April 3, 2020
Best Lead Generation Software For E-Commerce – Sleeknote

Best Lead Generation Software For E-Commerce – Sleeknote

This is Jake! Jake is in charge of an online store that
sells amazing products. He averages around 100.000 visitors each month. That’s a lot of traffic. Good job Jake! But Jake has a problem… Like most online stores, only 2% of his visitors
make a purchase. That means 98% of his visitors leave his online
store without converting to a lead or sale. Jake wants to engage with his visitors and
convert them into email leads and eventually paying customers. With Sleeknote, you can create lead capture
forms that engage your visitors. Jake has 3 options to engage his visitors. Use the promotion sleeknote to promote your
best selling products og special offers on your subpages. With the contact sleeknote you invite visitors
to send suggestions, report problems or ask questions. Finally, the most popular sleeknote is the
one for collecting email addresses. It allows you to convert visitors into relevant
leads that you can easily reach out to through your newsletter. Design the form to your preference and collect
leads on your most popular pages. All the leads that Jake gets through Sleeknote
can be synced with his email marketing system so his leads automatically join his email
list. Jake can also track his results and see which
pages and lead forms yield the best results. Jake converts 3.1% of his passive visitors
with Sleeknote which means he gets 3.038 new leads and subscribers to his newsletter every
month. That is 36.456 leads every year. Do you feel like Jake?

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