January 18, 2020
Best Facebook Ad Creatives: Nick Shackelford Lifts the Lid on His Biggest Creative Wins and Losses

Best Facebook Ad Creatives: Nick Shackelford Lifts the Lid on His Biggest Creative Wins and Losses

Now I’m going to ask you guys.
You gonna choose A or B? Who’s got A?
Appreciate you. Who’s got B? We’re gonna go through it and we’re gonna explain why it works. Here’s letter A. Got it? Who’s this for? This is the question we’re gonna run through and ask ourselves. Anyone that’s really needing sheets,
it’s answering that question. We went through some value propositions, I hope you guys got those and wrote those down.
Why are they gonna click? I’m a pastel guy. I’m probably gonna click.
I enjoy that colour. Identify with some of these basics. I don’t want to clean
myself anymore, I’m a male. Or they buy these sweet sheets. But what do we do this? You smell like sheet! Be like me and buy miracle sheets. They stay fresh longer and require three times less washing. Same sh*t? A little different? A little better? I don’t know. Who’s gonna buy it? People that
hate laundry. That’s very, very clear. Someone calling me out in the beginning,
“you smell like sheet? Clever. Well played. Very well played. And who’s gonna lose by
these awesome sheets, of course? Any guesses before I go? Who’s got A? Appreciate you. Who’s got B? Yeah. As we should, right? So let’s look at it.
Our attention span, when we did a correlation, when we started
running to see, are people watching long enough for us to actually make a real
decision around this? Each account is gonna have its own attention mark. So when we go through the rest of these, you’re gonna see, well that’s lower
compared to the first one. Every account is different so you have to pull per account.
Watch time? Blew it out of the water and then we get the bottom metrics. It’s our
cost per add to cart and cost per purchase. Makes sense. That was an easy one,
I think. Here’s another one. Ready? This is the Oodie. The softest, the warmest, and cuddliest wearable blanket. Perfect to keep you warm and snug
on those chilly nights. Better, better.
Who’s watching this? Millenials, for sure. For sure. Maybe you’re into blondes.
Maybe you’re making that click. Maybe you want the Oodie. Why are they gonna buy?
They’re gonna buy that pink cat hoodie for sure. Let’s check this one out real quick. A little different. A little more UGC vibes going on with this. Little bit difficult. So now I think this is the market changed a little bit to me. Honestly, now the view is this a child unwrapping it. Am I a grandma? Am I thinking that Sally’s
gonna look fantastic in this and she’s gonna really love this for Christmas?
Potentially. The cuteness factor. There’s value pops all the way through it.
What are they buying? Of course, the cat. A? Or B? A? B? Okay. B! A people!
Oh my god. Anybody two for two?
Oh participation is fantastic. You my friend are a legend.
Absolute legend. Okay, I got even better one for you. This one’s probably one of
my favourites. This brand is fantastic. Coming at you. There’s a lot of good stuff in this.You
got people smiling, you got value propositions, you got this dude spraying
it on his foot. I love it. City dwellers. People going outside.
All these imagery we’re going through, subconsciously were trying to relate.
Who’s gonna buy it? Well the value pops right there, but I might have a little
bit of doubt and we see this in the engagement. They’re going there’s no way
that she’s 100% waterproof. I wear them. I promise you they are 100% waterproof.
Very weird. Unless you put it inside the shoe, defeats the purpose.
Let’s try this one. Different. Completely different vibe, but
I know you’re gonna say, well that’s a story Nick, versus a feed. Disregard that.
Disregard that. This can still run in the feet as long as we chop it from 9 by 16.
Who’s this for? I think it’s the same person. I think the wow factor and
the UGC of talking someone on the street is really easy for me to relate to, and
maybe I needed that social proof, maybe I needed to see that at the beginning
before I started clicking all the way through. What are they gonna buy? There’s
a lot of going through this. This could potentially be a downside or a positive
depending on where you’re gonna drop them out. Is it going collection page?
Is it going PDP? It’s on you. A? Oh not many. B? Wow.
Overwhelming decision. A! Oh my god. Who did it? Who got it wrong? Everybody got it wrong. Okay, let’s go a little further down the funnel. Lets go to re-engagement.

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