. Beach kimonos and shawls don’t need to fit
perfectly to look brilliant. And because of this, you should hopefully
receive fewer returns. Next up? Number 2: Ruffle Socks There’s been steady upward trend in ruffle
socks for while now, and they can make a great addition to your catalogue. These products pair perfectly with sleek shoes,
or some well-chosen ankle boots. And, with plenty of colors and styles to choose
from, you should be able to find something a little different that not many other people
are selling. However, Ruffle socks are more of an alternative
fashion product, so the key here is to hone in on your exact target market. To do this, start by defining exactly who
your ideal customers are. First, how old are they? Where do they live? What kind of jobs do they have? Then, once you’ve got a basic idea, dig
a little deeper: What are they into? Who do they follow online? How do they like to spend their time. And crucially, will they love ruffle socks? Bottom-line: To succeed in your marketing efforts, it’s
crucial to know exactly who your ideal customer is. Third on Our List of Women’s Clothing Products:
Cardigans Cardigans have been steadily growing in popularity
since way back in 2008! And, this is a fantastic product for dropshipping,
as there are tons of colors, patterns, and styles available. This means there’s a higher chance of you
being able to find a product that stands out. But best of all? Unlike many women’s clothing products, you
can sell different types of cardigans all year-round. And once more, the loose fitting nature of
cardigans means that sizes don’t need to perfect for your customers to look and feel
great. So, consider adding this classic women’s
clothing product to your store in 2018. Women’s Clothing Product Number 4: Crop
Tops Crop tops have crept back into fashion, and
are once more a must-have item. One of the best things about this product
is its versatility. A quick Google search will return tons of
articles showcasing all of the ways that crop tops can be worn. So, make sure to highlight this benefit when
selling this product. You can do this by showcasing plenty of pictures
featuring the product being worn in many different ways. Use the opportunity to inspire your customers,
and impress upon them what an essential item of clothing the crop top is. Okay, Number 5: Blazers Blazers have also made a huge comeback in
recent years. And if you’re looking to establish a more
upmarket brand, adding this product is a must. However, getting the right fit is very important
when it comes to blazers. So, make sure to have detailed sizing information
available, and showcase it clearly on your product page. What’s more, make sure that your return
policy is helpful, efficient, and clearly visible. You want to reassure customers that if their
blazer doesn’t fit, it’s not too difficult or costly for them to return or exchange the
item. That way, customers who are on the fence will
be more likely to buy. Next up on our list of the top women’s clothing
products to sell in 2018? Number 6: The Tank Top Tank tops have seen a resurgence in recent
years, and they’re a staple of any summer wardrobe. And, our research shows that the tank top
is set to remain a popular item this year. However, this isn’t a new trend, so you’ll
need to cut through the competition to land sales. A good way to do this is to find a unique
product design that’s different in some way — and so, is more likely to catch people’s
eyes. You could also focus your marketing efforts
on other, more eye-catching products, and then work to cross-sell customers this item
once they’re browsing on your store. This would help boost your average order value,
and increase your revenue. Next up? Number 7 on Our List: Sports Bras Sports bras have been steadily increasing
in popularity since way back in 2011. Thanks in part perhaps, to other trends like
yoga. Just be careful when you’re marketing these
products, especially if you decide to use Facebook ads. Because any ads that contain seductive imagery
are likely to be rejected by Facebook. But, if you’re looking to dive into the
activewear or athleisure niches, sports bras can be a great addition to your catalog. Number 8: Floral Dresses This classic piece of women’s clothing has
been steadily growing in popularity every summer since 2012 — with high amounts of
interest during the summer. Now, with so many options to choose from,
the challenge will be pairing the right type of dress and floral pattern, with what your
target customers are going to be most likely to buy. So once again, make sure you have a clear
idea of exactly who your target customer is. Thankfully, if you use Oberlo, you’ll be
able to test plenty of floral dresses quickly and easily. So, 9th on Our List of Women’s Clothing
Products: Gingham Gingham is now anything but square. The chequered patterns made a real come-back
last summer, and are set to become even more popular this year. This is particularly great if you’re just
starting out with your store, as you could create an entire store based on this fashion
trend alone. And, as you would expect, there are tons of
different products, styles and colors to choose from. So, if you’re looking to create a dropshipping
store with a unique angle, consider gingham. And Last on Our List of Women’s Clothing
Products to Sell in 2018, is Number 10: Rompers Rompers have stormed back to popularity in
recent years, and are sure to be hugely popular in 2018. But, like Tank Tops, this steady trend has
been happening for a while, and there will be plenty of competition already out there. This is why differentiating your store is
so vital to success. In other words, why should customers buy from
you instead of your competitors? One great way to stand out, is to build a
strong community around your brand on a social channel like Instagram. For more tips on how to do this, check out
the resources linked below. And, that’s it! Those are our top ten women’s clothing products
to sell in 2018. Which of these products are you most excited
about? Let us know in the comments below — we read
all of them! Thanks for watching, and if you liked this
video, be sure to hit the subscribe button, and turn on the notification bell for more
help and advice on growing your ecommerce business. And until next time, learn often, market better
and sell more.

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  1. Andrew they are all good. Ruffle socks and the items that are loose fitting so cardigans and gingham that can also be sold throughout the year

  2. I like that you said you read all of your comments. Sometimes, I don't comment because I don't think anyone will read it or respond. I have been researching and wanting to open an online store. I would so love to speak to u one on one. is that even possible? I'm a licensed cosmetologist, but disabled temporary because of a hip injury and I'm barely making a living. struggling. I have a lot of good info to share w/ others and can order quality products for skin care and clothing considering I was trained in the field I have more knowledge in total personal development than someone who hasn't attended any type of education in this field. my only weaknesses and setbacks are in using things like a pay pal acct. and setting up pages, who to order from, where, how, licenses, taxes..etc…. I know I want quality stuff. I love Arbonne and have recently joined them for a skin care line as they are botanical and do not use or test on animals. they ban 2,000 ingredients that the USA still uses except for 11 and Europe bans a lil' over a thousand, but Arbonne goes further. I also was a member of this co. that sold great candle warmers and the wax. I would make 20 percent w/ a free page on it. but didn't know how to set up the pay pal.. dang..please help me… Annie

  3. Andrew – Thank you for the useful information. I would like to encourage you to slow down when you're doing your presentations. Pause after you make an important point. People are so afraid of silent gaps during a talk. But it is those silent gaps that give your listeners pause to reflect on what you're saying. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the fastest, in my opinion, you were running around an 8-9. Take your time. Give us time to digest what you said. Otherwise, everything you say just sounds like a run-on sentence. The information you gave is excellent and if you slow down just a bit you will gather more interest on the part of your audience!

  4. I like the rompers, tank tops, beach shawl and kimono, and the floral dresses. These are all items I would wear. I know my customers will love them!

  5. Can u please help me i am unable to get google chrome on my computer for some odd reason so is there any way i can connect aliexpress to my shopify store so i can sell their products in my store or is it possible i can dropship using oberlo only? I would be very greatful for any help. Thank u in advance

  6. The mic position and mix on his voice should be improved for his natural tone. It's a tad muddy.

    Great content and presentation.


  7. Just launched my first Shopify store today in this niche! Still lots of work to do, but this video gave me some great insight and motivation to keep at it.

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