March 28, 2020
BEST PRODUCTS to sell in Fall 2018

BEST PRODUCTS to sell in Fall 2018

So YouTube, tell me: What do magic door mats,
bandanas, and cordless lawn trimmers have in common? They’re all the best or trending products
to sell this fall season 2018! ___ Hi everyone, here’s Andrew from Oberlo. Today I am going to share with you the top
ten products you can start selling in your dropshipping store this fall 2018. And this is Lala, who is helping me demonstrate
product number one on our list – so stick around until the end to see her in action. You can start importing these products into
your dropshipping store now, right in time for fall. These products may be particularly useful
for you if you have a general store and you want some fresh additions. If you are all set to start business but are
just missing the right product, then you might just find it in this list. One last thing before we begin: Every item
in this video is available via the Oberlo dropshipping marketplace. Let’s jump right in with product number
10: Ski wear. It might be all sunshine and blue skies now,
but those autumnal and wintery cold snaps are just around the corner. And you know who loves that kind of weather? Skiers, snowboarders, and people, like me,
who sunburn easily. And soon the skiers and snowboarders will
be planning their vacations to the mountains. Whether it’s their first trip or they have
to replace old or damaged equipment, they’re going to need gear. And you can sell it to them in your store. Google trend statistics tell us that each
year more people start looking for this kind of equipment online around September. Searches double in November, and by January
they usually quadruple. There are multiple products you can sell to
this audience this fall. Not just these cool goggles. Fashion-items that also keep the wearer warm,
like hats and gloves. Protective gear like helmets and padded hip
shorts. Or practical winter sport products, such as
ski carriers. If people need it to hurtle down a mountain,
you can sell it to them in your store. If you try out one of winter sport items,
come back to this video let us know in the comments if your sales start to snowball. Now it’s time to cut the grass, with fall
product number nine: the cordless lawn trimmer. This trimmer is a nifty version of the conventional
lawn mower, a product that is large, awkward, expensive, and relatively easy to find. Those attributes make it a bad product to
sell online. But when it looks and works like this one,
things change. This cordless variant is much more practical,
it’s lighter, meaning it’s a lot easier to ship, and it’s much much cheaper. It’s been an incredibly hot and sunny summer
all over the world in 2018, and lawns from Alaska to Zurich will be growing like crazy. If you own a general store or household goods
is your niche, then importing this product now could help you capture all those who are
about to look for something that can restore some grassy order to their lawns. This product comes in much smaller sizes too. So you can give your customers a choice of
practical cordless trimmers. Larger models like this one offer more power,
while the smaller versions can be held comfortably in just one hand, and are therefore even higher
in convenience, especially for storage. You won’t want to snooze on our next product
to sell this fall. In at number 8: winter alarm clocks. This product puts the shine in rise and shine. Winter alarm clocks simulate natural sunshine
to gently prepare your body to wake up with light in the morning. They can also simulate sunset to help you
doze off softly in the evening. The winter alarm clock is a practical product. It is battery and USB powered. This kind of alarm clock is well suited for
marketing to people in countries that experience a drastic reduction in sunlight during fall
and winter. Think of the countries of Scandinavia, which
can have virtually no or very little sunlight for six months of the year. Searches for this product pick up in September
and begin to rocket from November to January, making it the ideal addition to your store
in the coming months. Winter alarm clocks can also wake you up the
conventional way: with an alarm tone or the radio. And they come in a range of nice colors to
suit any bedroom. We think it makes a fantastic inclusion to
a home accessory online store. What do you think of the winter alarm clock,
would you sell it? Let’s stick with the home niche for product
number 7 on our list: the magic door mat. Nope, this isn’t something Aladdin uses
now that he is getting old and sensible. It’s an emerging product that’s perfect
for households around the world this fall and winter season. Customers start to look online for the Magic
Door Mat in large numbers between October and November. The magic doormat keeps your home clean and
dry from the threat of dirty and wet shoes. The mat stays in place right by the front
door to your house thanks to its non-slip underside. While the top surface you step on makes moisture
and dirt on the soles of shoes entering your lobby disappear, as if by magic. And for my next trick: product number six:
bandanas. The bandana is a steady seller all year round. In America especially, it’s a western-wear
favorite and popular as an accessory for Halloween costumes. Cowboys, scarecrows, bandits, ironic hippies
– during fall the market for bandanas hots up as people get kitted out for characters
like these in anticipation of Halloween. A bandana is also a fantastic product for
your marketing efforts. It’s very low cost, so to boost sales of
other products in your store, you can offer a free bandana to all of your customers who
spend, for example, 50 dollars or more. What’s more, Lala likes them. Doesn’t she look happy? Lastly, bandanas are very small and lightweight,
making them eligible for e-packet shipping. So your cowboy and cowgirl customers can receive
their bandana orders promptly. Yee-ha to that! Something else that is also in fashion right
now is product number five: skulls. Skull-themed fashion and accessories sell
all year round. But they gain wider popularity around the
fall season as Halloween approaches. Online searches for skull products generally
increase between October to January, making them the ideal fall addition to your online
store. If you run a home accessories ecommerce store,
you can sell products with cool skull prints on them, like these chic pillow cases. Or maybe you sell jewellery and accessories,
in which case there some beautiful products readily available for your online store, like
this silver skull necklace. Whether it’s an object decorated with a
skull print or an item in the shape of a skull, there are many skull products you can incorporate
into your store this Halloween and fall season. At number four on our best products to sell
this fall list: pumpkin paraphernalia! Now remember everyone, a pumpkin is not just
for halloween. It’s for Thanksgiving too. Both of which are coming up soon. As fall approaches consumers in America particularly
begin getting ready to celebrate these occasions. That means they want to bedeck their homes
with grimacing pumpkin print motifs for Halloween, for example. Or maybe they want to buy pumpkin shaped ornaments
to decorate the dinner table for Thanksgiving with the family. That’s why Google trend searches show a
huge increase in online searches for pumpkin based products between the tail end of August
and December. Just like our skull recommendations, pumpkin
based products can come in the form of fashion, jewellery, accessories, decoration – the
options are vast, and perfect for your store this fall 2018. Now it’s time to learn what product number
three on our list is. The backpack. Fall means it’s back to school for children
and students in many places all over the world. And they all have books, pencil cases, and
lunch boxes to carry around. Kids and young people today are going to love
this modern backpack. It even has dedicated compartments for protecting
laptops. And wearers can charge their phone on the
go with the portable USB charging dock. It’s a simple, good looking product with
attractive features. And with that in mind, there’s little that
can go wrong when dropshipping this backpack. Less risk means your customers are more likely
to be satisfied with their orders, and that means fewer returns for your store. The second to last item on our list is incredibly
niche. It’s the kind of product your customers
probably haven’t thought of searching for before. But once they see how handy it is, they’ll
wish they thought of it. Product number two to sell this fall is the
reverse car umbrella. The perfect answer to rainy weather this fall,
the reverse umbrella is an innovative redesign of the traditional umbrella. It prevents you from getting your home or
car wet when you enter from the rain. All thanks to the clever design of this umbrella. Its reverse design stops raindrops and moisture
from spreading once you are done protecting yourself from the rain, by working like this. This handy hook makes it easy to store for
quick use. Either on an inside handle on a car door or
by the front door on a coat rack. And they come in a range of colors and with
a variety of prints for your customers to choose from. Searches show that prior to 2018 this kind
of umbrella wasn’t well known. But around April this year searches went up,
and they have remained higher than before ever since. This fall could see another surge in its popularity. It is also eligible for e-packet shipping,
which makes us happy enough to be singing in the rain. So what about you, is this the kind of innovative
product your customers would like to purchase? The final product on our list is ideal for
merchants selling to the pet-owner niche. Let’s go and see Lala to find our what product
number one on our list is. Now if Lala could speak English, she’d tell
you that the number one product to sell this fall is the dog cooling mat. This emerging item was not well known and had very few searches until a few months ago. But now it’s taking off in the searches. This mat keeps pooches cool in warm, humid
weather, and during long road trips when the car gets hot and stuffy. The pressure-activated cooling gel inside
the mat provides a low temperature surface for pets to relax on. It’s pretty hot in this studio, and Lala
has been chilling out on hers in peace all day. It also offers extra comfort for dogs who
suffer joint pain. Meaning dog-owners will love the comfort and
health benefits the dog cooling mat offers to their four legged friends. It’s very practical too. It’s lightweight, works indoors and outside
in the garden or at the park, and it can quickly be placed in a dog’s bed or favorite place
to sit. These are all enticing selling points you
can use to market the dog cooling mat in your store this fall. For more product recommendation videos and
dropshipping tips and tricks from me, Lala, and the rest of the Oberlo team, just click
subscribe and and turn on that notification bell. What do you think of our ten best products
to sell this fall? Were there any that you hadn’t heard of? Which product impressed you the most? I read all your comments and will reply to
you. Thanks for watching everyone, that’s it
from me and Lala, we’re going to the park to show off our new bandanas. Until next time: learn often, market better,
and sell more.

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