April 3, 2020

Best Funnel To Make Money With Solo Ads – Solo Ads Training

hey guys Attan here and in today’s video
I’m gonna share with you the best funnel to make money with solo ads. Now if you
didn’t know I’ve been solo ad vendor for years so Im in to share a few secrets
with you today and also where you should purchase your solo ads from, all you have
to do is stay with me but first make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel
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video uploader okay so I still have my website here you
can see that I’ve been a solo ad vendor and in the beginning I actually spent
thousands of dollars and learned the hard way a lot of mistakes that I did
though back then so I want to share with you a few tips today so you can avoid
these mistakes and spend a fortune actually on purchasing solo ads because
if you do it the right way I’m absolutely sure and I have proof that it
works so we’re going to start with a funnel I’m going to show you a few
examples of some sites and later on of course we’re going to see also where you
should purchase your solo ads from and a few things to think about so with that
being said let’s get started so first thing we have to look at for the funnel
and let’s see I’m going to write and draw here little bits the first thing
that we need is a landing page an opt-in page overall so we call it a squeeze
page and this is where you’re going to receive your traffic okay
most of the solar adventures they don’t accept you to some offer straight away
so the month actually all the traffic be sent to an opt-in page because they want
them to opt-in and it’s definitely worth it because you have the subscriber and
you can promote to him again because he might not buy it the first time the next
thing we have to go here is a redirect page not of it’s not necessary but I
think it’s better to have some kind of an opt-in page and I’m going and a
redirect page I’m sorry a redirect page and I’m going to show you how one of
those can look like and we’re going to proceed here
so hereafter they have opted in of course to your lists we are they are
going to see an affiliate offer or if you have your own offer you want to
promote that of course your own offer I’m sorry for the typo here so this is
the next step okay let me see yeah that we have it and they are going to see the
affiliate of firm now if they are in the purchase mode they are going to purchase
of course the offer that you have to promote neither if it’s an affiliate
offer or your own offer but if they don’t do they shoot this after that you
should have set up your email sequence okay
the email sequence should look something like this the first day mail should be a
content and welcome the second email should you should provide something out
of value good value content again and about the third it doesn’t have to be
like this but it’s good to send two or three because it takes a little time for
the subscriber to get used to you to you and your writing if you start the first
email by just bombarding an offer and nothing to offer they were probably just
unsubscribe and go for for the next one okay so provide something out of value
in the first one but also promote okay so something like this it doesn’t have
to be every third but it could be every second email or something that you sent
by promoting you could actually have it in the PS or something like that so you
should have set up an email sequence in my opinion if you can set up for even
let’s say 30 days why not it’s even better but at least have
seven to ten emails setup now a few things here okay
you should have an exit page here and an exit page is actually a second landing
page or an opt-in page why because it will definitely give you at least 15% of
subscribers that you would have lost in the first place so let me just show you
let me see here so this is my opt-in page that I have
for daily list profits which is my own product okay so if we have a look at it
here the copy says free video case study reveals how I made four hundred and
twenty dollars in less than 24 hours and how you can do it too so I did a video
about it and this is my opt-in and all you have to do is enter your email
address I also state that it’s no previous
experience needed enter your email address below to subscribe to our
newsletter and get instant access now if I try to escape here and say I don’t
want to obtain okay do you see what happened now so there boom okay so this
is my second page I tried to just went out of that squeeze page and here comes
the oxy exit page I’m sorry and here comes the exit page and you can
see here I give you a second opportunity to obtain here wait before you leave a
free report that shows you how to make hundred and sixty see one hundred twenty
six and sixty four so a different a different headline also a picture here
for branding purposes so this I give them a second chance and definitely it’s
usually everything from ten to could even be twenty thirty percent more of
opt-ins that you would have lost in the first place
okay a normal opt-in page if you hit the X button I’ll go back to this and with a
solo ad should be everything from it depends actually
here don’t believe in the 50 60 70 percent but I think everything from 30
percent and above is definitely good because if you do have quality traffic
it’s definitely worth to have 30 percent instead of having a 60 percent with bad
traffic and if you add another 15 percent on that for your second squeeze
page it should be around 40 between 40 and 50 percent in opt-in rates for those
from a successful solo ad so let me give you a few examples here this is another
squeeze page I used to have in the past revealed a foolproof method to start
generating a hundred and twenty seven and you want to have a curiosity I make
it easy for you because then no previous experience needed and I added some
urgency here as well it actually works here’s something a different version of
it the next thing was the redirect page so let me see here this is how redirect
page looks okay it takes four or five seconds and then you will be redirected
okay so it was my own how would you like to discover sorry about that
so it was actually my own product that I haven’t promoted there okay I wanted to
see them the sales page and everything so got a few sales on that so that was
the redirect page the affiliate offer all your own offer now if you don’t have
your own offer you should go for affiliate offer and the rate tons of
those in warrior class I would suggest you to go to warrior class or otherwise
of course Clickbank but warrior class has some low entry products which
actually will give you more sales to be honest okay because the the front end
products is usually around 10 everything from 7 to 15 dollars so it’s definitely
will help you to get few sales on that this is the funnel that has been working
for years and still works no doubt about it and it’s tested
and proven with a lot of vendor so this is definitely the best funnel okay now
we are going to have a look at where you should purchase your solos from so we’re
going to use my comb I’m going to leave you a link in the description below free
to sign up for and why you should use you die my why I do recommend this and
nothing else right now is for one and only reason is because they have a good
tracking system in place and they won’t send you any bot traffic okay so it’s
very hard to trick the system by sending both traffic this is a huge one because
when I started back then you’d I’m I didn’t exist in the beginning and I used
the purchased from vendors that sent me traffic it all looked good I got tons of
opt-ins but I realized it was bought traffic so I spent a few thousands of
dollars back then actually and learned this the hard way so I wouldn’t take
that risk and I would go straightaway to you time I this is a safe bet you don’t
even need a tracking because everything’s included here okay so you
go to the find sellers here and you can filter here if you’re going to go for
let’s say 24 hours how many visitors this is how many clicks okay this is
also an important tip do not go for 50 70 go for at least hundred but
definitely go for 200 visitors because I saw it so many times when I when I was
selling clicks back then people came in and bought the twenty five fifty clicks
and they wanted to make money and be rich it doesn’t work that way you have
to give it a fair chance and but it’s better to purchase 200 clicks to give it
a fair chance to see how many sales you’re getting you can test them out
with 100 but definitely my opinion you should go for 200 clicks to test
and see how the seller is doing okay and if you want to add a price tag you can
even have how many sales they are having you can sort it out but here is my tip
what I would do actually you can go to solo ad deals and have a look around
look at this for example team here you remember one seller so you can see there
is a list ok first place in October list so if we go here why is this guy number
one we have top buyers most I got sales okay this is where I should look
actually and purchase my solo because these guys they have most sales in the
reviews and team here is actually number one you can see here Mauricio Khalid so
these are the guys that I would purchase actually from ok so if you have a look
at the team here for example he sold 69 now what is he selling is selling 90%
tier 1 traffic tier 1 traffic is the 5 countries US UK Canada New Zealand and
Australia those are the top five which is considered with the best buying
potential ok fresh and responsive list they are hundreds of new lead buyers
included and we do have the proof that there is buyers so if you have already
set up the ads text here which I had here is my swipe and I have included my
link here inside to my squeeze page all you have to do is actually let’s say you
go for hundred no team has minimum 100 visitors here but I go for 200 visitors
which will cost me eighty one dollars if you want to give the the seller the
option to send earlier than scheduled do you do that
if you want to you can use the prime field
if you want to do that if you only want top-tier it will cost you but I think
90% is still very good only mobile no boom while I leave it outside it doesn’t
matter because a lot of people are start to working with mobile as well I have
our text if you don’t have you can just turn it off and just insert your link
here but I have add text and all you have to do is add the chords and you
will be redirected and will be charged Plus what you can do actually you can
also go to messages and you can send a message to the solo ad vendor and tell
them that but they usually contact you and thanks for your interests etc okay
so there you have it this is what i will do actually i leave a link in the
description below you can sign up for free and as I mentioned I wouldn’t taken
a risk actually you can look for other places but this is the safest bet right
now in my opinion to go to uni and yeah that’s pretty much it this is definitely
as I mentioned at the beginning the best funnel it has worked for years it still
works today so no doubt about it so there you have it best funnel to make
money with solo ads if you liked this video make sure to hit the like button
make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel hit that notification bell to be
notified every time there is a new video uploaded but most importantly there is a
link below in the description you can find my number one recommendation on how
to make money online okay that’s it for today thanks a lot for watching and see
you soon you

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