April 1, 2020
Best Niche To Start A Shopify Ecommerce Business In 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

Best Niche To Start A Shopify Ecommerce Business In 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

Oh, right, what is up guys, it’s Rafael here you’re 7 figure e-commerce coach and You might be wondering why I’m wearing all this jewelry all these bracelets on my hand Well today we’re gonna talk about the easiest niche to get started on Shopify. And yes, take a guess what it is It’s jewelry before we get into this video. Remember to subscribe this channel and hit the notification Bell So you get a notification every time I put a new video and I put a free training how to get Ten dollars out of every dollar that you spend on advertising For Shopify down in the description below the first link completely free training. You’ll get a lot of value from it Alright, let’s go to my computer and find out So easiest niche to start out with on Shopify that is jewelry. As I said, let me put it over here jewelry But why exactly? Right. The first reason is low startup cost very very low product costs and low low startup cost the reason why is because for example when I first started selling products like these this Costs you about 80 cents to $1 to $2 to get from Aliexpress. And if you make it yourself, it’s even cheaper I have one of my students that’s making fifteen to twenty thousand dollars a month selling bracelets and cuffs and rates That he makes himself and he manufactures here in the United States and he ships them in one to two days. So Low produções, too. You can source locally and ship fast So you can source locally ship fast and it doesn’t really take that much effort like this takes like 10 minutes for a person to make and if you have a friend that can make them it’s even better if you can source them Locally for like a dollar then you can sell them for about fifteen to thirty dollars I have another friend of mine that sells these for about like $80 a pop and it cost him like two or three dollars to sell. So the third reason is You can sell them For a high very high price and that’s called high perceived value right high perceived value What high perceived value means is that people when they buy something like this it looks it looks really really cool Like if you see let me show you a really cool one. For example, this one I’m gonna zoom into it a little bit It’s it’s got these different colors and if you target people that are into yoga chakra chakra healing bracelet healing Stone healing right like Tiger stones. It’s really really powerful because these people will pay a lot for these types of bracelets these types of jewelry and You know, it doesn’t cost you that much it just cost you Maximum like five dollars you can turn people out like Buddha as you can see here There’s a little like you can’t see that well on the on the camera, but it’s a Buddha little icon I’ll put it up on the left here, but Essentially, it’s a high perceived value people who pay a lot for these probably upwards of thirty fifty dollars and I have experienced myself selling these like twenty-five to thirty dollars at a cost of like fifty cents or sixty cents from Aliexpress, if you go on Aliexpress, you can find a lot of these very very cheaply. So let’s actually do a search on Aliexpress for these For example chakra bracelets are really really good one because people that are into chakra healing, you know yoga Spiritual healing spiritual. I’m a therapy They absolutely love these and some of these you can put essential oils on them So you can celebrate sit up front and then the upsell can be an essential oil to put on the bracelet So that’s why I love jewelry. It’s like it’s the best it’s customizable as well. So let’s actually go for Chakra bracelet right here on Aliexpress. And the fifth the fourth reason is customizable and Then you can sub-niche. It’s possible to sub-niche because Right we’re talking about Submission to a chakra like a healing kind of jewelry But you can also sub niche to other things if a person likes motorcycles, for example you can make a ring about a motorcycle a ring with a skull or If someone is into travel you can make jewelry with little travel icons or different travel things So it’s very very submissive. Alright, it’s an Asian jewelry, but it’s also suddeniy shippable It has a high perceived value which means people will pay a lot more than what it actually to make or source Let’s go to Aliexpress root chakra bracelet. See 157 per piece 197 see this one has a thousand 113 orders and 467 Feedback, which means half of the people that ordered while leaving feedback This is not just some random drop shipper shipping them out and selling them. No, this is real people actually buying them on Aliexpress so here 145 134 125 as you can see, there’s a lot of options now, let’s search for travel bracelet. For example And you go for that see there’s travel jewelry travel rings travel, you know, they’re a little bit more expensive 1860 they’re a little bit more expensive but still you have that high perceived value that’s sub-niche and another one That’s very very trendy as well is doing bracelets or jewelry in general for specific holiday sorts for specific events For example, you can do a Mother’s Day Bracelet, let’s mother’s day. Jewelry or Mother’s Day bracelet Let’s see if something pops up see something like that Like see like mom you can make it very very customizable and suddenly shirt as well Like if you’re selling to nurses if you’re selling to construction workers, whatever it is, really you can Sudden each that and customize that depending on your audience So there’s a lot of options to do this and that’s why I recommend this as the best niche if you’re a beginner When to start out and how to start out is definitely jewelry it’s definitely one of the it’s definitely one of the top ones that I recommend and it’s the top and easiest one for a beginner to Start out with then as far as the fifth one You can with a really good looking brand and a good looking site right good, looking brand and a Well-put-together site you can essentially look like a legitimate Company like a legitimate business of thus this on a high scale Even if you’re just starting out, like some niches are really really hard like outdoor gear for example I see a lot of people getting into that and they start up a shop and it really doesn’t Compete against all the outdoor gear companies now I see people starting jewelry stores and it really competes because all you need is a good brand and that high perceived value right that basically showing off that you know what you’re doing by just showing like pretty pictures and Making sure of brown looks good. Also another thing about sub niching. It’s a concept called a blue ocean So blue ocean basically means where where there’s a lot of competition a lot of people competing for the same customers That’s a red ocean. Right? That’s like overall like kitchen gadgets gadgets electronics All this stuff is red ocean a blue ocean is what there’s not that many competition There’s no there’s not that really many competitors But there’s a lot of demand a lot of people want that product Then you can do jewelry and customize that and sub niche that and then create your own blue ocean, right? Let’s say you make bracelets for for example, one of my students. He makes bracelets for a specific religion Nobody can compete against that the only way they can compete is if they do bracelets for that specific religion Too and that’s extremely niche But there’s a lot there’s millions of people in each religion billions so he can sell to that to that Niche market and absolutely dominate it. So that’s Something really really huge about this is that you can sub niche and absolutely dominate and create your own blue ocean, right? That’s about it today guys. Thank you so much for watching this video again I want to invite you to a free training how to make $10 for every dollar that you spent on Advertising on Facebook Google and it’s story. I’m how to combine those treats. Absolutely crush it 2019 if you haven’t subscribed to this channel Subscribe, I want to get to ten thousand five thousand whatever it is. I just want to impact more people and help more people You know with Shopify and with drop shipping, thank you for watching. I will see you in the next one You

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  1. On some of the images, there are brand logos in the corners. Should those brand logos be erased from the images prior to loading the product in your catalog or collections? Also, should references to logos and brands be deleted in descriptions and titles? Thanks so much.

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