April 3, 2020
Best Products to Sell in 2019

Best Products to Sell in 2019

In this video, I’m going to recommend 10
dropshipping products that we predict will be hot sellers in 2019. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of products
you could dropship. So today, I’ll share product recommendations
as well as some key product research and marketing tips. By the end, you’ll not only know what products
are trending now. You’ll also know how to find, and sell,
your own high-potential products. Ready to get started? Watch on. Hey everyone it’s Andrew from Oberlo. Today I’m talking about unique dropshipping
products. Before I do, let’s make sure we’re on
the same page about dropshipping. Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to
start an online business. But being a successful dropshipping requires
constant learning. Make sure you hit subscribe so you never miss
our weekly tutorials, dropshipper interviews, and product recommendations. Speaking of product recommendations, let’s
get started with our list. We’re talking about sharks, mermaids, and
mucus today, so there’s a lot to cover. The first product on our list: 1. Crystal water bottle The crystal water bottle. Right, what is a crystal water bottle? Good question. A crystal water bottle is just like a regular
water bottle, except the bottle has room for more than just h20. Take a look at this to see what I mean. Customers can choose from one of several crystal
bases to attach to their water bottle. If you don’t believe in the healing power
of crystals, it’s hard to understand this product’s appeal. But if you believe in data, this product’s
appeal is crystal clear: I say this because of the line in this Google
Trends search. Go to Google Trends and enter the term crystal
water bottle. Limit your results to the U.S., and cap the
results to the past five years. Google shows you the search interest in the
term crystal water bottle over the last five years. As you can see, interest in this product skyrocketed
in the last year. Some people see that graph and think sales
potential. Others see that graph and think market saturation. With trending products, one of the keys to
beating the competition is to find a specific variation of the product search term that’s
trending in a specific geographical market. If you try advertising crystal water bottles
to all Americans, then yes, you’ll run up against some big competition. But take a look at this. If you scroll down on this Google Trends page,
you’ll see the states with the most search interest in crystal water bottles. Scroll further and you see related topics
and queries. Successful dropshippers will start digging
into this data. They’ll see information like this and ask
whether people in Arizona search for healing crystals or wellness crystals, or whether
there’s greater interest in crystal water bottles in Ireland versus the U.S. By researching these and other questions,
dropshippers find the specific marketing angle that gets them sales. I have another Google Trends tip for you later
in the list. But next up is product number two: the microwave
steam cleaner. 2. Microwave steam cleaner This product works in three easy steps: Customers
simply add vinegar and water into the figurine, pop it in the microwave for seven to eight
minutes, and then watch the stains on the inside of the microwave vanish into steamy
thin air. This product got over 3,000 orders in December
2018 alone. Let’s talk about this data point. In Oberlo’s product statistics, Orders is
the number of times a product has been ordered through an Oberlo-powered store and through
AliExpress in the past 30 days. This statistic is pretty straightforward:
there’s no better sign that a product will sell than evidence that it’s sold before. With a little marketing know-how, you should
be able to sell these products too. But because we combine Oberlo and AliExpress
orders, if you see a product with lots of orders, you still have to test it in your
store. That’s because you need to determine if
the product is suitable to dropshipping or just selling well on AliExpress. Once you find a winning product, however,
others can’t copy your success without doing the same research on their own. That’s why we combine order statistics from
Oberlo-powered stores and AliExpress: so that you can find great products without revealing
your entire sales dashboard to other Oberlo merchants. Got it? Good. Let’s move on to product number three, the
flexible mobile phone holder. 3. Flexible phone holder The flexible phone holder eliminates the need
to hold onto a phone while watching videos. A clamp supports smartphones positioned vertically
or horizontally, and customers can adjust the flexible arms to create a self-supporting
stand. This flexible phone holder got over 2,000
orders in the last month. Why? It meets the three criteria of a perfect impulse
buy product. It’s hard to guess the price. It’s hard to find in stores. And it’s practical. Impulse Buy Products
Hard to guess the price Hard to find in stores
Practical For more on impulse buy products, bookmark
this video. In it, six-figure dropshipper Scott Hilse
explains how he finds impulse buy products that fly off virtual shelves. Alright, let’s move on to fourth product
on our list: the dog jacket. 4. Dog jacket The market for pet care products is huge. Nearly 70 percent of all U.S. households own
a pet. Thirty-five percent of pet owners are millennials. Over half of those millennial pet owners buy
gifts for their pets once a month. And 60 percent of millennials buy things like
sweaters, jackets, and dresses for their furry friends. With this market research in mind, it’s
no wonder that dog jackets are top sellers. This particular dog vest got over 3,000 orders
in December 2018. What’s great about this dog vest is that
it comes in eight different sizes to fit all kinds of dog breeds. That sounds like a small detail, but it could
have a huge impact on your marketing efforts. That’s because you have a better chance
getting sales if you can advertise to a small but passionate audience of potential buyers. So don’t market this dog vest to dog owners
in the United States. Instead, market the small dog vest to toy
chihuahua owners, or market the extra large dog vest to Great Dane enthusiasts. You’ll get a better return on investment
for every marketing dollar spent. I’m not done with pets yet. Number five on our list of unique dropshipping
products is the novelty pet bed. 5. Novelty pet bed We already know pet lovers love to splash
their cash on their animal friends. If you want to tap that market but don’t
have the patience to measure dog jacket sizes, try selling novelty pet beds like this one. Something as eye-catching as this shark-shaped
pet bed makes for a great marketing campaign. But before you fire up Facebook ads, scroll
through your Instagram feed. Some of Instagram’s top influencers aren’t
supermodels–they’re cats and dogs. And behind every Grumpy Cat is a happy human
who might be willing to post about your online store in exchange for a free product. In fact, we found several posts featuring
this exact novelty pet bed. Tons of dropshippers make their first sale,
and their hundredth sale, using Instagram influencers. Even better, marketing through influencers
can be way cheaper than advertising on Facebook. The key is to do it right: Find the right
influencers, offer them the right incentives, and be smart about tracking results. Dropshipping pro Karolis Rimkus reached out
to Instagram influencers to build his profitable dropshipping store. To learn more about how he worked with influencers,
click here. Number six on our list: Vests. 6. Vests Dropshippers make a pretty penny selling fashion
items. In 2018, Oberlo merchants generated more orders
selling products from the women’s clothing and accessories category than any other category. There’s no sign that sales in this niche
will slow down. The trick to getting those sales, however,
is to sell the right product. If you’re selling women’s clothing in
2019, consider adding vests like this one to your Shopify store. The advantage of selling this product in particular
is that it’s sold by an Oberlo Verified Supplier. You can tell because of the checkmark icon
on the product page. If you’re just getting started with dropshipping,
it’s really important that you source products from trustworthy suppliers. Shady suppliers might ship your products late
or not ship them at all. That in turn could lead to customer complaints
and lost sales. You have two options. You can do your own supplier research on AliExpress,
or you can work with an Oberlo supplier or Oberlo Verified Supplier. You can identify these suppliers simply by
scrolling down on the product pages. Oberlo Verified Suppliers represent the top
suppliers in the Oberlo marketplace. In order to get the Verified Supplier badge,
a supplier must have processed over 1,000 orders, and 95% of those orders must have
been shipped and delivered on-time. In addition, Verified Suppliers are required
to have a dispute rate lower than 2%. So once you decide what to sell, check to
see whether it’s offered by an Oberlo supplier. Working with a good supplier will save you
headaches–and money–as you scale your dropshipping business. Alright, let’s move to the next item on
our list. Number seven: Stainless steel straws. 7. Stainless steel straws Times are changing, plastic is no longer fantastic. Customers now seek out environmentally-friendly
products. And stainless steel straws like these are
a great sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws. Search interest in steel straws is going strong,
having reached a new high in 2018. Take a look at this Google trends graph. You can clearly see that search interest for
these straws peaked in 2018. But note when in 2018 that search interest
peaked. If you narrow the timeframe to the past 12
months, you see that interest peaked in the summer–when people were hosting BBQs and
drinking more cool, frothy drinks through straws. In dropshipping as in life, timing is everything. If you add stainless straws to your dropshipping
store, you may not get immediate sales. But you’ll have months to set up your store
and get good at marketing before straw season hits. That’ll give you an advantage in warmer
months. What should you sell in the meantime? If you want to stick with home goods niche,
consider the next product on our list: A salad chopper bowl. 8. Salad chopper bowl With every new year come new diets. And it’s the rare diet that doesn’t involve
several servings of salad. That’s why the salad chopper bowl is a great
product to add to your store right now. This product drastically cuts the amount of
time it takes to prepare a salad in the kitchen. The bowl acts as a strainer in which customers
can wash their veggies, and can be flipped over to help customers chop veggies into salad-friendly
pieces. This product has all the criteria of an impulse
buy product. It’s hard to find in stores, hard to guess
the price, and extremely practical. Even better, it makes for a great video ad. According to Wordstream, marketers who use
video grow 49% faster than non-video users. And statistics from Tubular Insights suggest
that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos. The salad chopper bowl makes for a great video
because its use involves movement: Use the bowl one way, and it’s a strainer. Flip it over, and it’s a chopping board. To create your video, all you have to do is
order a sample product and use your phone to film the salad chopper bowl in action. Upload the video to Facebook ads with some
copy, and track engagement. Alright, let’s move to the next item on
our list. Number nine is the mermaid blanket 9. Mermaid blanket Customers love how this cozy knit blanket
tapers into a fishtail at the end, giving it a mermaid-like appearance. The mermaid blanket comes in a variety of
colors, and the supplier photos are high-quality and free to use on your store’s product
page. What’s best about the mermaid blanket is
how ready-made it is for Instagram. When you launch your brand’s Instagram account,
use specific hashtags to drive traffic to your content and your store, such as: #mermaidparty
#mermaidart #mermaiding
#mermaidvibes You might notice that #mermaidblanket is missing
from that list. If you search #mermaidblanket on Instagram,
you’ll see a lot of product images. It’s mostly other brands using that hashtag. But the point of using hashtags is to get
in front of customers, not brands. And in this case, you want to get in front
of mermaid-obsessed customers. The mermaid obsessed are more likely to follow
the #mermaidparty or #mermaidart hashtags for inspiration. So get in your customers’ Instagram feed
by using the hashtags they love. For more insights on using Instagram hashtags,
watch this video. But first, you gotta see the last item on
our list. In at number ten: The novelty soap dispenser. 10. Novelty soap dispenser All right, all right. I know what you may be thinking. Why should I pick that big nose to sell in
my store? I’ve got two words for you: April Fools. On April first, many Western countries celebrate
April Fools Day by playing jokes on one another. Nobody needs a nose soap dispenser, but everyone
wants to prank their friends and family on April first. Partners, siblings, and roommates would delight
at the chance to surprise their housemates with an odd new soap dispenser in the bathroom. Your marketing campaign is easy: Create a
video showing this soap dispenser in action, and market it as the ultimate April Fools
gift. Just be aware of shipping times. If you’re selling within your own country,
order a sample soap dispenser so you know how long it takes to receive the product. If it takes you a week to receive the product,
make sure to communicate that to customers. And plan your marketing efforts for late February
and early March. As you research your own dropshipping product
ideas, keep holidays like this in mind. They make for great ad campaigns. Alright, we’ve reached the end of our list! Which product do you think is most likely
to sell? Which tips were most helpful to you? Let me know in the comments. I’ll answer you myself, and I may be able
to share some tips with you. Thanks for watching this video and remember
to subscribe for more videos from Oberlo. Until next time: learn often, market better,
and sell more.

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